Red's POV-

"Ashley?" I slowly peered into the gigantic door of the vast library in which Ashley did her studies. I walked in slowly and silently, knowing that if she saw me I would be dead. She had for some reason wanted me to stay out the library while she did her assignments for the past few days. I found myself wondering if I was becoming a less than desirable assistant. But then again, I would have no way of knowing. Seeing as though she rarely speaks to me. Even if I do get in a bit of trouble, I just need to know if she is alright. Considering the fact that I haven't seen her since last night. I managed to find her within a few minutes. I quickly ducked behind a massive row of books and after wards peered out from behind, only to discover Ashley sitting silently at a table, looking slowly from her spell book to the notes she were taking. The small rod with the glowing red orb at the top sitting near her on the table. Her small white rabbit propped up against a book. The dull glow from the desk lamp made it almost impossible to see her, but also managed to illuminate her face in such a way that caused her to actually look...pretty. Before I could allow a blush to rise to my face at the thought, I heard a voice.

"I can see you watching me." She said without even glancing up.

I could feel my face growing extremely hot. Figuring there was no more use in hiding, I slowly emerged from behind the bookcase and made my way timidly over to her.

"I-im sorry for disturbing you Ashley but I well with your studies. Please don't be upset with me but I was just-"

Deep inhale. Deep exhale.

My heart throbbed. "A-ashley I..."

Deep inhale. Deep exhale.

"Please don't be upset but..."

Deep exhale. Deep inhale.


I turned my attention to her, only to discover her head laying on the desk, her eyes closed, and her breath slight heavy. She had fallen asleep. "You may be a powerful witch in training...but your still a kid." I said to myself. I peered closer and for the moment, found myself admiring her features. Her two long black ponytails and her crimson red dress that she always wore. She's actually pretty cute when she's sleeping.

SLAP! What are you thinking? This is ASHLEY! You know, the witch girl. Your master. You friend. No! Stop thinking about her like that! Said a voice in my head.

But...its not like I'm thinking anything bad...

That's exactly the point. The voice responded.

Come on, I know that its Ashley. Nothing is going on or anything. Is it wrong of me to think that she is beginning to look a little more than slightly attractive?

In what way?

I felt my breath hitch in my throat. ...

My point exactly. Get your head out of the clouds and back into properly assisting her where it belongs.

Yes...I understand. I thought to my literal opposing side as I reached up and picked up Ashley.

Being a one foot tall demon, you would think I couldn't lift her. It was however, surprisingly easy. I held Ashley above my head and within that minute was up to her bedroom on the 5th floor. She hadn't moved an inch and didn't move an inch as I managed to change her into night clothes with adverted eyes.

'Phew' I thought wiping a drop of sweat from my blushing face. 'There. All finished.' I layed her down, and after tucking her into bed, sat on the floor and looked up at her, silently watching her as she slept.

'Ashley...what is this strange feeling I am starting to get around you?" I asked softly, only brave because I knew that she couldn't hear me.

Heeey all you fanfic readers out there. I have been playing wario ware for awhile and since Ashley is THE best character on the game, I felt inspired to write a story about her. Please give me feedback. Did you like it so far? Despise it? I know ive got some nerve starting a new story when I havnt updated my other one but hey... XD. I know its kinda suckish but...come on. Click the macigal green button down there. You know you want too! ^_^