Chapter 24:


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"Hey David," Macy asks sitting with him on her roof top. The stars were shinning just as brightly as in the movie making her feel warm all over. He comes closer and hugs her tightly staring up at the constellation Draco. "Do you think if dragons were spared, then perhaps he would be one of them?" He thinks about this before answering.

"He might have, it would be rather fun to have them around, but now we just have our memories of him."

"True," She said still smiling. It had been weeks since they had exited the movie. All of them told their tale to the head bosses of Uncle Roger's lab and they were quickly given clearance of the situation and a secret hero's welcome back for stopping the situation. David and Macy were able to get everyone to believe they were in England for the time to help out with an important project to work with the people. Each finally coming into realization of their love for each other, they became nearly inseparable. He couldn't help but keep glancing at her. Even after they had left the movie, they all looked the same as they did when they 'fixed' themselves there. Her markings still glowing as brightly as when they battled Dante and her strange mix of green and silver for eye color made him mystified of her even more than in the movie.

"I was wondering about Dante's plan and what I had to do with it." She gazes to him and lies down, crossing her legs as the khaki shorts ran up a little.

"Dante had gotten more out of me than I originally thought. When he 'killed' me the first time, I had originally planned to just rebuild myself with the data Uncle Roger had stored in me, even though I had stashed it away. That dagger was actually created to take data and make impossible for others to use it. Hints why I couldn't get my original body back. Since he couldn't extract the files Uncle Roger had, he decided to rebuild my body and program it to follow his orders and be the vessel to carry and distribute the virus. But he also decided to upgrade himself like how my arm is, only turning the majority of his body into a vessel."

"What of me then?"

"Your body had a glitch in it that didn't allow the virus to destroy you like it did me. In fact it reversed the process, making the virus turn on itself."

"But why did it destroy him?" She smiles mischievously and laughs.

"Uncle Roger and I did a little resorting with his old files so that the virus would turn on him and destroy itself after finishing him off." He gazes to her amazed.

"I never knew you were so smart."

"Well I am related to one of the world's smartest and wackiest scientist." They suddenly hear a boom that rocks the house and sigh. "Let's go get him." She laughs getting up. David was the first to go in the house. Macy follows him to the door and looks up once more and smiles at the constellation. "See you around Draco and thanks for everything and I won't forget my promise of returning." The wind suddenly blows gently and a familiar warm feeling surrounds her body.

"Thank you Macy." said Draco's voice as the northern star twinkles brightly in the night sky.

The End

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