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Chapter I-To Be A King or Emperor or God

'If I became a King I would rule a powerful Kingdom but if I would become a Emperor I could rule an empire but if I became a God I could rule over all. To be a King or to be an Emperor or to be a God the choice we make to be the role models to the eyes of the young ones.' Were the thoughts of a young man walking in the white desert wearing a gray colored cloth with hoody over his head he was bare footed walking in the desert with no shoes at all how long he was walking in this desert was unknown, days, months, years? It did not matter to him he just walked and walked on and on through the desert.

His eyes were blue crystal colored but his eyes almost cat like but was not he had the eyes of a fox. His blue fox eyes the young man eyes told it all he was confuse and alone. But he journey his way through the desert to find a reason a reason he will or will not find.

But a voice spoke from the young hooded man which got his attention, he turn his head slightly as behind him were three men. The first of the three was a young man from his looks, he had brown colored hair he wore glasses wearing a white coat, the second was short white haired young man his eyes were close but he had a smile that Naruto feel uneasy, the third one was a young man who was brown skin wearing a pair of goggles.

All three of them were armed with swords, Naruto didn't say anything to them only listen to what the leader of the group had to say "I know do not wish to be bother, but I wish to have you joined us." Once again Naruto didn't say anything once again listen to what the man had to say.

"I am Aizen Sousuke; I am gathering a group of powerful Arrancars. Your powers I wish to have you aid us in our goal." The goal got the young man attention "Goal" the young man said he turn around completely as the wind blew his hood off showing his face to the three men.

The young man had three line marks on his left and right cheek. His head was cover in a helmet shape of a fox skull made of the bones of a fox his chest was protected in armor of a rib cage that was connected to the skull helmet. His arms were covered in bones as well his hands were also cover in bones his hands were bones claws of a fox's claws.

50% of his body was cover and protected in bones of a fox "What is your Goal." The young man asked Aizen as his voice sound empty "Bring this empty world to a world of life and peace." The man's words reach to the young man "You wish for peace in the world of emptiness?" Aizen smiled as his smile was a warm smile "Yes."

The young man suddenly let out a laughed "Your foolish to do that, King Barragan won't allow that." But Aizen smile did not fade because of his words "Ah yes I met him not to long ago. He was a strong looking King, but even a King has to fall. How is it you know him?"

The young man turn his sight elsewhere "He allow me to live in his kingdom once, he spoke of I had great power. I refuse his…kind offer once the old King had his men to kill me. But I am not any normal dead man. My life may have faded away from the living world but here in the afterlife my second life; I refuse to hand over the freedom of my second life to become his servant. We fought once I won my battle but not without scars, but lucky for me my healing kept me alive."

Flash Back:

Standing in front of King Barragan the so called King of Hollow, claim to be the first Hollow to ever be born. He was Death in form there by his side were his hollow bodyguards and soldiers all ready to stand by for his orders to attack or whatever he want them to do.

Until one day a stranger came to his kingdom he was a hollow from Barragan's sight the young man had a great power hidden away within him "What is this? A newly arrival soul has enter my kingdom?" the Hollow King could laugh if he wanted to but he only chuckle "Have you come to be at my side? Or are one of those fools who dare to challenge my rule?"

"Neither." The young man said "I simply came here because I felt something powerful here. I came to see what it was, I do not wish to fight you nor your men. I am simply passing-by." The young man went off to head toward the northern path beyond Barragan's Kingdom "Wait," the young man stop in his tracks "Yes?"

"I am the King of his realm if you want to wonder off in my realm. You need my permission this world is my Kingdom there not a single corner you can hide from my sights." Barragan told the young man as the young man let out a sighed "With your permission may I wonder beyond this point?" he asked kindly.

"But first I would like to see your ability first child. If you are to live in this world of mine surely you must be strong to survive…I want to see how strong you are child." The young man saw the dark aura that surrounds Barragan he knew this wasn't going to be easy, the young man's eyes glow bright as the two begun their battle.

End of Flash Back:

"You are a very interesting man what is your name?" Aizen asked the young man. The young man put his hood back over his skull helmet "In the living world I was known as the most powerful youngest ninja in history, my name is Naruto Uzumaki." Aizen smiled at Naruto he could see the young man had a great power within him but he didn't look like the type he thrills for the fight.

"Naruto-kun I would be pleases for you to join us for our greater cause to bring this dead realm to life. Under new leadership I wish to make this world a world where those shut away from the light of heaven and darkness of hell." Although Naruto wasn't mood by Aizen's words the young ninja know what to do with his afterlife he was stuck here how long he wasn't sure, but this Aizen guy seem to be his ticket to finding that new path in his afterlife.

"I will join but for only one thing I want in return." He told Aizen, as Aizen was glad he had won the trust of Naruto Uzumaki "What is it you want in return?" a grin grew on the Uzumaki's face "I want to enter the soul society." What he wanted in return "What is your reason for wanting that?"

"There someone I want to thank and also a little girl I never got to see again, I died before I got the chance to see her again."

"Daughter you left behind?" Naruto shook his head "No not my daughter, but I saw her as one. She must be an adult by now. She was a cute kid, sick she was but I made sure she was treated well. I left her in my village before I died. And if you're wondering how I die it happen on the battlefield. I died a hero's battle." Aizen was now seeing a more human Naruto in front of him then the empty shell that was in front of him, maybe it was because of his offer or the fact he met a human being could it be Naruto was sick of seeing hollow left and right or was something else that made him act more…human?

It did not matter at the moment what matter was the fact that Naruto's trust was gain. And Aizen had one more Arrancar on his side for his plans in the future that he will use "Shall we be on our way Naruto-kun?" Aizen held out his right hand to Naruto waiting for Naruto to shake it, which he did "Call me Naruto, just Naruto alright?"

"Very well then Naruto."

"Aizen can I ask you a question?" Naruto said to the kind man.

"Yes what is it?"

"Which you rather be A King, A Emperor or A God?"

"That is very simple a God."

"But why?"

"Being a King anyone can become with will power and wisdom, to be an Emperor isn't easy but with the trust of your people and the power of your own, wisdom and iron fist you become an Emperor. But you become a God the very thing that people love or fear and respect. You are love by all, respected, you have endless wisdom and power you have the power to create life and build and rebuild at a single thought as many would say if you're a God why become a King?"

"I've met a God once before, he believe he could bring peace to the world, by using pain and fear. But I show him he was wrong but he was also right his heart wasn't in the right place. But he was a God and one of the most powerful men I have ever faced in my life. Thanks to him I know so much the different between those who are born good and those who are born evil."

"What do you see me as?"

"Too soon to say," Naruto walked up ahead of the group of three men.

'Now the question is for you Naruto, are you a King or are you A Emperor or are you another one to believes they are a God waiting to be awaken?'

End of Chapter I

Next Time-Chapter II-The Espada

Hello everyone it is I Bunji the wolf here to bring a remake version of Tarot Cards of Fate, I know many of you either loved it or hated it. I've been thinking to keep it going but due to few problems I have decided to remake it all, with new story line but Naruto will be Number Zero Espada like before but his relationship with the Espada and the Arrancars will be a bit different.

Like before the pairing is NarutoXHalibel

I have notice this for some time now that mostly of the Bleach characters name has been rechange around like Halibel use to be spell this way now it spell Harribel and in the english dub it is spell Hallibel what up with the chance of name? Anyone got an answer please tell me.

Naruto's abilities are different he has his own fighting style he does have a weapon, but for this one is more of a hand to hand fighter. But only use his weapon when he must fight serious,

Major Arcane: The Tarot Cards

Twenty-Two cards that hold the ties of titles, fate and destiny each one can show your true self or your true aspect of life.

Each Major Arcanum depicts a scene, mostly featuring a person or several people, with many symbolic elements. In many decks, each has a number (usually in Roman numerals) and a name, though not all decks have both, and some have only a picture. The earliest decks bore unnamed and unnumbered pictures on the Majors (probably because a great many of the people using them at the time were illiterate), and the order of cards was not standardized. Nevertheless, one of the most common sets of names and numbers is as follows. And the most well known ones are The Wheel of Fate, Justice, Death and The Magician.

Here are the twenty-two titles to be held for the Espadas, Naruto, and other characters in Bleach.

The Emperor-He Rules Over All None dares to challenge his power

The Empress-Queen of her Empire, the most trusted friend of her equal like the Emperor, The Empress is feared and well loved by all.

The Hermit-Wise old man he give wisedom for those who see it, but do not believe this old man is weak.

The Devil-Evil of Evil, the birth of pure Evil, the fallen angel.

The Fool-He toys he play, but do not let the fool, fool you or you shall meet your ulitmate end

The Sun-Bringer of the Light

The Moon-Bringer of the shadows

The Tower-Watch over all, from the heaven's skies

The Lovers-No power is greater then the power of love its self

The Wheel of Fate-The power to change the fate of others or your seal your fate forever

The Star-Above the world in the skies far beyond the heaven, all glaze upon the Star

The World-Everyone know the world for she is the mother-earth our lovely planet

The Hierophant-The Emperor's right hand

The High Priestess-The Empress's right hand

The Magician-Powerful, he once challenge the title of Emperor, he want will do anything for more power

The Goddess-Before she was given the title Empress, she was the Goddess

The Chariot-He fight for pride and Victory

Judgment-All shall be judge with the almighty power of Judgment

Justice-Hero that will do anything to bring rightful justice

Strength-Unstoppable raw rage

Death-The bringer of the end of all life

Temperance-The remixing of life, accepting the dead into the underworld, stand between Death and The Devil guides the souls of the dead to Judgment.

I will delete the original one within two days, this is the remake version of Tarot Cards of Fate.

That's all I have to say right now everyone, I hope you will enjoy this remake of Tarot Cards of Fate Later everyone!

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