Title: Girls With Accents

Rating: M

Summary: You're a lot of things.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

You're a lot of things.

A member of the mathletes, an honor roll student, lover of books, nationally ranked fencer, possible nerd or maybe even geek but one thing you are not, is a football fan…which is sort of a problem seeing as you live in the Midwest where football is like a religion.

Honestly, you don't get the appeal of oversized, steroid filled man children trying to kill one another for minute upon impossibly long minute but the need to, at least sorta, fit in with your peers is half the reason you're packed into the metal bleachers like a sardine, freezing your ass off, ignoring your cheering classmates while you read page after worn out page of Wuthering Heights, looking up every once in a while to check the score.

The other reason you are here is on the field and is wearing jersey number 8.

Pete Lattimer, star quarterback of what just may be the worst team in the state and arguably the most popular guy in school, is also, inexplicably, your best friend. The two of you have been more or less inseparable since the fourth grade when you threw a haymaker that fractured Bobby Bilson's jaw after he tried to hoist Pete up the flag pole by his tightly whities.

"Your boyfriend is about to score."

The accent is what really draws your attention away from your book because you're use to hard vowels and over enunciated consonants and this soft, lilting voice is the complete opposite of that.

You pull your eyes away from the pages to meet the amused gaze of the girl sitting beside you.

She's beautiful but not in the obvious blonde hair, big boobs way, she's beautiful in a better, more real ,way that's sort of striking and she must be new because you've never seen her before.

"I, uh…my what?" You blurt, shutting your book absently while this girl in a way expensive black wool coat, chuckles, twisting her body towards yours.

"You're boyfriend." She says gesturing towards the field with a gloved hand. "Uniform number 8, oddly square head."

You glance at the field and sure enough the team is just about on the goal line but you frown.

"Pete? Ew, no. He's not my boyfriend." You clarify. "I mean, not that he's disgusting or anything, though he does have his moments, but he and I are just friends…only friends."

"Oh, I apologize." This girl murmurs in an accent that seems way too pretty for a place like this. "I just thought…"

"It's fine…" You start but you're cut off by the crowds sudden cheering and when you glance at the field Pete is doing some sort of funky chicken dance in the end zone. The girl beside you just smiles and stays seated while everyone around you stands in celebration, like they don't even realize that even with that touchdown the other team is still winning 49 to 7.

"Do you have a name?" The girl yells over the roar of the crowd, leaning towards you just a bit and its hard not to notice the way she has eyes like a Disney princess.

"I'm Myka." You smile as the crowd settles, twisting your paperback in your hand nervously because there's something in the way that this girl looks at you with curious eyes and a mouth that looks like she's always one breath away from smiling. "Bering. Myka Bering."

"It's nice to meet you, Myka Bering." She says easily and for some reason that makes a blush flood your cheeks and you suck in a cold breath in a vain attempt to stop yourself from turning the bright, bright, red you know you're capable of. "I'm Helena G. Wells."

She thrusts her hand towards you formally and you take it with the hand doesn't currently have a death grip on your book, the leather of her gloves smooth against your icy palm. Her hand feels so dainty compared to yours and you'd be a little concerned about your monstrous hands if you weren't so focused on her name.

"Helena G?" You breathe around a smile. "Your name is HG Wells?"

"Yes," Helena chuckles, squeezing your fingers once, then again before slowly releasing her grip. "My parents thought it was quite clever."

"No, it is. It so is." You grin, shaking your head a little bit, reaching back to scratch your neck nervously.

"Well then, feel free to call me HG if you'd like. My friends back home do." HG smiles a little, eyes scanning over your face quickly and you tuck your hair behind your ears nervously. "I've seen you around school, you know. Well, mostly just the top of your head what with the way you're nose is always tucked in a book. I've got half a mind to believe you navigate the halls with sonar alone."

You wince, squeezing your eyes shut and pushing your hair out of your face before covering your eyes in humiliation. "God, I'm such a geek."

"It's quite charming, actually." HG laughs brightly and you peak at her from between your own cold fingers, smiling helplessly even though the cold air makes your face feel numb and your cheeks ache as your hand drops away from your face. "There are not a lot of girls like you inhabiting these parts."

"And that's a good thing?" You laugh self deprecatingly.

"I'd like to think so." HG gives you a look that makes the back of your neck warm.

"So, you're new here?" You ask clearing your throat and swallowing down the strange warm, bubbly feeling swelling in your chest. "Because, I haven't seen you around before and, like, I've gone to school with most of the people here since preschool."

"It's only my second week." HG confirms, rubbing her hands together. "It's quite a change from the all girls academy I use to go."

"Yeah, well, the mid west is definitely its own special kind of hell." You sigh, glancing back at the field just in time to watch Pete get sacked by someone twice his size.

The crowd groans loudly and you wince in sympathy as his teammates more or less peel him off of the ground.

"I have to admit when I heard about the football game, I thought it was an entirely different sport." HG mutters and you laugh a little.

"Right, because where you're from football is…ya know…" You make a kicking gesture and HG nods.

"Yes, exactly." HG chuckles. "Which means I am not quite following the game."

"Oh! Well, I mean, I'm no expert or anything but I can help." You offer.

"That would be lovely."

You spend the rest of the game with HG pressed against your side, laughing in your ear, while you try to explain to her what exactly is happening even though you're not exactly a football aficionado but the way she leans into you and looks interested is, for reasons unknown, enough for you to continue bumbling your way through explanations.

Conversation slips from football to other far more interesting things and when the game ends with an entirely unsurprising loss, your words trail into a sigh as the people around you make their way dejectedly out of the stands.

It kind of really sucks because you want to keep talking to this girl despite the fact that your butt is freezing on this stupid metal bench.

"If I can be completely honest." HG starts quietly, smiling a little bit. "I'm a bit sad that the game has ended."

"Because you have a new found love of North American football thanks to my infinite wisdom?" You offer, rubbing your bare hands together absently in a vain attempt to keep your fingers from freezing off.

"No," She laughs, gloved hands reaching out to cover your own and your long fingers look almost ridiculous surrounded by her smaller hands but you can't even focus on that because your way more concerned about the way your heart is suddenly throbbing. "Because I'm enjoying your company. Quite a bit actually... Despite your surprisingly limited knowledge of the sport."

You can't tell if she's blushing or if it's the cold making pink blossom high in her cheeks but either way this girl is making your heart thump with too much force behind your ribs and that is just…weird.

"I liked talking to you too." You admit, watching her fingers squeeze yours before drifting away. "But, ya know, we'll probably see each other again since we go to the same school." You offer with a grin and HG nods, chuckling softly.

"You're probably right." HG laughs, standing slowly and you watch her rise, clutching your book to your chest just in case your heart decides to break free of your ribs. "And I look forward to running into you in the future."

You give her a wave and don't bother fighting the stupid grin that splits your face cheek to cheek.


You're doing that thing that Pete hates… reading…in public.

He swears it's the reason that you haven't reached your full popularity potential no matter how many times you explain to him that you don't care about being popular, that you're just trying to survive high school long enough to graduate and escape this small town.

Your read over the words carefully, like it's the first time you've read Of Mice and Men and not like you've read it so much that the book is practically falling apart while you lean a shoulder against your locker and wait for Pete to show up.

You're flipping to the next page when you realize that someone is watching you and when you drop your book you reveal an absolutely amused H.G.

"Hello there."

It's been nearly a week and a half since the football game and besides a few glimpses in the halls that made your chest inexplicably tight, you haven't really had a chance to interact with her even though you've had the overwhelming urge to have more contact with her.

"Oh my god, HG." You sputter, straightening up and blushing furiously which seems to be your body's go to reaction upon coming into contact with this girl and that thought makes you flush even brighter. "I didn't even-even see you there."

"Well, you were definitely preoccupied." She says easily, tilting her head to side and giving a quick once over that makes your skin feel tingly. "But its fine. It's more than fine actually."

"More than fine?" You ask, swinging your back pack off of your shoulder and around to your chest so you can shove your book inside. "What do you mean?"

"Just that I've been looking forward to the chance to converse with you again." HG smiles warmly and you feel one corner of your mouth twist upwards while you twist your bag back over your shoulder. "I was just going to get something to eat. I do believe there is an infamous pizza parlor nearby." HG tips her head and smiles in a totally endearing way. "Maybe you can accompany me and you can tell me what you find so fascinating about Steinbeck."

It's a simple suggestion but the way she says its is vaguely flirtatious and you glance over your shoulder to makes sure that she, is in fact, speaking to you with that smirk on her lips and that lilt in her voice.

"Oh, I don't…know." You murmur awkwardly because it sounds like she's asking you out which is just ludicrous because you're not into girls, not really and besides, even if you were…there's no way that this very beautiful girl would want to date nerdy, gangly, you. "I have to meet Pete and help him study for a math test."

"Hmm, well then if possible I'm even happier to have run into you because I've been having quite a bit of difficulty with my own arithmetic." HG says seriously and you frown even as your mouth quirks upwards slowly.

You regard her skeptically and she meets your squinted gaze innocently. "Ya know, you're shorter than I remember."

This makes HG's eyebrows lower and take a step closer to you. "Ah, so you've been thinking about me then?"

Embarrassment makes heat flare up the back of your neck and thankfully Pete chooses this moment to jog up to you, emerging from the sea of students. "I'm here! I'm here! Don't hit me."

"You're late." You point out needlessly, tugging your gaze away from HG to frown at him.

"Dude, I know but there was this lizard…." He trails off, blinking at HG like he just noticed her standing beside you. "Hey, who're you?"

"Helena Wells." She offers politely and there's a weird moment where they eyeball each other, Pete looking completely into her and Helena looking…something else entirely.

"HG's going to join our little tutoring session." You interject and HG smiles happily.

"Ah, yes, well we all have our Achilles heel." HG sighs. "Mine, it seems, is mathematics."

Pete bursts into loud, awkward, forced laughter before giving H.G. what he has dubbed his 'smoldering' look. "Don't we all."


"So, am I a lost cause." H.G. asks delicately, chair creaking as she leans across the table, towards you and you don't bother fighting the smile taking over your face while you look over her paper, eyes tracing over the numbers quickly.

"Not quite." You smirk, meeting her dark gaze. "Because even though your answers are wrong, all of the math is done right which is very, very strange."

"That is quite peculiar." H.G. murmurs, eyebrow arching slowly and you feel yourself grin wider. "So I guess that means I will have to continue interposing your little study sessions then."

"I guess it does." You whisper, twisting your pencil between your fingers absently while you watch her lips turn upwards into a full smile.

"Brilliant." HG sighs, dropping her chin into her palm for a moment and you meet her gaze evenly.

"What?" You finally ask when you realize that she's just staring at you, dark eyes unreadable.

"I was just thinking…" She starts quietly, leaning forward like it's a secret and you sink forward too, listening eagerly. "about how much I am enjoying your company."

"Aw, we enjoy your company too HG." Pete declares, dropping the stack of math books you sent him to find, on the table and you jerk backwards, realizing how close you actually are to HG.

"Both of you?" She asks with a grin and there you go again, blushing.

"Oh yeah, especially me." He offers lasciviously, dropping noisily into the chair besides yours. "And Mykes hates everybody so you should feel lucky that she actually likes you."

"I do not hate everybody." You frown, giving his shoulder a shove. "Unless by everyone you mean you."

"See what I mean?" Pete mutters, rubbing his shoulders.

"Well I'm pleased to have made it into both your and Myka's good graces." HG smiles but her eyes are on you and for a breathless moment you can't look away.

"Pleased enough to let me take you out this weekend?" Pete asks, arching an eyebrow and you roll your eyes at HG playfully.

"Not quite." HG smirks, still looking at you and you touch your neck, feel it get ridiculously hot under her gaze.

"Ouch! Shot down." Pete declares loudly, immediately shushed by the other people in the library. "Don't shush me people! Have some compassion for a man rejected!"

"Pete!" You hiss, shoving him again and he nearly tips out of his chair. "Shut up."

"Alright. Alright." He grunts, rubbing his shoulder. "So, I have a proposition for you ladies."

"Proposition? My that's a large word." HG mutters and you try to hide the grin splitting your face.

"I find your sense of humor so sexy." Pete growls low in his throat and you chuckle, leaning back in your chair while HG grimaces at Pete.

"What is it Pete?" You interject and Pete gives HG one more lingering look before giving you his attention.

"My parents are out of town and you know what that means?" Pete beams, poking in your side over and over and you bat at his hands.

"That your parents couldn't stand being near you any longer and ran away?" HG offers cheekily and you muffle a laugh.

"Nooo!" Pete says, drawing out the word and shaking his head. "It means, my beautiful little crumpet,its party time at Casa de Lattimer!"

You glance across the table to see HG's eyes light up at Pete's announcement while Pete does the Cabbage Patch beside you in his chair.

"It's has been a while since I've attended any sort of shindig." HG murmurs excitedly.

"God, I love it when you speak British." Pete declares, still dancing and you roll your eyes, shuffling the papers in front of you.

"Will you be going, Myka?" HG ask nonchalantly but her eyes are bright and clear and you lick your lips absently.

"I don't really do parties." You mutter with a shrug, doodling in the corner of HG's paper thoughtlessly.

"But you're doing this party, Mykes. I will not let you spend another weekend all alone. In the dark. Surrounded by books. And-and cats and-" Pete starts and you frown at him.

"I do not spend my weekends alone in the dark with cats. I don't even have any cats." You sputter indignantly, "I just don't see what's so great about being surrounded by sweaty, drunken, fornicating people."

"Oh darling, you have to go." HG laughs and you shrug, peeking up at her "I do believe you're missing the point."

"I don't think so." You sigh, twisting a hand through your hair. "I don't know."

"Don't worry, HG. She'll be there. I'll make sure of it." Pete says it like a threat and you glare at him while he smiles sweetly back.