Pie here. Yes, I have returned to the wonderful, all powerful Tratie. I have missed them. This is starting off slow, but I swear to you a plot will come, where Katie is more Katie, and Travis is more Travis. I swear. As per usual, I do not own the characters. They are all Rick Riordan's!

Chapter 1.

Travis was running. His breath was coming out ragged, and his feet pounded the ground endlessly. The sound of shoe on earth, twigs, leaves, and his ragged breathing all sounded too loud, even over the clatter that accompanied such events.

But he could hear slightly more masked breathing behind him, and it sounded entirely too close. Daring a look behind him, he saw with dismay she was flying down his trail, leaping that fallen log he'd spent entirely too long tripping over. Ahead of him, he saw his brother lying on the ground, trapped under a net, no doubt engineered by the Hephaestus cabin. And with dismay, out of the corner of his eye, he saw two guys from the Apollo cabin flitting through the trees.

With his calculating, he'd failed to see the small tree root, growing under the foliage. Struggling desperately to regain his balance, he only served to lose it again, viciously, as she tackled him, xiphos lying somewhere near the stream where he'd disarmed her, and he figured she had been waiting for it to reappear in her pocket, as their weapons did.

Landing with a hard thump on the ground, Travis' vision blurred with impact, and then returned quickly. Katie grinned triumphantly, knee on his chest and the flag back in her hand. That girl was vicious. And this was them dating.

"Over eager, K, there are people around," he muttered, spitting a leaf out of his mouth. She rolled her eyes as she passed the flag off to Will Solace, who grinned at Travis' current predicament.

"We're still in the middle of capture the flag, kids!" Will called, running off with the flag. Katie rolled her eyes, about to remove her knee from Travis' chest. He grinned up at her; her hair was longer now, and he had to admit, the nine months that had passed since she'd nearly been blown up had passed quickly. And they'd only tried to kill each other twice in that time. And only once was on purpose.

The burns on her face, however, were the constant reminder that things were not right. That, and the fact that Jason, Piper and Leo were now always absent from camp.

But, the burns on Katie's face were more personal. The burns on the right side of her temple were still pink, and always would be, and the burns on her jaw made the skin at the right corner of her lips a bit tight, and it actually gave the impression her lips were puckered. At least from that side. He knew that they weren't, and Katie was, believably, self conscious about the entire ordeal.

Travis also thought that maybe Katie had let her hair grow out so that she could try and disguise, or even hide, the burns, but that was his own opinion. Just an opinion. But Travis didn't care about the burns (Well, obviously, he did. But it didn't make him…Ah, here comes the sappy word…Love her any less).

Katie raised an eyebrow.

"What are you staring at, leaf litter?" She asked, removing her knee from his chest and cocking her head as she heard a cheer come from what was more than likely her team.

"Oh, gee, hmm. I must be staring at the giant monster standing behind you," he replied sarcastically, aware he'd just cost his team a win. Katie rolled her eyes.

"You know that isn't funny. There actually could be a giant monster behind me," she replied, taking his hand as they walked towards the winning side. As they got to the stream, they saw Will Solace and his half-brother being treated like heroes. Once they saw Katie, they called her over, and she was separated from Travis for a moment, as the six foot something surfer-slash-Hollister model welcomed her into the heroes huddle. Travis couldn't help but feel only a slight amount of (or maybe a huge amount of) jealousy whenever Will Solace was around.

He knew that Will and Katie had been an item like, four years ago, which was so long ago it didn't really count, but still. Will was an Apollo kid, which was something. And then there was the whole surfer-slash-Hollister model thing. Which Travis was aware that he himself was most definitely not.

Travis shrugged it off, and after the game and celebrations finished, he found Katie again, and the two rambled off towards the beach, where the end of summer fireworks were about to be held. Travis was both looking forward to this particular engagement, and dreading it. It meant that Katie was heading up to New Jersey tomorrow, to help her family move in, after their move from Oregon. Then, she was going to try and attend a school there for a few months.

Still, he reasoned, DC wasn't too far away…And maybe they'd be able to visit…And they'd go to Camp Half Blood at some point anyway. Meet up them. It wasn't that bad. Was it?

Travis perched on the sand, wonderfully close to Katie. The fireworks set off in a spectacular fashion that was the norm, and Travis wondered how the Hephaestus cabin did it. Katie was resting her head on his shoulder, and Travis realized he was going to miss her a hell of a lot more then he let on.