Hello, everybody!

First of all, I am astonished by the continued interest, support, and reviews on Just a Gesture. Thank you so much for still waiting for me even after it's been ages since I updated.

Now, I want to give you all an update about my writing situation. I'm almost completely done with university, I've got a job that I love, and I long to work on this story again and enter the Harry Potter universe.

In my absence, I have improved my English, so I expect that the following chapters will be better phrased and contain correct grammar. I plan to publish 5-10 chapters before the story is completed, but lots of things will happen to Scabior and Hermione.

So I'll definitely have more time for writing when school is over, and I will give you chapters during 2014, hopefully the first will pop up in the spring.

Thank you for bearing with my long hiatus, and it will be good to be back here.

Love/ Sycamoretree