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Chapter 16-Closure Part 2-Instant Hell Murder

As the two heavily spiritual pressures coming from the two countered one another. Naruto could feel the bloodlust aura coming from Unohana, as Unohana could feel the murderous aura surrounding her husband.

The two were smiling at one another with a driven instinct for one to survive and for one to murder. Can Naruto survive long enough to defeat Unohana or will he be slain by the very woman who became his wife.

All watched as the battle that will soon birth.

Rangiku never seen such a dark look in the eyes of her adopted parents, Unohana's smile was dark and filled with bloodlust while Naruto's glare was serious.

"Let the battle begin!" Yamamoto spoke.

Naruto was the first acted he suddenly blasted a large purple colored energy blast from his arms.

"KAISER WAVE!" He shouted.

"Bakudo 81: Danku!" Unohana spoke as Naruto's wave attack was suddenly blocked by a sudden barrier.

Naruto was impressed how quickly Unohana blocked his attack. Seeing Naruto was carrying a Zanpakuto but he didn't draw his blade made Unohana bit curious.

"Why do you not draw your blade?" She asked him.

"Because I rather fight with my hands for first blood. Beside if I use my blade I will kill you much faster and I don't want that. Beside I like using what Augus has taught me it helped me through the years." He told her.

"That will cost you." She said coldly.

"I highly doubt that." He smirked.

Naruto looked around the place that will be there battleground.

"Something wrong?" She asked him.

"Kind of, be a shame to ruin such a nice place." Naruto shift ghosting images around Unohana surrounding her by five spinning Naruto clones.

"Shadow clone?" She asked him.

"Oh no this is something else I picked up from Augus. I have so many abilities to show you Unohana." He laughed.

"I am sure they will be useful but." Unohana thrust her sword at the Naruto copy to her right. The copy Naruto bled from its right shoulder.

"I can see through your little tricks." She thrust her blade deeper into the copy's shoulder.

"Sorry but that's not me." The real Naruto said behind Unohana. Unohana gasp as she turned around only to duck from being roundhouse kick to the face.

Unohana kicked the copy off her blade and dash towards the real Naruto to slash him. But Naruto back flip away from Unohana's dash slash in nick of time.

"Reppuken!" Naruto launch his wind cutter attack at Unohana. It nearly hit Unohana as it only nib a bit of her captain's coat.

"Double-" Unohana dashed right in front of Naruto's face stopping him before using his double Reppuken. Unohana slash down slicing down Naruto's chest Naruto's blood span upon Unohana's white coat, Naruto head-butted his wife which caught her off guard.

Unohana shook from clashing skulls with her lover after recovering from the surprise Naruto's attack. She saw Naruto's chest wound quickly healed in seconds.

"As I said, cut deeper." He said with a mean glare.

Unohana saw Naruto was gathering energy together, Naruto use that gathered energy and held that energy into his right hand as the energy form into a white spinning orb.

'That father's Rasengan.' Rangiku thought.

Naruto threw his Rasengan at Unohana as the small Rasengan orb suddenly transform into the giant spinning blade Rasen-shrunken. Unohana's eyes widen in surprise. Unohana dodge to the right but she saw Naruto's Rasen-shrunken was following her.

Unohana saw Naruto was controlling the Rasen-shrunken using his fingers tips. Unohana dodge the Rasen-shrunken whenever it was homing in on her. The more she dodge it the faster it follow her. Unohana quickly got tired of it following her.

Unohana grab both of her hands on her sword's handle and held it up high and slice down the Rasen-Shrunken. When Unohana slice down the Rasen-shrunken it vanish before her blade had the chance to strike down.

'A trap!' She thought.

Naruto use this opening to grab Unohana by the throat. Unohana felt Naruto was cutting her air supplies. Unohana stab Naruto in the right shoulder with her sword but it didn't help. His grip held tightly around her throat.

Unohana suddenly kicked Naruto in the face and then kicked her sword deep into his right shoulder.

"Gah!" He cried as he let go of Unohana. Unohana cough at least four times before taking deep breath. Unohana looked at Naruto with an angry look in her eyes.

Naruto grab Unohana's sword and rips it out from his right shoulder and toss it on the ground by Unohana's feet.

"Smart move," He said, Naruto held his wounding shoulder as he bled from it. Naruto took a deep breath and heal his right shoulder.

Unohana grab and ran towards Naruto and dash slash through him. Unohana placed her sword back into its sheath.

Naruto drop to his knees as blood spat from his kneecaps and chest.

"You're pretty good." He told Unohana.

Unohana looked over her left shoulder as she listens to what Naruto had to say.

"I can see it in your eyes. You have no problem trying to killing me. I guess I can call that a real bitchy mood swings. But Unohana I'm not done yet. Unohana I hope you can take a beating well baby." Naruto stood up fully heal.

'His healing is going to be a trouble. Naruto I don't want to kill you but.' She thought.

Naruto jump high in the air and perform a dive kick, Unohana back step away before Naruto clash with the floor causing a large shockwave. Naruto dash towards Unohana as he reached out to grab her but Unohana ducked from being grabbed.

Naruto turned around to see Unohana impact Naruto in the stomach with her sword. Unohana raise her sword up high in the air.

"Game over the kid lost." Kenpachi said.

"You think so?" Hitsugaya asked Kenpachi.

Unohana look coldly at her husband as Naruto slowly slide down Unohana's sword. Naruto look at her eyes and saw nothing within her beautiful eyes. Naruto felt the blade that impacted him stomach but slowly making its way to his ribcage.

"I'm not done." Naruto said. Naruto grab the blade with both hands and torn himself off her blade as large spatter of blood painted the ground.

"GAHHHHHHHHH RAHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTT!" Naruto let out a painfully cried.

Unohana looked to her right to see a piece of Naruto's flesh was on the floor. Horrify to the extreme her husband would do in order to survive even he was put against her his own life.

"Naruto you cannot fight." She told him.

Naruto was holding to what remains of his right side of his upper body.

"I can fight." He said.

"With that wound?" She pointed with her sword.

"Unohana I've been through much worst wounds this that. Trust me I know. I've been burn, stab, nearly blow to hell, slice up and nearly eaten. I have been through much worst then tearing a piece of my own flesh off. I am a Uzumaki!" His eyes burns with need of survive.

Naruto gather the energy within the soul society of the nature and natural energy this world has. Naruto bear his teeth. Everyone's eyes widen for what they saw. Naruto healing his wounds by using energy the soul society held. Naruto fell to his knees as he took a deep breath for a moment to recover from growing back a part of him.

"Ah good as new, shall we finish what we started?" He asked Unohana.

Unohana didn't say anything only kept her eyes on him now. Any normal person would have die from what he just did to get off Unohana's sword.

"Naruto," Unohana closed her eyes as she a frown.

Naruto ran towards Unohana to deliver a thrust punch but Unohana blocked Naruto's fist using her blade. Naruto backed away while blood dips from his fists.

Unohana dash towards, she slash her blade downward only for Naruto to caught it with his hands, Naruto grip the blade tightly as Unohana struggle pushing her might downward upon him. Unohana looked into Naruto's eyes they were different from when the battle started. His eyes were slowly become red as they were bright orange as her mind wonder was she pushing him to the point of using the Nine Tails power she believed.

Naruto toss Unohana's blade aside as the sword flew toward the wall missing from striking at Yamamoto's face by an inch. Suddenly a small cut appear on the right cheek of Yamamoto's face. Naruto looked over his shoulder staring at the old guy with a dark glare. Seeing Unohana without her blade, seeing how the match was over now to other eyes.

Yamamoto's Unohana sword and threw it back at it miss striking Naruto's face by an inch. Naruto grab the sword as it pass by him. Naruto toss the sword by to his beloved. Much like Yamamoto, Naruto was given a small cut on his left cheek.

"Unohana you spoke of why I didn't use my sword. Do you still want me to use it?" He asked her.

"The choice is yours to make Naruto." She told him.

"I hadn't used this guy in years. I guess it's true as they say when you're buried with an item when you die." Naruto looked down at his right side seeing his thirteen inch katana blade.

"When did you get that? I've never seen you with that katana before." Unohana looked confuse, as Naruto let a little chuckle.

"Sorry Unohana I bet this blade hidden from you, even Rangiku didn't know about this little guy until I died. I'm sure my body was brought to Konoha. If it didn't this guy wouldn't have be with me when I die." He explains.

"Is that your Zanpakuto?" She asked him, as a wide smile Naruto made.

"Yes and no, I guess this sword decide to be my partner in the afterlife. I call this sword by names many for many commands. But this sword has one true as within this sword rests the soul of its original owner. Long ago before the War came Unohana. I saved the life of an old Samurai who I befriend. He saw greatest and such Will Power in me. He gave this sword to me, but it wasn't easy I had to win the right to be its master." Naruto smiled at his katana.

Unohana kept her eyes on Naruto as he draw out his katana and looked at it as it shine bright with its steel was beautiful. Not a look of age has touched the steel it looked freshly new.

"I remember his voice. The words he said." He chuckle. As he thought back to the time where the suffering and pain he had didn't exist. Unohana felt Naruto's dark aura vanish and was replace by a kind gentle but strong aura that was surrounding him now. This aura was Naruto's but slightly different somehow.

"Heaven's net is wide, but let's nothing through. Evil spirits will be banish by this blade. His words were true for as I did not make it to Heaven. But yet here I am here." Naruto laughed. Unohana kept her guard up, believing by talking Unohana will lower her guard to listen to his story however, she listen him either way.

"Only one with a pure soul can use this sword to its full power. It can do great harm to evil or those of chaos, though it can hurt even those of good only because who doubt themselves or carries a burden. This sword has many twists and turns on those who it can slay." He smiled at the sword.

Naruto closed his eyes and held the blade close to his chest. He opened his eyes few seconds later. Naruto held the blade in the samurai style of fighting.

"The Blade of Justice…Yoshimitsu," Naruto perform a slash strike, lucky for Unohana she reacted quickly blocking Naruto's slash strike. Unohana perform her own slash strike, Naruto block it always. The strike and block each other attacks one after another. Their block and counter attacks lasted for at least over an hour and half.

While blocking one of Unohana's slash attacks. Unohana fake her first attack which force Naruto to block his upper body, however Unohana strike his lower body. Unohana slash Naruto's right kneecap forcing him to kneel down to her.

"Fighting dirty now?" He chuckle.

"This battle will end in blood. We both know that Naruto." She said with a frown.

"The question is who's blood it shall be?" Naruto smile suddenly which made Unohana gasp. Naruto's right hand was glowing bright blue.

"Reppuken!" He'd yell. Unohana got hit by Naruto's Reppuken attack. Unohana's Captain coat was torn to pieces leaving her black Shinigami uniform underneath left.

"You can channel your energy attacks into your sword?" She asked.

"Of course they are called energy base attacks for a reason. It's not different from channeling chakra into a kunai to make it a kunai sword. Asuma taught me that before he was killed, I hadn't forgotten anything Konoha has taught me. It was my home after all." He smirked cocky at Unohana.

Naruto close his eyes and shook his head.

"You're letting your guard down." Unohana told him. Naruto gasp when his eyes shot open, he saw Unohana slash pass slicing his stomach. He looked back at Unohana with an angry look.

"Naruto please stop playing around. This is serious your life is on the line. Defeat me and you will live or I will kill you." She told him, Unohana frown at him believing he was playing too much not taking this battle serious. Unohana gripped her sword handle as her cold stare become even colder. Naruto felt a deep chill down his spine.

'She's serious, she's really serious.' He thought.

'Oh like the other thirty time she stab you wasn't? She want us to get serious Naruto, you know she's in more pain than us. Who knows what she been through while we were on the other side. She want a serious Naruto she's gonna get it. Naruto put Yoshimitsu back you're not gonna need him for this.'


'Naruto she want us to be serious, she's gonna get it. But you also don't want to kill her. Remember Yoshimitsu is your power in the form of a sword now it's your Zanpakuto. But remember you have many locks to our true power Yosh is just one. Put him away and use your fist I will give you the power, but only you promise me you will fight her with every your human form can do or you will die if you don't. Think about it Naruto do you really believe your wife wants to kill you? Anyone else would have done it with no problem. You could have fought the old man for all we know, Unohana was going easy on us at the start. But have you notice how the old man is glaring at her? He wants her to kill us, if she doesn't who knows what he'll do.'

Naruto looked to see Yamamoto was in fact glaring at both Naruto and Unohana at his stare was mostly on Unohana. Naruto fall silence upon Juubi's words as cold as they were she was right.

'Bring it out Naruto, after all you fought Rangiku with that murderous feel. Bring more out fight Unohana make her feel her very life depend on killing you.'

'But earlier you said,'

'Forget what I said then, this is now. Bring it out or I'll force it out. I won't have you die even if you're fighting your lover. She wants you to live, don't you think the same?'

'You're right.'

Naruto place his katana back into its sheath, which made everyone curious on why he did it. The moment sheath back his katana, Naruto lower his head down a bit. Unohana couldn't see his face.

"So he decided to stop playing around and fight serious for once." Augus said with a serious look.

"He was playing around?" Hitsugaya asked Augus.

"Naruto he's different from anyone I have ever met. He learned everything from me so he may protect those he loved. But however there been time the power I gave him proves to be too much for him. However Naruto always found a way to control it." Augus told Hitsugaya.

"Naruto is about to unleash 'it'." Rangiku notice how troubled her grandfather looked.

"And what is 'it'." Hitsugaya asked.

"You're about see. If this goes well it will be one hell of a battle or a quick end." Augus laughed.

Unohana saw Naruto grip his chest in pain. He bears his teeth as Unohana could hear the sound of hissing coming from Naruto. The sound of a heart beat Unohana could hear it coming from Naruto, the beat was beating at a fast throbbing beat. But the beat return normal few seconds later.

Both of Naruto's hands were cover in purple energy. Naruto lifted his head showing his face, Naruto's eyes were now

"KAISER WAVE!" He shouted.

Unohana dodge Naruto's Kaiser Wave with ease.

"Bakudo-" Before Unohana had a chance to counter attack. In the blink of the eye Naruto appear before Unohana and grab her by the throat and held her in the air with his right arm. However unlike last time, Unohana felt burning around her throat.

"Death shall embrace the wake." He said.

From Naruto's right hand a small explosion happen between Unohana's throat and Naruto's palm. Unohana hit the ground hard, while Naruto's right hand was cover in smoke. Unohana's throat was cover in blood the explosion wasn't too big but harmful. Unohana was having trouble breathing.

Naruto ran toward Unohana ready to grab her again. Unohana thrust her sword at Naruto, however Naruto dodge her attack and was about to grab her again, but Unohana back away quickly before he even had a chance of grabbing her.

Naruto vanished before her eyes. Unohana looked around to see where he was but heard him yelling from above. Unohana quickly dodge roll out of the way before Naruto smashed his right fist into the ground a large bust of energy blast into the sky. Naruto made a large hole from his impact attack.

Seeing the bloodlust look of murder in his eyes, Unohana smiled.

'My throat burns…I can barely breathe…but Naruto's serious…that's good. I never thought I felt this feeling even from my own husband…I ask for it…time to make my bed then.' Unohana thought.

Naruto came at Unohana again trying to grab her like before. She dodge Naruto's grab by ducking, she caught him off guard when he failed to grab her. Unohana stab Naruto in the chest with her blade this time she thrust deeper in the chest right where the heart was.

Naruto grin his teeth for a moment before he cough out blood.

"It's over Naruto." She told him.

"No." He said. Unohana looked confuse. She stabbed him in the heart yet still alive. Unohana ripped her blade from his chest and slash open. Unohana's cheeks were covered in his blood, Naruto fell down to his knees. The floor was nearly covered with Naruto's and Unohana's blood.

Unohana held the edge of her blade against Naruto's face.

The two didn't say anything. Unohana held her blade high in the air. Naruto didn't speak. He just stood there doing nothing at all, his blood drip off the edge of her blade.

A tear came down Unohana's right cheek, her face was emotionless yet she shed a tear for her beloved for being the one to end his life. She held her blade high in the air before she brought it down upon him. Naruto vanish before Unohana's eyes.

When Unohana looked to her right, Naruto strike a blow to her stomach and strike blow to Unohana's thighs stunning her in place. Unohana slash downward performing a powerful slash striking Naruto's chest cutting deeper however the Naruto she slash was just a ghostly image.

Unohana looked around to see where Naruto go this time. She looked up in the sky to see if he was above her again however he was not.

Far behind Unohana was Naruto holding a Rasen-Shrunken, hearing the sound from behind. Unohana smiled as Naruto decide to finish her off using one of his original moves. Before Naruto was about to throw it ending her life in ensuring Naruto live on. A voice cried out.

"SUIKEI!" Naruto saw Rangiku stood in his way. His eyes widen in fear as he was about to throw at his daughter. Rangiku use the tips of her fingers tapping Naruto's wrist, shoulder, chest, neck, thighs.

Naruto froze in place. As Naruto could see become the areas his daughter strike him slowly was cover in ice freezing him.

"What is the meaning of this Rangiku Matsumoto!?" Yamamoto yelled. All the Captains aside form Unohana grab the handle of their swords as so did the Soul Reapers that stood along side them.

"What am I doing, stopping my father from murdering my mother!" She yelled at Yamamoto.

"What is wrong with you two? How can you fight father, your own husband! Father how can you accept fighting the woman you loved?" She asked her adopted parents.

Neither of the two spoke to their adopted daughter.

"How you focus my own mother to be the one kill her husband? Do you know how much pain she felt by being the one to do this?" Rangiku growled at Yamamoto.

"It is because Unohana choose to take this task. She would rather slay her own husband than allow anyone of the Soul Society be the one to do it." Yamamoto spoke.

"Why mother?" Rangiku asked Unohana.

"Because your father regretted he wasn't able to save me, but I told him to live, to find happiest. But he didn't, he fell into despair. I knew Naruto's pain would never fade even if we met again. He couldn't accept the past because I die because of him. If near death can push him to win so be it, I only want him to be happy nothing else. I would be happy to give my life so he may live, I would do the same for you Rangiku." Unohana looked at husband with a sad smile. Unohana fell to her knees after suffering the damage she has taken during the battle.

"Either way no one would be happy on either side Unohana you know that, don't kid yourself. How I can be a great leader, a father, a teacher when others around me always give their up lives for my sake when I screw up? People have been sacrificing for me since the night I was born. The first ones to give their lives to me were my parents. Do you know how it feels to know, to watch the people you love sacrifice themselves for you? They paid their lives, their future, their dreams and hopes." Naruto looked away from his family.

"I've suffered years of this burden, this sin I am helpless to defeat. It always happens to me no matter what I do. Your death was the last one Unohana. Unohana believe if she killed me I would be free, though the pain of lose will wounded her heart, mine would be at peace, but also thought if she pushed me to near death I will give it my all and do enough damage to win the battle without killing her. That why Unohana decide to be the one to fight me. Anyone else I would have killed without a problem and she's knows I'm not a killer. Making the ultimate sacrifice for the love she has for me." Naruto frown.

"Mother is that true?" Rangiku asked Unohana.

"Your father and I aren't just lovers we were once ninjas in our lives before death. Your father fought me as himself, Naruto Uzumaki Hero of Konoha. For a moment I thought he was going to kill us both, dying together, doesn't seem like a bad idea." Unohana chuckled at her dark humor.

"Mother," Rangiku sigh with a frown.

"Rangiku when you're in love you'll understand one day. I love your mother very much. Every time I look into Unohana's eyes I see that same look. The look she gave me when she died in my arms. Everyone I love is dead, maybe I did deserve to be-"

"You did not deserve no such thing. Happiest is what you deserve." Unohana silence her husband. Rangiku helped her adopted mother off her knees. Unohana and Rangiku looked at Yamamoto.

"The fight is over, due to Rangiku aiding Unohana. Unohana has lost the match, Naruto Uzumaki you keep your life." Yamamoto told the Uzumaki. Naruto answer Yamamoto back with glare filled with deep anger.

Naruto rose up his body covered in his own blood. Naruto walked over to Unohana and Rangiku.

"Hold still Unohana." Naruto held his right hand as Unohana felt Naruto was offering his chakra to her healing her wounds in seconds.

"Father what of yours wounds?" Rangiku asked.

"Don't worry I'll live." He told his adopted daughter. Naruto turned away as Unohana looked down at Naruto was covering the chest wound he was bleeding greatly from that spot. His healing factor wasn't kicking in which made her wound. Did Naruto's healing has limit to how much he could even in death or did her blade had what it takes to kill him?

"Naruto," Unohana said her lover's name. He stopped to look over his right shoulder.

"Yes?" He asked.

"If Rangiku came to my aid, you would have killed me wouldn't you?" She asked him with a sad look on her face.

He didn't answer her question, Naruto looked away as he knew he could have killed her. Naruto walked pass Yamamoto heading towards the exit.

"Yamamoto." He said his name.

"Yes?" The old man asked.

"Don't you ever pit Unohana or anyone from my family pit against me like that ever again or I Will Kill You." His threat was filled with truth Yamamoto felt it in his voice.

Later on the day, it was night and the moon was bright tonight. Naruto sat on top of a rooftop as he looked up at the moon. Naruto had a lot on his mind, he was so glad Rangiku step in. If she didn't he could have killed Unohana.

Of course Naruto love her so but the thought of being the one to cause her second death. That very thought darken Naruto's mind. But he also loved Harribel, he wonder what was happening on the other side what everyone think of what Aizen told them? Did he told them Naruto was killed or betrayed them or told them he was a Spy keeping taps on the Soul Society's actions?

Naruto sense Unohana was behind him. He didn't speak only waited for what she had to say.

"Mind if I sat beside you?" She asked him.

He didn't say, after a moment Unohana sat down beside her lover. The two lovers sat beside each other, both was silence as the night.

"Do you hate me, no husband should fight his wife like that?" He finally spoke.

"No Naruto-kun I do not hate you. I told you I will always love you no matter what you do, though I was angry." She closed her eyes for a moment.

"At me?" He looked at her with a sad look.

"No," She shook her head, which leave Naruto to raise a brow.

"I wish I was fighting someone else and not my husband. As you were strike with fear and guilt when you look at me, I am filled with angry when I looked into yours. I wish I left you with happiest not despair that you carried all these years. I'm so sorry Naruto." She frowned.

"Unohana what happen to us?" He asked her.

"I don't know Naruto-kun. I would be lying if I didn't enjoy fighting you. You have become so much stronger than you were long ago." She smiled at her lover.

"That was a good battle, but the only time I will ever fight you. Ah you become so much scarier." He laughed.

"I was born in the hidden mist village after all." She chuckle.

"Yeah, scary don't define what you are to me Unohana." Naruto held Unohana's left hand. Unohana rest her head against his right shoulder.

"Naruto," she spoke his name.


"What would you've done if I died?" She asked him.

"Kill the bastard that signed your death sentences and anyone else who stood in my way. Unohana, you and Rangiku are very important to me, you're my family. That makes me wonder, have you ever met my mother?" He asked her with a big grin.

"Few times, she's a fun person. You take after her very well. You're just like her." She told her husband.

"Good. Can ya guess who I'm asking to come to our second wedding?" He grin again.

"You're family." She smiled.

"And that Ichigo kid and his friends."

"You sure they are still alive."

"Oh one more day in the Soul Society wouldn't hurt. Beside what's a wedding without having a little twist in the mix." He laughed once more. As the couple looked at the beautiful moon together, reminding how their lives was like before the pain that slip them apart.

"Naruto, there one last thing I wanted to tell you, but I didn't want you to carry this upon you." Unohana suddenly frown. She lend off his right shoulder to look him in the eyes.

"What's wrong?" He asked her.

"When I died that day something else died with me." Unohana pause before she let out a sigh.

"What are you trying to say?" He raise his right eyebrow.

"I was...with child, your child." Naruto's eyes widen upon what he heard from her.

"Why didn't you tell me!" He yelled.

"I didn't want you to worry, also I didn't know I would die that day. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you." His angier quickly vanish he let out a soft sigh. He hugged his wife.

"What is it past is in the past." He told her.


"No buts that was eight hundred years ago. Is the child here?" Unohana shook her head.

"I don't know where our baby went. I woke here without my baby." Tears came down her face. Naruto didn't looked so worry about the lost of their first born child. Unohana saw a small warm smile on his face before he kiss her on the forehead and hug her some more as Unohana bury her face in his chest.

'So you and her had a child...what a surprise huh?'

'Yeah tell me about it.'

'You don't sound sad...why is that?' Juubi asked.

'I believe I know who our child is.'

'Oh you do?'

'I do I met our kid so long ago without even knowing. I know the child is safe, I'll tell Unohana when the time is right. Now I have three childerns, what a crazy family this is.'

'Crazy or not they belong to you blood or not, Uzumaki.'

'I know Juubi I know.'

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