Necromancer Unleashed

Author: Razial

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters related to it, nor do I own any of the connected media, they all belong to J. and anyone else who has the rights.

Pairing: Harry/Tonks

Notes: This is an AU that will change how things went after book five. It will be bloody and violent so be warned. Also note there is a big difference between a ghost and a spirit in this story, so don't get confused when you note how different they are from cannon.

Summary: Pain, anger, hatred and betrayal unwittingly aid Harry in unleashing a power only one other wizard before him had access to and now he rages war on the magical world.

Chapter 1


Harry Potter walked the corridors of the school angry and pissed off. He was invisible to everyone due to the fact he was wearing his invisibility cloak. He had been like this ever since the end of the last school year, when Voldemort had returned at the end of the Tri-wizard tournament.

He had raised the alarm expecting his friends and the government to listen and aid in fighting him. Instead they had turned their backs on him and called him deranged. Even Hermione and Ron had been unsure of his claim. Dumbledore had at least taken the threat seriously and recalled the Order of the Phoenix.

However Voldemort was keeping his head down as were his Death Eaters and thus even they were starting to doubt him, only two actually kept faith with him and that was Sirius and his beautiful cousin.

Things at school were going down hill fast, everyone was against him, just like in his second and fourth year, only to a much worse degree and it was driving him nuts. The hatred this was garnering was even worse than it had ever been, he felt like a storm just waiting to be unleashed. Worse than all that was the actions of the Ministry appointed defence teacher Umbridge, who delighted in torturing him. She wanted to silence his claims about Voldemort being back, but he refused to be cowed by anyone.

Trying to find some peace and quite had not been easy, until Dobby had shown him an interesting room that no one else seemed to be aware off. It was called 'The Room of Requirement' and could be anything he needed, including a place to sleep. He went there often to relax and to do his homework. It was better than sitting in the common room, whilst people stared either hatefully at you or just looked at you as if you were insane. Even Ron and Hermione had started to do it when they believed he wasn't looking, he had no friends here anymore. Turning a corner he came to a dead stop as he watched Ron, Hermione and strangely Snape walk towards the charms classroom and quickly followed them. Inside he found McGonagall, Dumbledore and Remus Lupin. He wondered what was going on. Knowing that Dumbledore could see through the cloak he quickly hid behind a cabinet, which still allowed him to listen to what was going on.

"Thank you for coming, we have much to discuss," Dumbledore started with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. "Our plan is going well and the entire school has turned against Harry. He has been completely separated from anyone who could or would help him just as it is necessary for him to complete the prophecy," he added.

Now Harry was beyond angry, but he was also confused by what he meant by prophecy. What the hell was going on? He wondered and how his two friends could turn against him so easily, this was a nightmare.

"As I told you before the start of the year no one must believe Harry about Voldemort's return. He must stand alone or our world is doomed. I have known this for many years after hearing the prophecy," Dumbledore continued, faking a sad tone that did not fool Harry for a minute. "This is why I allowed his parents to be murdered and Sirius to go to Azkaban, with a little help from Remus," he explained.

Harry almost saw red at this and barely stopped himself from attacking these people. He needed to hear it all. He listened as Dumbledore explained Remus's role in his parents' death and Sirius being arrested. He also listened as it was stated that Remus was doing what he could to keep Sirius busy and away from Harry now that he was free. He was also trying to distract Tonks by faking an attraction to her. Harry could hardly believe his ears at what he was learning.

"Professor, how much time do we have before Harry must face the Dark Lord?" Hermione inquired.

"Another year or so I believe. The prophecy is not too clear on that my dear," Dumbledore lied easily. "All I am sure of is that he will face Voldemort and destroy him, but die in the process," he told them, having long come up with this as the truth.

He had easily convinced the Order of his false prophecy and how it must go; turning everyone against Harry had been just as easy as he was known as the greatest light wizard of the age. Even Harry's friends had listened and obeyed him. Only Sirius and Tonks remained stubborn in that regard. If this continued he would have to use other measures to remove them from the game. If everything went as planned then he would gain even more honour from being known as Harry's mentor and trainer. He would also gain a large amount of money and ancient artifacts from the Potter vault, whilst the rest would be split between the Weasley's, Remus, Severus, Hermione and other Order members.

"What else must we do Albus?" McGonagall asked.

"I want you to spread a few rumours about Harry delving into the dark arts to the student body as well as our fellow teachers. Harry must be driven to come to me for help," Dumbledore told them. "Whilst I have shown some disquiet with him, I still make myself look as if I believe him, which I will step up in the next few months," he continued. "In the end I will train and control his every action, right up to the point where he fights Voldemort," he stated with a devious smile, which was completely ignored by the others.

"No problem Professor, you can count on us," Ron said with an idiotic smile, feeling like he had finally overcome being in Harry's shadow, as the great Dumbledore was asking him for help and not Harry.

"The others listen to us thanks to our ties to Harry. They think we know him better than anyone," Hermione joined in. "And whilst I wish this was not necessary, I know, thanks to you, that it has to be this way if our world is to survive," she stated with a sad smile. "Harry has to be sacrificed in this way to save us all," she finished.

"Indeed Miss Granger, a very sad fate to fall on anyone, but for the greater good it must go this way," Dumbledore agreed with a nod of his head. "Harry will be remembered as our saviour. I am sure that will be a great comfort to him in the afterlife," he assured them to which the others nodded in agreement.

"The Dark Lord is planning to strike at the Dursley's tonight," Snape reported. "He managed to get Lucius to find their location. Should we intervene?" he asked.

"No, they have served their purpose to keep Harry meek and controllable," Dumbledore answered, shaking his head. "They can now have their reward for their mistreatment of him. After all they are only Muggles," he added with a smile.

Harry was horrified by this, even more than about anything else he had heard, whilst he hated the Dursley's for their treatment of him, he had never wanted them dead. They were, no matter what had come between them, his blood family. His aunt was his mother's sister and he was certain that his mother would want him to aid them. 'But what could he do?' He asked himself and sadly he doubted they would listen to a warning sent by owl.

What shocked him even more was seeing Hermione nod her head at Dumbledore's casual dismissal of the Dursley's fate. She was Muggle born and thus the same as the Dursley's, but it was clear to him now that she saw herself above normal Muggles, most likely even her own parents. Her pride and belief in her superior mind was her greatest fault. He watched as the meeting came to an end and they all exited the room without once looking in his direction. At least none of them had seen him, whilst he listened in on them.

As he sat in the corner of the room the anger, hatred, rage and betrayal began to burn again. It filled his very being and he began to shake, he could barely control his body. He quickly called out to Dobby and asked for a sleeping potion and to be transported to the Room of Requirement, the maniac elf quickly complied.

The next morning Harry woke no better than when he went to sleep. He could feel all his emotions rolling inside of him as if they were waiting to be unleashed. Getting up he ate the light breakfast Dobby had brought for him and then headed for Potions. He was dreading the day to come. Suddenly he stopped as he realised that by now the Dursley's, his last living family, were probably dead. He had failed to do anything after the shock and horror of last night's revelations had forced him to ask for a sleeping potion, which he had taken straight away.

He began to shake and shiver again as his emotions battled to be let free. He did all he could to hold onto some semblance of control. Sadly it was not to be as Draco Malfoy and his cronies appeared and quickly surrounded him.

"So Scar Head, how is it going now that you are friendless and thought of as nothing more than an insane idiot?" Draco inquired with a sneer.

"Yeah, what does it feel like to be so lonely?" Pansy butted in. "You don't have a mother or a father either, you are all alone," she said with a laugh.

"I heard from my father that your relatives met with an unfortunate accident last night and all perished," Draco continued to taunt him, not aware of the deadly build up of magic around Harry. "I hear it was sweet to listen to their screams. I wish I could have been there to help end the Potter and Evans blood line," he pushed.

"Are you angry Potter?" Nott asked, noting the darkening look in the other boy's eyes. "Do you want a little payback?" he added.

Harry's eyes continued to darken as he looked at his tormentors and he began to sway from side to side as the build up of magic reached its height, his emotions finally boiled over and he let out a primal scream of such force that it scared Draco and his friends away from him. He collapsed to his knees, as a ghostly apparition seemed to rise out of his body and quickly became solid. Draco and his friends quickly pulled their wands as they stared at the spirit who looked exactly like Lily Potter, only with darker red hair and eyes that resembled the darkened ones of her son.

"What the hell is going on?" Pansy demanded to know, as she looked at the ghost. "How did he do that?" she added while backing away slowly.

"It's a trick you idiot," Nott drawled confidently. "Potter is trying to scare us, well it won't work," he stated and walked closer to the fallen boy and raised his wand. "Cruc..." he started to cast, knowing that like every other child of the Death Eaters the tracking and monitoring charms had been removed from their wands so he would not be caught casting an unforgivable.

He never got to finish his spell as Lily Potter rose up and raised her arm outwards and stated only one word. A second later Nott exploded in a shower of blood and guts that covered his friends.

"Merlin," Draco stammered in horror, his eyes open wide in terror, behind them another ghost just smiled and shook his head at the prayer.

"Not quite Malfoy," Lily spat darkly. "Time to pay for your misdeeds," she stated coldly, her eyes showing a cold menace that sent chills up Draco's spine.

Draco and his friends tried to turn and run only to find their way blocked by more spirits. One of the first Draco took notice of was a taller version of Harry, that had to be James Potter. He could not believe what he was seeing, everything had seemed to be going his way and now it seemed he was in deep shit.

"Going somewhere Malfoy?" James asked with his eyes alight with fire. "That's not very polite, running off when we just met," he added with a smile that seemed somewhat twisted.

"What the hell are you?" Crabbe shouted in alarm. "How is Potter doing this?" he wanted to know, looking back at the boy who remained on his knees with Lily Potter by his side whispering to him.

"We're the dead and the damned, boy," another of the ghosts stated. "Called forth by the one with the power over life and death, which in case it escaped your notice is Harry Potter," he explained with a grin, which seemed demented. "To be free again at last, oh we are going to have so much fun," he said, clapping his hands together. "But before that, let me introduce myself. I am Salazar Slytherin," he introduced himself with a short bow.

"But, but that means you should be on our side, doesn't it?" Draco found himself asking.

"What morons fill my house these days?" Salazar said mournfully. "Did you not hear me when I said we are at Harry Potter's control?" he asked sarcastically and suddenly was in Draco's face which caused him to stumble backwards and fall on his arse in terror.

"But you are Salazar Slytherin, the Dark Lord's ancestor," Pansy argued with wide eyes, doing her best not to shake in terror.

"As if I would claim that piece of scum as my descendant," Salazar spat in distaste. "Have you not seen what he has done to himself? He can hardly be called human anymore," he lectured them. "The blood that runs in his veins is no longer related to me, he is nothing more than an insane monster which we will help to squash," he told them.

"No, it can't be," Goyle protested. "You wouldn't serve Potter. He is nothing but an idiot, a lowly half-blood," he argued.

Salazar did not reply and simply clicked his fingers and Goyle floated into the air for a few moments and then a crack was heard as his body suddenly began to spasm. Goyle let out a scream of pain, as his back was broken. He was then brought closer to Salazar who glared at him before he pulled a sword from his belt and calmly removed the head from Goyle's body. The blood splattered over Draco and Pansy who were closest to them. The two screamed in horror and Draco, unable to control himself, ended up loosing control of his bladder and peed himself. Pansy almost fainted, but managed to stay upright.

"Pureblood, Halfblood, Muggle born or Muggle makes no difference to us anymore," another ghost stated, moving to the side of Salazar. "We are dead or damned, the only reasons we are here is because the Necromancer has called us to do his bidding and we will obey," he told them. "That one of my own house could be such a being means nothing. I will do as he commands," he stated.

"You are Godric Gryffindor," Crabbe pointed out wide eyed, still trying to wrap his mind around all this.

"Indeed whelp. I am Godric Gryffindor and I am your doom," the ghost responded, before charging Crabbe who was frozen in terror.

Godric vanished inside Crabbe who began to shake and cry as his insides began to heat up. He raised a hand towards Draco and Pansy who cringed away from him. The moment his eye balls exploded caused both teens to finally collapse, both were completely out cold. Crabbe let out a pitiful wail as blood exploded out of his ears and mouth as his body continued to heat up, finally Godric reappeared allowing Crabbe to fall to the floor, twitching in his last moments in complete agony.

Harry had watched this with a deadly calm in his eyes. His mother had explained what had happened to him and what he could now do. He felt strong and powerful, he also had a new purpose as passed onto him by Lily who stayed by his side.

"Wake them," he commanded, as he finally got back to his feet and looked down at Draco and Pansy. He was smiling in amusement as he noted the wet patch on the other boy's pants.

James complied with the order and waved his hand over them, instantly as if electrocuted both the unconscious teens awoke. They scrambled to their feet and pressed against the wall in terror. They clearly knew this was no nightmare.

"I want you to do me a favour Malfoy," Harry said calmly. "I want you to run to the great hall and warn the headmaster that I am coming, for him and for the rest of the traitors," he continued "You tell them I'm coming and hell is coming with me. You hear me? Hell is coming with me," he commanded.

Draco ran not even for a minute contemplating disobeying Harry's order. He ran hoping against hope that the headmaster might be able to stop Potter and somehow send the ghosts back to where ever they had come from. Pansy had tried to run too, but found she could not move. She stared in fright at Harry who smiled coldly at her before turning his back on her. Lily moved forward and thrust out her hand straight into the girl's chest. Pansy screamed as a wave of agony swept through her as if her heart was being compressed. A few moments later her eyes began to roll up into her head and she let out one last wail of pain before collapsing dead on the ground. Lily barely spared her another glance.

"Do you think it was wise alerting the headmaster to this, Master?" the ghost of Frank Longbottom inquired.

Some believed the Longbottom's were chained inside their bodies unable to communicate, when in fact their souls had been damned, ripped from their bodies by the damage done to them by the Cruciatus curse. They were tormented souls like many others who had died in the first war, forever cursed to feel the torment of their bodies and the loss of their sanity.

"No one will believe him," Harry answered. "They will think he is crazy, insane and that is exactly what I want," he continued. "I want all of you, bar Lily, to fade and head for the hall, I will join you soon," he commanded and then turned and headed for the headmaster's quarters with Lily at his side.

"I think he has gone to collect Sirius and Nymphadora to join the fun," James mused as he did as his son had commanded.

"Indeed, they are the only two who remained loyal to him and thus free of any vengeance he will heap onto this world," Alice Longbottom agreed, her eyes filled with the insanity inflicted on her. "The fools of the wizarding world have no idea what they have helped to unleash," she spat.

"No they do not," another ghost agreed with an air of power that was greater than any of the other ghosts present. "Just like in my own time, they had little clue what they were doing when they heaped such cruelty on me. I gained the power of the Necromancer and I changed the world and now the time has come again for such a change," he told them.

"Can they stop us, Merlin?" Rowena Ravenclaw inquired, as they all faded and headed to the hall as Harry had ordered.

"If they managed to kill Harry then yes, but I doubt they will get anywhere near him," Merlin answered with a smile. "Lily has taken it upon herself to be his guard and she will kill anyone who wants to harm him, as any mother would," he continued. "All they will find is a worse death than they already have coming to them," he concluded.

(12 Grimmauld place)

Sirius Black sat on one of the sofa's of the living room. He was bored out of his mind, whilst his cousin Tonks read one of the books from the Black library. Remus and Moody were in the house somewhere as well. Sirius had begun to get a dark feeling from his friend of late and he did not know what to make of it. The other Order members had been acting strangely as well. Tonks had agreed on his view of things. Every last one of them, bar the two, had started to act like Harry had made up the fact that Voldemort had returned. This was even over the fact that they all knew the Dark Lord was back. Dumbledore had confirmed it and Snape was supposedly acting as a spy in his camp. None of it made any sense to them and they wondered why they were acting this way towards Harry. Something was clearly going on that they were not privy to. The activation of the floo brought them out of their musings and they turned to find Harry himself appearing. However instead of falling to the ground as he usually did when using the floo he remained upright.

"Harry, is everything okay?" Tonks asked, surprised to see him here as he was supposed to be at Hogwarts. Wanting to say more she paused as she stared into his eyes and found herself frozen in mid step.

"Harry?" Sirius questioned, not sure what was going on.

"We need to have a little talk Padfoot. Just you, me and Tonks," Harry finally spoke. "Is there anyone else in the house?" he asked.

"Just Moody and Moony," Sirius answered and was surprised as Harry's eyes seemed to dim and become cold, almost vacant.

"I see," Harry responded, before closing his eyes and giving some orders to Lily who was in her faded mode and thus could not be seen by anyone.

Lily in response floated through the wall and went in search of the two traitors. Her anger at Lupin was greater than most others who had helped abuse her son and she would have her revenge, just as Harry had promised she would. She found Lupin in the library and quickly put him to sleep, but far more painfully than she needed to be. She picked him up and flung him head first into the wall knocking him out cold. She then turned and went to find Moody who was in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea. She simply put him to sleep before returning to Harry's side.

"What's going on Harry?" Tonks asked, having finally been released from Harry's intense stare.

"Sit and listen and I will tell you," Harry said in way of reply, before sitting down himself and started to explain everything he had learned and what had happened that morning.


Breakfast was almost over and most of the students and teachers were talking quietly between themselves when the great doors were flung open and Draco Malfoy ran in. To everyone in the hall he looked terrified out of his mind and had clearly wet himself.

"Mr Malfoy, what is the meaning of this?" Snape demanded, annoyed that his godson was embarrassing him.

"Potter has gone insane," Draco shouted in response. "He attacked me and my friends. They are all dead," he ranted looking around wildly. "He has an army of ghosts at his command and they killed my friends," he continued. "He told me to tell you he is coming for you all and hell is coming with him," he stated, remembering the message Potter had told him to give them.

Dumbledore listened to the boy's rants, but quickly dismissed them as just that, a rant of a boy who had clearly lost his mind. He shot a look at Severus who nodded and pulled his wand and quickly put Draco to sleep with a stunning spell. Pomfrey quickly moved to check the boy over.

"Headmaster, Mr Malfoy has blood over his robes" she reported, startled by her discovery.

"Does anyone know where his friends are?" Severus asked his house table.

"They all left together Professor. We have not seen them since," Daphne Greengrass answered with a dismissive wave of her hand, as she did not like the people in question.

"Has anyone seen Potter this morning?" McGonagall inquired, as she took notice of the missing Gryffindor.

"He didn't stay in the tower again last night, Professor," Ginny Weasley reported. "Nor was he seen this morning," she added.

"So we have five missing students who may be injured," Dumbledore concluded. "I want a search of the school and the outside grounds, I want them found," he ordered.

Before anything could happen however, the doors to the hall swung shut and they could all hear them being locked. Dumbledore frowned and quickly tried to open them with his wand, but was shocked when he failed. He wondered briefly if this was some sort of attack by Voldemort, but then dismissed the idea. Hogwarts could not be breached by the Dark Lord, no matter how powerful he was.

Outside the hall the spirits of the founders chuckled as they continued to lock down the hall so that no one could escape. The other spirits spread out, ready to move when the order came. The twilight of the wizarding world as they knew it was at hand, but as was usual for most people they ignored the signs and the cold forbidding feeling that suddenly filled the hall.