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Dreams and the First Meeting

He didn't want to wake up. Nope not at all, this was such a blissful dream. He laid on the largest bed he'd ever seen. In a room that was surely too large to be his. Hell there was even a house-elf in this dream! The house-elf kept telling him to get up, but this dream is too magnificent to wake from.

He knew better. Aunt Petunia would be waking him up, to do chores. Uncle Vernon would threaten him by refusing to feed him or just using his belt. The baby whale takes after his father; Dudley would punch him in the gut.

Why does this dream have to end? If only he could- "Well are you going to lay there grinning like an imbecile or are you going to get up?" Harry blinked, that wasn't his aunt's voice, nor was he dreaming. That voice was cold and sarcastic…just…like…SNAPE!

Quickly he shuffled out of bed and came face to face with his professor. "Judi told me you refused to wake up." Judi? Oh so that was the elf that kept bothering him!

Harry had no idea what to say. "I-…" His voice stopped. The man looked back at him. "Well no matter. Quickly dress yourself and come down to breakfast." He swept out of the room, just like a bat.


It's a good thing that house-elf showed him where the kitchen was. What was her name again? June? Jane? Or was it Jedi, well what ever her name was!

He walked into the kitchen and-…oh great the professor here. Even though there was something (more like somebody) vile in the room, the kitchen was extraordinary! Okay yeah it was green, but the green looked very pleasant. He didn't even notice his professor starring at him.

"Well are you going to stand there gaping like a fish, or are you going to sit." Green eyes grew ! He was allowed to sit at the table! Back at the Dursley he wasn't even allowed in the kitchen when they ate. Not knowing what to do he sat in the chair right next to his professor. "Well, you do know how to feed yourself!"

Wait he was actually allowed to eat! Would his professor mind? Well of course he's going to mind! Who wants to feed a pest like me! - So Harry only decided to serve himself a small amount.

The man was practically studying the child. He seemed to be debating with him-self. Wait is that all he's going to eat! Merlin that can't even feed a bird! Quickly the potion master stalked over to his cabinet, where he grabbed a potion then he quickly added a few drops to a glass of milk. Re-sitting himself, he handed the glass to the child…-er-…brat!

Big green eye's looked up him. Confusion written all over the boys face. "W…what is this?" "Vampire blood, Potter." Now those damn eyes had disgust and fear. "R…really?"

Yup sure enough he was getting a migraine. How gullible could this brat be! "No Potter! It's milk with a nutrition potion!" Oh great he managed to frighten the child. All he could do was sigh. "No Potter it's not vampire blood, it's simply milk that will 'help' you grow."

Harry couldn't believe it! His professor actually worried about him! And since when did Snape start joking? Not wanting to anger his professor, who looked like he could smack harder than uncle Vernon, he drank the milk.


Right after breakfast Harry had been steered into a big cozy room. Oh wow it even has a fireplace! The Dursleys had boarded up the fireplace during Harry's first year. It's because they didn't want any more 'freaky' mail.

Pulling up a chair and sitting in-front of Potter (FACING him) was not what Snape figured he would be doing this summer. "Now listen closely Potter." Huh, what a surprise the brat is actually paying attention.

"I have regrettably been 'talked into' (more like forced) becoming your temporary 'guardian'. As such you will do as I say. Eat when told to, go to your room if asked to, and of course follow all my rules.

Harry gaped, for the loss of words. Snape! Sanpe his guardian! He felt excited at the thought! But why? Surely he wasn't happy that Snape was his guardian. No probably just the fact that now he was away from the Dursleys.

"Say, professor…" Harry said without thought. "D…do you know where my trunk is?" The potion master stared at the green-eyed boy as if he were a new potion ingredient. "Potter, come along."

Harry was now following his professor up stairs. Oh no! Had he said something wrong? Was he going to get a smack…or do wizards hex their kids? Wait Harry Potter is not the kid of Severus Snape, but…but Snape was his guardian now. He was so deep in though that to his horror he'd bumped into Snape. He flew backwards and landed on him bum. Slowly he looked up, terrified to meet the eyes of his professor.

Potter had just crashed into him! Did the miserable whelp have no sense of direction! He turned right on the spot, ready to give the brat a good yelling.

No he couldn't, the boy was looking at him with those green eyes. They…they showed fear? Then it hit him. What had those disgusting muggles done to him? Obviously they starved him, probably slapped him. Horrible ideas raced through his mind, what else could they have done.

He couldn't help to wonder if this was the same Harry Potter he had seen at school. At school the boy was courage's, bold, and always seemed to get into trouble, but outside of school he seemed so weak, defenseless. All in all he just seemed scared of his own shadow.

Gently he scooped the frightened boy in his arms and sat him on the bed. What would the dark lord make of this? Oh Voldemort make sure not to hex Potter into oblivion or he'll call you a mean and begin to cry.

The boy's trunk was still in his pocket. Taking it out he enlarged it and handed it to the boy. "Thank you sir." Well at least the brat had manners. Severus studied the boy as he went through his trunk, which no doubt contained clothes that were far too big for him. Turning his head towards the window, only to find that it was already dark. "I found it!" The joyous cry made him return his attention toward the brat. The child was waving his wand in the air! "Potter! Are you mad!"

Quickly Harry withdrew his wand. "S…sorry sir." "No matter, quickly get into bed."

Frowning Harry jumped into bed. He wasn't going to punish him? "Now Potter, I am letting you know now, I am not like your relatives." Huh, not like his relative? Does that mean Harry won't get hit everyday? Back at the Dursleys Harry got hit every day…but he deserved it, you know because he behaved badly.

He studied the boy. Something was going through his head. Later, much later he'll have to talk about it. What ever he was thinking, it was bothering the child. "Potter-…" Green eyes stared at him. "Sleep, go to sleep." And that what Harry did. Drifting of into a deep slumber.


It was one of the strangest dreams he'd ever had. There he was, Harry, holding hands with an unknown figure. What's more surprising was that he was laughing! The grip on Harry's had tightened. Even though he couldn't see it, he knew.

He could just sense it. This person cared about him. No he couldn't see the figures face but…but he could just tell. He-… "Potter!"

The bed creaked and-…oof! Ow, that's got to hurt! Fell straight on his arse! Painfully he raised him-self from the ground. Yep Snape has a smirk on his face. "Humor me Potter. Why were you laying on the ground?" Sarcasm crawled all over the professor voice. "Oh, you know sir! Because I felt like it!" Rubbing his sore bum.

The man snorted. "Yes, well Potter you have a bed. Now hurry up, we have some errands to run." Errands? "W…where are we going sir?"

'Why do children- I mean brats have to be so irritable?' Snape couldn't help to think. "You will see when we get there." The boy's body language showed it all. Nervous, anxious, but the most notable was scared. Potter didn't like it when things were hidden form him. "We are going to Hogwarts." His body relaxed, and those green eyes lit up.


The air was so clear and fresh! Hogwarts! It's been to long. The last time he was here-…well he can't really remember what happened!

Suddenly a hand was placed on his shoulder, he jerked slightly. "Come Potter, let's visit madam Pomfrey." He was a potion master not a healer, so of course the brat needs a check up.

The second that they had stepped in, the medi-witch started fawning all over the brat. "That's right, good boy Harry." The woman cooed all over the miserable whelp. Like the brat needs more spoiling. Then again Potter never was spoiled. "Poppy, I shall return. Oh and please provide with with anything he needs."

Harry peered out form the window. Professor Snape had left and still hadn't returned. Madam Pomfrey had gone off and fetched a nutrition potion for him. Huh, that was odd. There was a black shadow looming outside. Must have just imagined it. "Now Harry, here drink this. Maybe you should go look for professor Snape."

Great madam Pomfrey gave Harry a mug, you know like one of those that you get a starbucks. Hmm, it doesn't taste that bad. Oh! She put milk in it!

Prancing down the hallway, he bumped into someone. Once again he landed on his arse. Oh crap he spilled it! On him-self and probably on who ever he bumped into. Well it was probably Snape. He peered from under his bangs. "Oh, sorry prof-…" He's not a professor? "I'm sorry!" Terrified, this man wasn't a professor!


He apparated right at the gates of Hogwarts. A smile made its way upon his gentle face. This place brought back so many memories.

Remus Lupin had never been offered a job! In Hogwarts no less! This was so exciting; he was taking on the position for DADA! If he's lucky he might get to see Harry. Harry, the only thing he had left of them; James and Lily.

With no sudden warning he felt…cheerless, gloomy, heck he felt utterly depressed. Like all the joy was be sucked right out of him. It had happened so fast! The werewolf raised his wand, 'Expecto Patronum!' Quickly he scurried into the castle. Gasping for air. All this fuss over Sirius had sure made some people paranoid. Was there really a need to place dementors over Hogwarts! Well no need to dwell on the thought now.

Making his way to the headmasters office, that is until he crashed into somebody. Ah, they spilled something on his robe!

A student? It was a student. The boy looked at him. Wait! He knows this boy! The untidy hair, the sparkling green eyes, the scar! Harry! Just as he made his way to help the boy-… "I'm sorry!" His voice was painful to listen to. Fear, but what would Harry be afraid of?

The boy merely flinched, when he tried to help him up. "N…no please! I'm sorry!"

Down the hallway Severus Snape stalked back to the infirmary. "N…no please! I'm sorry!" The haunting voice echoed through the hallways. It was Potters! The expert duelist drew his wand. Sprinting quickly to find his boy! Wait Potter wasn't his boy, but Potter was still his ward. Turning the corner and-… "Lupin!" His wand pointing straight at the mut.

It was a horrifying scene. Potter on the ground, close to hyperventilating. The wolf in front of the boy! No, P-..Harry was his child and nobody's going to hurt him.



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