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Chapter Eight

Bella's P.O.V

I didn't look up from Edward's shoulder as he walked me upstairs. I knew it was silly to be crying. I was silly. I'd been so brave standing up to the big man and trying to not be as shy as I normally was but now I'd ruined it by crying. They probably thought I was just a big baby now. I cried harder at the thought of them thinking I was a baby. I had tried so hard to impress them…

I didn't think I was going to fall of the chair. I just wanted to avoid the flour. I knew Emmett hadn't meant for me to fall, he wasn't why I was crying. I had braced myself for the pain of hitting the floor and then to be saved by Edward… the shock just made me emotional. And now I couldn't stop crying. This was getting embarrassing.

As I again remembered what happened in the kitchen I realised that Edward had been standing behind Emmett when I started to fall. How had he been able to catch me in time? That was weird… it was probably me being silly again. Mummy always said that I spent too much time thinking.

I felt Edward sit down on something and lifted my head slightly to see we were on a leather sofa. I began to relax as Edward rubbed my back gently and I heard my sobs start to quieten. Eventually I stopped crying and could pull away from Edwards shoulder as I took a deep breath. It was then that I noticed how he smelt. He smelt good like the flowers Nan used to grow but sweeter. He smelt better than anything else I had smelt ever.

I shook my head to clear his over perfumed scent from my brain as I rubbed my eyes to get rid of my tears. As I sat in Edwards lap I realised Alice was with us. "Emmett is mean," I said sucking my thumb as I began to feel tired.

"Yes he is, but you'll get him back later," Alice said winking at me. I liked Alice she made me feel more comfortable than the others. Edward also made me feel more comfortable but I didn't know why, he had been rude to me this morning…

"How?" I asked only removing my thumb long enough to ask my question before placing it back in my mouth. In that moment I didn't care if they thought I was a baby, I was too tired to care.

"I'll tell you later, are you sleepy Bella?" it was funny how she knew stuff. But then again she could have noticed that I sucking my thumb meant I was tired. My Mum did say that I was easy to read. I simply nodded in reply, too tired to even form words. Crying always made me tired.

"Well lie down and Edward will hum you a song." She got up as Edward laid me down on the sofa. He lay beside me obviously to stop me from falling off the sofa, an event that had happened many times. I felt my eyes droop as Edward began to hum a song I didn't know. It was a lovely song I thought just before my world turned dark and I gave into the tiredness.