Set after Damon kills Rose.
An alternate version of his dramatic scene.
Warning! Slash. I've got no affiliation with tVD.

The Predator's Lover

Jeremy had just walked away from easily one of the prettiest and most genuine girls he had ever met and his only reason for it was—well, he didn't even know why. He had always had a little crush on the beautiful witch and even recently started feeling something more than a crush. He started actually caring for Bonnie more so than he ever had and slowly but surely it felt as if Bonnie was reciprocating those feelings.

He should've been elated, right?

Well Jeremy always had a knack for chasing away what he wanted the most even when he didn't realize he was doing it. Only this time, he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew that he was pushing Bonnie away and he knew that all it would've taken was time and more than likely he would've gotten all that he wanted and would've been happy about it. Jeremy wasn't entirely sure when but sometime in the midst of everything he realized that him being with her wasn't what he wanted. He wanted something more—something that even though at the time he wasn't sure, he knew that whatever it was it wasn't what he would've had with Bonnie.

The moment would have been perfect. It could have been deliciously, remarkably and without a doubt perfection. All he had to do was lean down his head not even an inch and kiss her. Her face was already elevated, her eyes had already started closing slightly with her gaze directly at his lips; yet he didn't make the move. Instead he cleared his throat louder than necessary, started scratching the back of his neck and stepped back as if he were avoiding the plague or something.

Maybe it was her heavy perfume or maybe it was the fact that her upper body practically pressed against his in a manner that suddenly shut off whatever part of him that clung onto the idea of him and her being right together.

Whatever the reason, Jeremy just backed away, apologized to her almost sadly and left through the front door of his home. God he left her alone in his house! He pretty much abandoned someone he really actually cared for and scurried away from his own house in a way that a frightened deer runs away from its hunter. Only—Jeremy wasn't scared. He may have felt guilty and wrong for just being so close to her and walking away but he wasn't scared that he let go of something that more than likely he'd never be able to have after that. Instead of being scared of what Jeremy was walking away from he was terrified as to what he was walking to.

It still was a mystery to him. He wasn't sure of what he wanted and he didn't know where he was going after he just took off the way he did but he didn't even care to take his car. He just – walked away. He walked out the door and down his steps with only his iPod turned on playing music and his phone in his pocket.

The night was cold and since he was only in his house with the fireplace running Jeremy wasn't wearing a coat. It wasn't like he could've made the decision to up and leave when he did yet run up to his room to grab a coat before so. So he just had to suck it up and hope that his aimless walking would somehow warm up his impulsive, non-thinking, freezing body.

The song he had blaring was one of his favorites by Metallica. Jeremy's mind was flooded with so many things that the only thing he knew about where he was walking at was near a road somewhere.

Finally the loud song had ended and in between the break from the next song Jeremy was able to hear voices and see headlights.

"What's your name?"


"Jessica—I have a secret. I have a big one and I've never said it out loud."

Jeremy knew immediately who the male was but he was confused. He'd never heard Damon's voice that way. He'd never heard him speak the way he did to that girl. Among the whispers and the distance Jeremy could only hear so much.

"I can't be what other people want me to be."

Jeremy froze the minute he heard them talking knowing any movement he'd make Damon would be able to hear it. The vampire that always held a composure that was dangerous and full of mystery was letting whatever he had out to the world; out to the girl that for some reason wasn't moving. Wouldn't she at least be trying to run or even shaking?

"Do I kill you? Do I not kill you?"

"Please don't."

He could hear her sobs.

"But I have to Jessica. Because I'm not human and I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world. That is my secret. But there's only s-so much hurt a man can take."

"Please don't."

She sobs again. The pleading and tragedy that Jeremy hears and sees from Damon's victim, he can't take it. This isn't Damon; the way he's acting, the truth he's spilling painfully and the tears that shine from the headlights. He may be sadistic and might be known for the torture he enjoys bringing to humans but this, this is torturing himself.

Before Damon compels the girl to move away,

"Stop, stop Damon. Pl-please—please stop. Don't hurt her, please." He calls out to him stepping into the beam of the headlights.

The vampire doesn't even seem startled. Maybe he knew all along Jeremy was there or maybe he didn't realize it. The boy walks to him obviously scared but determined.

"Damon, just let her go. —Please." Jeremy begs him.

Jeremy's unsure of what the vampire's going to do. If he lunges for Jeremy then so be it. All he knows is that he can't be a witness to a murder without having at least done something to stop it.

He sees Damon bring up his hands and grip the sides of the girl in front of him.

Past the tears Jeremy assumes that Damon compels her out of her paralysis.

"You're free to go."

In the split seconds of her freedom Jessica stands there, collects the biggest breath she's probably ever taken and runs toward her car.

Maybe it was the adrenaline coursing through Jeremy; maybe the shock of almost seeing a vampire murder an innocent human and practically running into a lion's den to save her but whatever the reason he finds himself almost gasping for air as he realizes that Damon let her go. The vampire stands there turning his head to watch her scramble for her car. Still without even a glance to the stupidly courageous human that risked his own safety for that of the girl speeding away terrified and trembling, Damon remains where he is.

The car drives away almost hysterically into the opposite direction, leaving Jeremy to face the world's most dangerous predator alone and scared. His ring hugging onto his finger is only good if he's wearing it; the state that he sees Damon in he might take it off within a blink of an eye and kill Jeremy for what he's done. Kill him just because he can.

Or even kill him because there's a chance that he knows what Damon confessed to the girl.

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