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"Good morning!" Merlin said and nailed a grin to his face. Wondering if he could make a break for it no doubt.

"Good morning Merlin." Arthur said calmly. He had his arms folded imperiously across his chest and Merlin risked a glance into his eyes- they were not calm.

Merlin studiously fixed his gaze out the window and when he didn't say anything, Arthur opened his mouth once more. "And how are you this morning?" he asked energetically.

"Em, good?"

"Oh is that so? You aren't feeling afflicted by anything today?" Arthur's voice became high with a tone that the warlock did not like.

Merlin cleared his throat. Arthur sensed regret, oh he would make him regret it alright.

"With stupidity perhaps!" He raised his voice sharply.

"No I think I'm good actually. How are you?"

"Don't even try Merlin," Arthur narrowed his eyes.

"But you must be hungry. Your breakfast is right there," he pointed needlessly.


"I'll just go polish your armour shall I?" he only managed to turn around before Arthur's voice rang out from behind him.

"Sit down."

"You know, Gaius really needs my help. I think I'll just go. And help... him."


Merlin sighed theatrically but his feet found their way to the table and he purposely sat down in Arthur's spot. The prince came over silently and placed his hands on the back of Merlin's chair, causing the servant to jump at the suddenness.

"What have I told you about playing the hero Merlin?"

"That it doesn't suit me." He replied dryly.

"Precisely," he made his way to stand beside Merlin so the servant had to look up to see him. He put a very exasperated look on his face, "your job is to be a servant. Not a knight."

"Yes, Sir Leon has already told me all about that," Merlin rested his chin on his hand and completely ignored the annoyed vein that was starting to throb on Arthur's temple.

"Enough Merlin!" Arthur snapped angrily and Merlin jerked his gaze to him in surprise. "You cannot play this off as a joke."

"He wasn't being very funny."

"Must you be so insufferable! What you did was honourable yes, but so-completely-stupid!" He started to pace beside the table.

"Then why can't you just say thanks!" Merlin blurted, "you would have done the same thing Arthur and don't try to tell me otherwise."

They had a staring match for a few moments before shifting uncomfortably at the same time. They both knew that this wasn't going to last for much longer- neither were one for sitting and talking about...things.

"You're alright though?" Arthur ventured.

"I'm fine," Merlin sighed.

"Because if you're not-" He tried to see through Merlin's shirt.

"Really Arthur, it's nothing to worry about," Merlin gave him a smirk. Arthur sensed that Merlin was going to say something Merlin like so he quickly headed him off.

"Merlin, promise me that if something like this arises again you will tell me," Arthur placed his hands on his hips but his tone was sincere.

"No," Merlin shook his head obstinately.

"What?" Arthur's tone became lethal.

"I said no. I was taking care of it fine."

"Are you completely mad?"

"Well I was."

Arthur shook his head at him and looked at Merlin as if he had two heads, "let me make this clear, in no way is having no patch of unbruised skin fine!"

"That's not true, I have unbruised skin," he muttered and then looked at Arthur, "Hmm. I think I scared you. Did I scare you Sire?" Merlin mused and tilted his head.

"No!" yes. "You should have come to me Merlin." Arthur frowned at him. Merlin would never know just how much he had scared the prince. And because Arthur told himself that he did not get scared like the girl that was his servant, he would keep himself from thinking about it as well- all those cuts and bruises, how dare he! That son of a-

"I had no proof." The dark haired servant started picking at his sleeve.

"You didn't need any!" The prince exclaimed and Merlin's eyes flashed to his own.

"Of course I did! What was I going to say? Oh, hi Arthur, you know that lord who is making an important deal with your father, the king? Well he just wants to ruin you so he's using me as his scratch post to get me to talk. Look!" He flourished his arms out.

"Yes! That counts as proof you imbecile! All the bloody scratches and bruises everywhere might have been a clue, don't you think?"

"And he would have denied it. Then he would demand to have me executed, and I would have been bringing Gwen with m-" he sucked in a breath.

"Guinevere?" Arthur furrowed his brow and a fevered light entered his eyes.

"...He, em, may have threatened her as well... Ha! So now you can't blame me!" Merlin nodded triumphantly.

"Where do you get that idea?" Arthur raised his eyebrow. "And I'm not blaming you."

"Well, Gwen was on the line. You can't possibly be thinking I'd risk her would you? And yes you are."

Arthur rubbed his eyes tiredly and murmured, "I'm going to kill him." Merlin wasn't quite sure who he was talking about.

Arthur pinned him with an unnerving stare, "promise me."

Merlin hesitated and opened his mouth but the prince cut him off, "you are my servant, which means you are my business. If something happens to put your safety in danger ever again, you are to tell me. Understand?"


"I'm not asking Merlin," he said dangerously.

"Oh well if that's case!" Merlin muttered under his breath.

"What did you say?"

"I can tell by your face," he said fluidly.

The prince narrowed his eyes and waited for a few moments before parting his lips, "say it," Arthur waited.

"Fi-ine! If someone is being mean to me, I'll come crying to you like a little girl. Happy?" Merlin donned an overly huge grin.

Arthur's lips twitched but his mouth remained it a set line. He wouldn't let Merlin goad him.

"As frustrating as it is Merlin. I am trying to be serious." Merlin didn't like the length of his pause. "...Would you not want me to do the same for you, if our positions were reversed?"

Merlin's lips downturned in a slight pout and Arthur continued, "look, just listen, and then get out. You risked your life for me, three times now. You saved Camelot and the least I can do is try and return the favour."

"I didn't do it so you would have to owe me something," Merlin said, quite insulted.

"I know that." The prince said impatiently, "just-you need to tell me these things Merlin. Now, go help Gaius and tell him to look at your injuries. You can have the rest of the day off." He reached for the papers that Merlin just noticed were sitting on the table and sat down beside his breakfast, ignoring his servant.

"You mean it?" Merlin asked eagerly.

"Don't make me change my mind." He said and reached for his quill and ink.

Merlin grinned as he looked at the prince who uncorked the vial of ink and dipped his quill in. Curiosity got the better of the warlock and his bottom remained in the chair, "what are you doing?"

"Paperwork regarding a certain lord. He's going to regret ever setting a powdered foot in Camelot."

"Oh, can I stamp them?" Merlin asked and leaned forward. Normally he would not be so vindictive but he felt it was for a good cause.

Arthur glanced at him with amusement in his blue eyes, "why not?"

If anyone were to walk in they would perhaps wonder why a servant was sitting in the prince's chair and sharing his breakfast, with said prince effectively coaching him on signing a royal document. Luckily the prince and servant, or friends as they were known to a select few, remained undisturbed as they conspired to hand the dreadful lord his just desserts.


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