Sorry for the late update again, but I thought, hey, I'm supposed to be revising for Classics, so why not do this? I've absolutely mastered the art of revision – not. Anyway, I'll try and update soon! The quote will make sense, I swear, in like three paragraphs.

"Get crazy, get wild, let's party, get loud." – LMFAO, Get Crazy

And yet again, everyone was following Travis.

They'd set out early that morning. And there was still silence. Just silence. It was wrong, and he'd given up on Katie now. Maybe this was just one of those silent break ups, and as angry as he was, he knew he had to finish this quest before he could even think about breaking down. He didn't want to be a girl about this, and just sit down and bitch about it to someone. He just wanted time to think.

They walked for a long time, past these huge houses. There was loud music coming from one up ahead, and that was where the Sat Nav thing was pointing them. Travis could not comprehend how grateful he was for this thing. Whoever Teddy was, Travis owed him one.

The doors to the house were open, and the three exchanged a glance before just walking in. Immediately, they regretted it.

The music was accompanied by a heavy smell of Axe body spray, food, body odour and hair gel.

"They look like Jersey Shore rejects," he muttered to Katie, and she nodded once, skirting around one guy who was doing his hair in the mirror. They were the stereotype that Jersey Shore portrayed, alright, and the three dove out of the way as a few big guys pushed past them, shouting something about 'GTL!'

Definitely Jersey Shore rejects.

There were a few women running around as well – big hair and fake nails in abundance. They seemed to attempt to clean, but ended up just hanging around with these guys anyway. Someone shouted something, and everyone shut up for three minutes, looking to the top of the staircase situated to their left.

The woman was about thirty, and she was the only person in this house whose appearance reassured the three that they were in the right place. Her long brown hair was pulled over one shoulder, a circlet braided into her hair. Large brown eyes, framed with thick, dark lashes, and the kind of ancient dress that screamed 'wealthy'. Following her was an old woman, nondescript. The two looked down at the scene in dismay.

Another person emerged. About twenty, the beginnings of a beard on his face. Wiry. Athletic. Handsome.

He pushed through the crowd, who regarded him with a complete lack of respect, making his way towards a shabby looking guy.

The maids began setting out a feast, and the guy made sure the shabby guy was at the table, as well.

It was very apparent how rude these guys were. One began making a spectacle, and his friends egged him on.

"Go on, Ctesippus!"

"It'll be hilarious, bro!"

"Hey, beggar!" Ctesippus called to the shabby guy, "I have a present for you!"

He then proceeded to throw a cow's foot at the guy's head. He swiftly dodged, and the young guy rebuked him swiftly.

"I swear to all the Gods, Ctesippus, that if that had hit him I would have killed you."

The guys just laughed.

"Oh really, Telemachus? You cried last time you tried confronting us. We're just here to marry your mother, who most definitely has to be DTF. It gets extremely boring when you wait for, oh, I don't know, fifteen odd years," they shouted back, and Telemachus shook his head.

Travis frowned. Telemachus.

That name rang a bell.

And all too suddenly, he realized where they were.

This was the palace of Odysseus.

And some major shit was about to go down.