My Father, My Dad

Warning: contains child abuse, and swearing

Summary: The summer before Harry's third year, Snape makes a horrible discovery about the boy's home life. Can he help the traumatized Harry? *P.s* Harry is not the only child Severus will be helping.

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Meeting the 'Family'

Barely touching the ground, scrawny legs swished back and forth. If only Hedwig were here. Stroking her snowy white feathers always made Harry feel better. Sadly he had to leave her with Ron. Last time she had almost become food to the baby whale and its father.

King cross was packed, yet Vernon Dursley was no where to be seen. Well if he were here then it should be easy spotting him.

This was actually okay, better here than at the Dursleys. A sudden violent grip snapped the green-eyed boy to his senses. "Get in the car freak!" Looks like he's not in a good mood. Harry dragged his trunk that is until his uncle gripped his wrist tight enough for it to break.

"Leave those freaky things here! I don't want them in my house!" No Harry's trunk had all his things in it! "No!" As soon as that word was said, he wished the ground would just open and eat him.

The face of the obese man turned a shade of purple. He grabbed the child by a handful of hair and flung him inside the car.

Back at the house, Harry scrambled to get out of the car. "Boy! Your chores!" Not one day had passed and he was already doing chores. There was a note; great aunt Petunia wants him to work on the garden. She was probably out buying new clothes for Dudley. Knowing his cousin, he had probably 'outgrown' his clothes.

A realization hit the raven-haired boy. He was alone. Alone, at the mercy of Vernon Dursley.

His wand was in his trunk, and his trunk was back at the station. He was left powerless. Well better start on the chores, otherwise he might anger his uncle. Deciding to start on the garden, he headed outback.

Suddenly Harry felt someone yank him from behind. It all happened so fast. One second he was fixing the garden the next he was holding his hand to his stinging cheek. "You freak!" What did Harry do this time! "I can't stand you! You're just a waste of space! You like your freak parents should be dead!" Harry's Gryffindor courage would soon be a mistake. "Don't insult my parents! They're better than you are!"

"Potter your dead!" The enraged man held something in his hand. Green eyes widened in horror. It was a knife! "Nobody will miss a freak like you!" That was a lie! Hermione and Ron would miss him! So would the entire wizading world! Right?

"Not even your freaky little friends. You're just a famous freak! That's the only reason anybody wants to be your friend!"

It was no use; he was too scared to move. Well at least he could finally meet his mum and dad. Maybe dying wasn't so bad. Closing his eye's he waited his imminent fate. Although he really didn't want to die, but there was nothing he could really do.

"That's enough!" A voice that sounded too familiar to Harry caused him to open his eyes. It was professor Snape! His face looked pissed. That was a new expression, professor Snape usually never loses his cool.


Severus Snape was in his potion lab. He had been working on a new potion until he was alerted to go see the headmaster. Looking back at his now ruined potion, his face scrunched in disgust. What a waste of ingredients.

That old man better have a good reason to disturb him, or he would avada kedavra the man.

Robes billowed behind him as he entered the room. "Ah, Severus! Would you care for a lemon drop?" Kindly he refused. The man was staling. "Albus spare me and tell me what you want." "Very well Severus. Mr. Potter needs to be guarded."

Putting up with Potter at school was one thing but guarding the brat was another thing. "No thank you." "Severus please. It's just for today." "Then why waste my time. Why not Mundungus or Kingsley?" "Severus, both of them are on a mission for the order at the moment. Do it for Lily."

Damn him! He knows he would do anything for Lily. "Very well." And he stalked out.

'I can't believe I agreed to this.' The man stood close enough to monitor Potter, but without getting seen. Actually what was Potter doing in the station at this time? Shouldn't he be home by now? Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a fairly large man approaching Potter. It must be his uncle.

At first it seemed like a normal conversation, then he noticed the mans face had turned a very dangerous color. Before he comprehend what was happening Potter was being thrown into a car.

His trunk was still there. The professor shrunk it and followed the two men. "Boy your chores!" Potter seemed to be in a hurry. The boy seemed to tremble at times. Potter was outside, and then everything was so sudden. Potter had been slapped and now his uncle was saying cruel things, he was going to kill potter! Lily's son!

Absentmindedly he found himself face to face with the man. "That's enough!" Vernon Dursley backed away.

"Your one of them! You're a freak like Potter!" "Mr. Dursley don't you ever use the term 'freak' when referring to your nephew!" "I don't have a nephew! Take the freak I don't want him!" This seemed to enrage the potion master. Roughly he grabbed the boys shoulder. "Potter we are leaving. Dursley mark my word you will regret everything you have done." With that they apparated.


They arrived at the gates of Hogwarts. "Come along Potter." The professor reached for the boy but in response the boy flinched away, trembling slightly.

Snape cursed inwardly. There was a lot of damage done to this boy. The walk up to Hogwarts was silent, until the air became cool. Everything seemed to stop, he was feeling extremely miserable. The Slytherin turned to Potter. Merlin the boy was pale! His eye weren't the bright green he'd known; they were full of despair and grief.

Finally he knew what was going on. What the hell was a dementor doing here! It was advancing, but it seemed to take interest on Potter. Finally realizing the situation they were in he quickly took out his wand.

'Expecto Patronum!' A burst of silver light flew out the tip of his wand. A doe bounced and protected both men. Even if his patronus was strong enough it wouldn't keep them away for long. Quickly he grabbed the boy and mad his way straight for the headmasters office!

Who the hell let's a dementor run wild! In Hogwarts no less! Outraged by the situation, he had neglected to take the now more traumatized boy to Poppy. They reached the headmaster door. "Potter wait."

Without warning he burst into the office. "Albus! Do you know a dementor is outside of Hogwarts!" The elder man motioned him to sit down. "Yes Severus I am well aware that there is not just one but many dementors lurking around Hogwarts." "Sirius Black…escaped! Well that's beside the point, Albus I was just attacked by one! Well yes I was able to protect my-self. Albus I had Potter with me! Can you imagine what would have happened to the boy if I had not been present? Albus the boy has been through many things."

The man looked perplexed. What was Harry even doing here? "Severus what is doing here?"

"Albus we need to talk." "Potter is being abused. No headmaster it's not a mistake! It was not an accident either! Send him back! Have you not been listening to a word I have been saying!" "I'm sorry Severus but think of the blood wards." "To hell with the blood wards! If the dark lord doesn't kill him his relatives will!"

Outside Harry was crouched onto the ground. He could hear the screaming of professor Snape. The drowsy boy started to tilt over. Harry could hear the screaming of the man who saved him. Right now he was too tired to care. The boy leaned all the way until he lay sleeping on the floor.

Back inside the atmosphere had gotten tense. "Fine Albus! I'm telling Minervea!" Soon enough the woman stepped through the floo. After explaining the situation, she had to agree with Severus. "Albus, think of the boy! He can not be permitted to stay there any longer!"

Oh no that dammed twinkle. "Then where will Mr. Potter go?" No one could respond. "Well I have a suggestion. I say he stay with you Severus."

"No. Absolutely not!" "Very well then Severus, Then I have no choice than to send him back to his relatives. Although Severus I think Lily would have wanted you to do this." This man would have done well in Slytherin. He would do anything for Lily. "Very well. I shall accept Potter as my ward."

Speaking of Potter. It was much too quiet outside. Slowly he peered out. Merlin! He's asleep on the ground! He was just about to waking him, but something stopped him. Gently he scooped the boy in his arms. "Albus I shall take my leave. You know where to find me."

He apparated to his Manor, Prince Manor.


"Judi" A small house elf with a little flower dress appeared. "Please prepare a room for Mr. Potter." "Yes, course master Snape sir!"

For now Potter needs somewhere to sleep. Groaning he took the child to his, SNAPES room! Even outside of Hogwarts, Potter seemed to irk him. Gently he placed the boy on his bed. This boy looked so innocent and so young…so vulnerable. The potion master tried keeping his composure. Brushing a few strand out of the boys face. Why would anyone hurt a child? Realizing what he was doing. Quickly he snatched his hand back and left the room.

Down at the living room he had flooed Albus. "Albus I cannot keep the child." "Severus we have discussed this, it's you or the Dursleys."

The potioneer paced back and forth. Finally he waved his hands in the air. "Albus I am a spy for the dark lord! Have you any idea what would happen if he finds out I have Potter! Surely he would want me to bring him the child!" The elder man placed a soft hand on his shoulder. "Child, I have realized that I do not need you spying for Tom anymore, especially now that you have young Harry in your care."

Wait was Albus saying he wouldn't be going back to the dark lord?

"Severus you will not be a spy anymore. For now I think you should only worry about Lily's child." The old man stepped into the fireplace. "Oh and Severus do put stronger wards up." The Slythering raised a brow. "Why?"

"Severus have you forgotten. Sirius Black escaped." With a green fire he was gone. Great that damn mutt was out! One more person to annoy the existence out of him! His thoughts were interrupted by a pop. "Master Snape, Harry Potter's room is ready." "Thank you Judi." Time to go fetch the brat.

Inside his room, he was surprised to see Potter was in the middle of the bed his knees raised to his chest where his head was rested on. He looks so small. "Potter…" Black onyx eyes met with miserable green.

"Professor? Professor where am I?" "In my manor Potter." The boy let out a sigh of relief. "I thought I was in an orphanage." Why would Potter think that! "You know because I heard you say that I wasn't going back to the Dursleys, but nobody wants a freak like me. I'm just a waste of space."

Those damn relatives of his! "Mr. Potter you are not a 'freak' nor are you a waste of space. No come so I can show you to your room."

Slowly Harry crept of the bed. "This is your room Potter" This was Harry's room! Wow it was huge! "No get changed Potter. I will be back in a moment." Harry scanned the room. It was his room and his room only. Quickly he changed, not wanting to upset his professor. So this meant he was going to stay with Snape? Well anywhere's better than the Dursleys. The man came back in with a jar in his hand. He uncorked it and was reaching for Harry's face. The boy placed his arms in a defensive manner. "Calm down Potter. It's just healing salve, for the bruise on your cheek."

How stupid! Snape wasn't his uncle! How could he think that! Even if Snape hated him, he wouldn't hurt Harry, would he?

The cool salve was being rubbed against his cheek. Harry might actually think Snape cared about him. He was nicer…and he cared. Unknowingly the child had fallen asleep. The man gently lowered him. "Sleep well…Harry."


A blood curling scream filled the house. Wand in hand the professor made his way to the cause. Potter was thrashing around in his bed. His legs were tangled in the sheets.

"No please! Uncles don't! I'll be good, I'll be good!" Quickly he rushed over to the agitated child. "Potter!" Harry flung his hands in the air. "No please!" The man grabbed both his wrist and shook him. "Potter…Harry it's me Snape. Wake up child."

Soon the child began to calm down. "Professor?" The child pulled away and gripped his sheets. "I'm sorry did I wake you?"

The potioneer fetched a calming draught and pressed it against the boy lips. "Just rest Potter. We'll discuss this tomorrow. You're safe." No he didn't care about the boy. He couldn't. This was James Potter son. But in reality this child was no different than he was. This child merely looked like James. He does not have the arrogance and swagger as his father.

He would keep this child safe. Not just for Lily. He couldn't explain it, the child seem to call out to him. This child needed him, like he needed the child.


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