Chapter one:

notice me attempt one!

High school life. If you ask the elderly it was the best time of there life. For me? It sucks. I don't have any friends or acquaintances what so ever except for my adopted brother and my little sister. My adopted brother doesn't care much about me and my sister; well let's say she lives the good life. She is in middle school and has already all the boys swooning over her. Not that I'm jealous or anything I'm happy for her. I just wish she wouldn't constantly set me up with some random guy so we can double date. I hate that. Not only because I'm not interested in them but because I see that they are disappointed in me. They always expect me to be an older version of Hanabi, my little sister, and let's just say that we're totally opposites.

Though I do have a light bulb in my life. Uzumaki Naruto. He's so dreamy. He has blond hair with sea blue eyes in which I always drown when I look at them. He is special in very way. He wears orange and is very energetic. He never gives up and is the friendliest person I ever met. If you would put him in a crowded place there wouldn't be anyone who wouldn't recognize him immediately.

Though, this perfect person doesn't notice me at all. Sure he says hello but he does that to every one. The only girl he has eyes for is Haruno Sakura. She is a friendly girl with pink hair. She dyed her hair pink because she thought that her crush, Uchiha Sasuke, liked girls with pink it doesn't seem like it. He always rejects her. It's not only her. Uchiha Sasuke rejects ever girl. In fact if it wasn't for Naruto-kun he wouldn't talk to any girl at all. Talk about a bad social life. He is adored by all the boys because he is the star player of the football team. There is simply no-one better at or school than Uchiha Sasuke.

Well actually there is someone though. His brother: Uchiha Itachi. Rumours say that he is even more handsome than Sasuke and that he is way friendlier than Sasuke ever will be. It are only rumours though, because I've never met him. Right now he is in his senior year of high school. Sometimes he comes to classes to check up on his little brother. Talk about a protective brother.

But enough about the Uchiha's today is the day. Uzumaki Naruto will notice me. I bought a purple pen with orange foxes on it and put it in an envelop with the note 'Ne, you're weird but I totally like you'. Naruto-kun said that the first time he met me. If he sees this he must think about me and maybe then he will finally notice me. I do hope he will do more than only notice me it would be a dream come true if he shared the same feelings. That's why I drew a heart in front of the envelop and am using the same pen I gave him. I have used it for a while now because I was to chicken to give it to him and I didn't figure out where is his locker was until yesterday.

During mathematic I said I had to use the bathroom and ran in mega speed towards the locker room. And that is were we are now in front of Naruto-kun's locker number 666. At first it freaked me out but this is simply just a test I have to overcome. I use some duct tape and past the envelop with the pen and note on his locker. I write on the envelop for Naruto-kun.

I run back to my classroom and sit on my chair to follow the class. I can't concentrate at all what if Naruto-kun won't like it and think that I'm a freak? Maybe he will laugh at me for even thinking that he will like me back. No, no Naruto-kun isn't that kind of person.

"Hyuuga-san! Hyuuga-san! Earth on Hyuuga-san!" I wake up from my thoughts and see Hatake sensei standing in front of me. He looks very amused by seeing my shocked reaction. He is the kind of man who can appreciate a joke. Heck, he is even a joke himself with his tall spikey white hair and mask infront in front of his face. It is said that he has a beautiful face but for some reason he doesn't want anyone to see it. So it became a sport in school to try to look under his mask but for as long as he is a teacher, 2 years, nobody saw it. That is why some guys say he just wears the mask for attention. To be honest I think that might be the case.

"Aah, Hyuuga-san came back to life. Was the lady's room that big of an adventure?" he asks. The class started laughing and I am blushing.

Suddenly the class is very quiet. "Well, well if it isn't our school star player Uchiha Sasuke. What an honor that you still show your face today. You are only 2 hours too late. But hey it's you so don't worry about it dude." Hatake sensei says with that look in his eyes ready to kill.

"Hn" Sasuke says or grunted or whatever he does to make that sound. He walks pass me and I feel his eyes linger on me. I shouldn't look at him just don't. He's so scarier. I mean he might be handsome with his dark raven hair which is spiked as a duck-butt (if you ask me). But he has actually red eyes. I mean it's actual his blood that you are looking at as you look at his eyes. He does wear sunglasses or contacts sometimes but still it is creepy. Sakura thinks that it is sexy. But for me, it's nothing compared to Naruto-kun's blue eyes. If only he would lay his eyes on me. I would…

"Hyuuga-san! Tell me what happened at the lady's room that you are in such a state?"

"EHH! P-Pervert!" I say while I feel my cheeks burn up once again. The class started laughing again. Here goes my reputation as unnoticeable and innocent.

"Haha, Hinata-chan nice one!" Naruto-kun yelled. I feel my cheeks burn even more. Yeah today will be a good day he notices me already!

During break I am looking for Naruto-kun everywhere. I mean I overheard him say that he would go to his locker so he must be looking for me by now, right? Sigh, maybe he doesn't know how to approach me? Maybe this wasn't such a great idea? Shut up Hinata there is no turning back now.

The next class is English. I hate that class not because of the subject but because Sakura and Naruto-kun are sitting next to each other right behind me. In front of me I could still look at Naruto-kun but behind me I can't see him and then only thing I can do is listening how he is talking with Sakura.

Miss Gravemountain slams on her table. Apparently Naruto-kun and some others didn't do there homework again. Behind me Sakura and Ino are laughing.

"He's such an idiot." Ino says.

"I know right?" Sakura answers.

"Ne Hinata-chan, mind letting me borrow your homework?" Ino asks while flipping her blond ponytail.

"What! You didn't do it and you are laughing at Naruto?" Sakura says but because she is irritated and has a loud voice Miss Gravemountain could hear it.

"Ino Yamanak, detention! For the rest of you no-homework-makers I'll let you go!"

"But Madam, that is no fair it is…"

"Are you pleading for another hour?"

"No madam."

Yes Miss Gravemountain is definitely my favorite teacher too bad she has a crush on Sasuke. Though it is funny how she always tries to go to a seat closer to her desks. It gives some hilarious moments.

"Sasuke darling, Can you see everything from the seat you are now? There are seat enough in the front or before my desk."

"Actually I am hyperopic (then you can't see things from a close distance so well)"

"Sasuke darling, can you hear properly?"

"Yes madam, why do you ask?"

"Because Naruto is always screaming at you!"

"Well then, if I can't hear it Naruto will repeat it."

So today is no exception when she tries again. Sasuke just walks into the classroom and she immediately starts. "Sasuke did you do your homework? If you didn't do it I'll have to punish you by changing your seats." She says while a smile creeps up on her face.

She seems so confident. Until he speaks "Yes madam I did." The look on her face is priceless as if somebody took her candy.

"I have a request madam." He says and everybody stairs at him Uchiha Sasuke never makes request and then I mean never.

"Ehh, what is it darling?" Miss Gravemountain asks also a bit confused.

"Kiba isn't here and today we have to work in couples can I pick someone else as my partner and sit next to this person?" he says like a model student. As if he never comes too late in classes like today.

"Why, yes of course. You can pick your partner but only if he/she also agrees!" the moments she says that every girl around me makes a place for him to sit. Sakura even push Naruto of his chair. So cruel! How can she do that when she knows how he feels about her? I mean he does feel something like affection for her. Even I can tell! It would be just a friendship thing, right? He is even very affectionately with Sasuke like they are family or something. I hope soooo that he doesn't like her. He can't like her. I mean, if he does how can he ever like me? Maybe he doesn't like me. Ohh man!

"Can I sit here?" I hear Sasuke say and I stop my negative thoughts. I wonder why he even plays innocent everyone would like to sit next to him. The girls but also the boys. Man I hate him! He has everything. Though I do wonder who he picked. Maybe he choose Naruto-kun. That would be perfect then there won't be any narusaku moments yay! But wait if he picked Naruto-kun he wouldn't have asked and just sat there. On top of that Sakura would kill Naruto-kun after class. Hmm…maybe he picked Sakura that would be nice too. I bestow it her.


"What!" I yell. It really pisses me off that 'Hyuuga-san' every time I am thinking.

I turn my head to face the person and staring back at me are 2 red orbs. What is Sasuke doing next to my table?

"Hyuuga-san, Can…I…sit…here?" he says slowly pausing at every word like I am an idiot.

"Ehh…" I am trying to come up with a good excuse to reject him and to comprehend what happened. But he just sits down next to me without another word. Maybe he mixed up his 'hn' with my 'ehh'. Ehh does not mean go for it! And why am I only thinking it and not saying it. I'm such a coward.

"Ne Sakura thanks for the pen. I really like it!" I hear Naruto say from behind me. Wait he thinks it is from Sakura! Haruno Sakura!

"What are you talking about Naruto!" Sakura says she seems a bit irritated because he talked before she had a chance of talking to Sasuke.

"Aah, sakura don't be shy! I know it was you who pasted the envelop on my locker."

"What I did no such thing! Naruto-baka! Sasuke can hear what would he think about that?" she says while hitting him on his head.

"So it wasn't you?"

"No, you moron!"

"Then who?"

"Go figure that out by yourself and go date with this person!"

"Hmm…Teme did you…"

"No!" Sasuke says next to me.

"Yeah, it was you! You don't even know what I was going to ask and yet you completely denied it!" Naruto says with a grin.

"Maybe, that is because I could clearly hear what you said to Sakura."

"Ohh! Are you eavesdropping us?" Naruto yells.

"Uzumaki shut up!" Miss Gravemountain says and Naruto shuts up.

I can't believe it he though it was Sakura? Why I mean the hint was very clear! And why in the world would he think that it was Sasuke? I mean come on! I hope he doesn't show them the pen or else I am so dead! That would be so embarrassing.

"Ne do you guys think that I am weird?" Naruto-kun asks.

"You don't have a sense of fashion but you are not that weird!" Sakura says. "Why do you ask?"

"Because the note said that I was weird!" Apparently Sasuke find those things funny because I hear him chuckle then he says "I couldn't agree more with her!"

"Her? Do you know who it is?" Naruto-kun and Sakura ask together.

Does Sasuke know? My life is completely over now! But how would he know and Naruto-kun not?

"Che, maybe I do maybe I don't!" He says and ends the conversation by tugging at my sleeve saying that we have to work.

While we are all working my thoughts are drifting off to my dilemma. Somehow I must let him know that it was me before he will ask the whole world. Then I see my pen! Of course that is it. If I drop it and he will pick it up then he will see it! Okay! But how do you drop a pen casually? Maybe I should play with it and hope that it will fall?

Suddenly Sasuke tugs at my sleeve again. This is my chance. I let out a slight yelp and drop my pen. Naruto-kun bows to pick up my pen. Yes Yes! This will work. My heart starts racing fast. Then before Naruto-kun reaches my pen another hand picks it up. I look at the owner of the hand and... now I have decided that I really hate this person. "T-Thank you, U-Uchiha-san!"

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