Authors note: Just a quick bit of background and explanation before the story. So Bella and Renee are on holiday in London, England when Renee meets a typical (if slightly forward) englishman: Geoffrey who as fate (or me) would have it they end sharing a taxi together (and the rest as they say) is history. I know Renee seems a rather unthoughtful and self centered mother who has no regard for her childs safety, as she agrees to let Bella stay at a stranger house, but when I read Twilight I pictured Renee as a person who is a care-free spirit who lives very much in the moment and seizes every opportunity that comes her way. This is just my interpretation and this personality for Renee suited this story.

So I hope you like it and choose to share your thoughts with me :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing (except baby Bella) the rather talented Stephanie Meyer does, and for that I'm rather jealous, I'm just borrowing her characters for this story and then I may consider giving them back.

Chapter One

Bella's POV

"Bella, are you ready for our holiday?" Mummy asked smiling at me as she fastened me into my seat.

"Yeah!" I cried wiggling excitedly in my seat. I was very excited to be going on holiday with my Mummy. Daddy couldn't come with us because they had fallen out and had to live away from each other. When we had to leave Daddy I was very sad at first, but I still get to see him in the holidays.

"Bella, stop wiggling we're about to take off." I did as Mummy said and turned to look out of the window I got distracted as a pretty lady with blonde hair showed us what to do in an emergency.

"She's pretty. Will I grow up and be that pretty?" I asked Mummy.

"Yes you will Bella." I smiled and looked out the window, giggling happily when the plane began to move.

"Mummy we're flying!" I squealed as the plane took off.

Ten hours later and we had landed in England. Mummy hurried me through the airport to get our bags. I picked up my Barbie pack-back and followed Mummy out of the airport to where the taxi's waited. All the taxis were black instead of yellow and they looked like dominoes as they waited. We were walking towards a taxi when a tall man bumped into us.

"Sorry", the man said.

"It's ok," Mummy replied. It was silent for a while as they both looked at each other. The man was tall and had dark hair, we was wearing a suit and carried a briefcase.

"Mummy can we got to our hotel now? Please?" I said pulling lightly on her sleeve.

"I'm sorry; I'm keeping you from your business." I noticed the man spoke with a funny accent.

"No, it's ok. We are only going into London for a couple of weeks, to see the sights and everything." Mummy said.

"I live in London. I would be glad to show you and your lovely daughter around when I'm not working,"

"That would be lovely, thank you. I'm Renee and this is my daughter Isabella."

"Hello Isabella, I'm Geoffrey it's nice to meet you." Geoffrey said leaning down and offering me his hand.

"Hi Geoffrey, I'm Bella."

"Bella it is then."

"Umm… Geoffrey? If you're going into London, would you like to share a taxi with us? We could organize our sight-seeing?" Mummy asked her cheeks turning slightly red as she did so.

"If you're sure you don't mind, I would love to."

We all climbed into the taxi and Mum gave the driver the address for our hotel. "Where do you work, then Geoffrey?" Mummy asked as I sat cuddling Mr Bobby, my special bear.

"I'm a surgeon," Geoffrey replied.

"Wow! That must be interesting."

"Sometimes. Renee I'm sorry if I'm being awfully forward since we have only just met, but I would very much like to take you out for lunch tomorrow? If that's ok for you?"

"I would like that very much. But, what about Bella?"

"I can stay by myself," I said. Both adults laughed at my comment.

They both were silent for a moment before Geoffrey spoke again. "I have a friend, a fellow surgeon, his wife loves children, I'm sure she would babysit Bella for a few hours."

"Well if you think she won't mind. That would be nice." The journey carried in much the same way, with Mummy and Geoffrey talking and me playing with Mr Bobby.

Soon we had arrived at the hotel and had to say good bye to Geoffrey. Geoffrey said he would pick us up at 12 o'clock the next day, so I could go to his friends. "Bye, Geoffrey. I'll see you tomorrow," Mummy said as he kissed her hand, "Bella say goodnight."

"Goodnight Geoffrey it was nice to meet you," I said smiling at him.

"I was very nice to meet you too Bella," I giggled as he kissed my hand as well, "I'll see you both tomorrow. Sleep well." Geoffrey said before closing the taxi's door. Mummy and I stood waving as the taxi continued down the road and turned a corner.

When it was gone Mummy took my hand and said "Time for bed Bella," as she led me into the hotel.