This is a Phineas and Ferb fanfiction. I do not own the characters, I just write about them. This story is Perry and Doofenshmirtz as FRENEMIES, not slash. Enjoy!

"Ouch! Quit it Perry the Platypus!" Doof yelled.

Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz were engaged in one of their daily battles, and Perry was apparently winning. Doof suddenly grabbed Perry from behind and slammed him against the wall. But the platypus quickly picked him self back up and lunged for his nemesis, giving him a direct kick in the face before stealthily landing back on the floor. But Doofenshmirtz wasn't giving up that easy. He lunged at Perry and tried to push him back against the wall, but the agent quickly dodged the move and gave the doctor another blow to the face. The battle raged on like that for quite a while, with no apparent victor emerging.

Then the furious scientist tried to grab Perry again, and this time was successful! He snatched his nemesis by the under arms and flung him directly across the room. Doof was pleased with himself, until he realized that he had actually catapulted Perry right towards his inator! The platypus landed with direct precision on the obviously marked "Self Destruct" button, and the machine immediately began counting down. "Well that can't be good…" Doof exclaimed, but his nemesis was already long-gone, paragliding out the window of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.

"CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!" The doctor managed to shout before the immense explosion drowned out his frantic cries.

Well, that was it. His inator was destroyed. His nemesis was gone. Pretty much his whole evil scheme was ruined and basically his entire day was wasted in the process. You'd think this would make any normal evil scientist infuriated, but not Doof. This was all just part of his daily routine, and he pretty much expected everything to go wrong for him, so it usually didn't really bother him.

But for some reason, today Doof felt, different. He felt pathetic, like he could do better than being such a failure every day. But he shook off the feeling. Tomorrow was another day to try again, and ultimately, fail again.

As Doofenshmirtz surveyed the damage left by his nemesis, he noticed a brown piece of fabric sticking out of Perry's trap. He examined it closer, and realized it was Perry's fedora! He must have left it there by accident, thought the doctor. Doof went back to the window and glanced out, but Perry was already home by now. "Eh, I'll give it to him tomorrow." Doof said as he trudged over to his working desk and slumped down.

Doofenshmirtz laid his head on his desk, which was cluttered with blue-prints and junk mail and random evil scheme monologues. Doof started thinking about re-examining his life and career as an evil scientist, and found himself mindlessly playing with his nemesis's hat that he still clutched in his hands. But suddenly, an idea emerged in his evil little mind, as he found little platypus hair samples wedged inside the secret agent hat.

Doof chuckled to himself, for he may have just had the best idea of his evil career!

The doctor quickly started fumbling through his desk for some clean blue print sheets, and immediately started sketching his latest diabolical plans. The maddened evil scientist chuckled to himself the whole time, confident in his scheme this time.

Little did he know, it was about to be the biggest mistake he had ever made in his life.