I take notice and ignore…

"Yet, Sai, Hozuki and Inuzuka are fond of you, Ino has become your friend, you passed your assignment and you're over your crush on Naruto. Sasuke is still an ass, but it's nothing compared to what has happened. Life isn't that bad. You should let lose for a while and see how things work out for once."

"After the party we went to bed. The next morning I, Sai-kun, Sui-san, Sasuke, Kiba-kun, Haruno-san and Uzumaki-san had to clean up the mess of the party as punishment, while the others were swimming in the lake. Sasuke, Sai-kun and I didn't care, but the others were really disappointed. While we were cleaning Akamaru escaped and we had to look for him. Kiba-kun and me finally found him in my bag eating the forgotten bento boxes. Thankfully Sai-kun shared his, so sweet. It was really nice as we had a great view. We sat on a hill beneath us was a flower field and behind it was the lake. It was breathtaking. I roughly sketched it; I will use it for my art project. Sai-kun took a picture of it. He told me he took a lot and will use them in a collage. I can't wait to see it. After lunch break we all packed our bags and went to the next stop. We stopped at the Han-caves and Guy-sensei was our guide. After the tour we went back home. It was fun." I say smiling.

Ms. Uchiha stares at her teacup and calmly takes a little sip. Hanabi on the other hand jumps up, letting Grimmjow slide of her lap in the process. "Let me get this straight. Naruto cheated on you with Haruno. But you let it slide because you made a ridiculous deal, while you were unconscious? He slapped you! Haruno is a whore! Inuzuka knew all this, Sasuke saved you and you apologized to him. He told you to beat him. That dog peed on you and ate your lunch. The vice-president took pictures of you in a towel and the president destroyed him and the pictures. Yamanaka became your friend. Hatake is a pervert. You slow danced with Hozuki, had an eating battle with Sasuke. You lost but everyone thinks you won, while you threw up on that other bitch. Sai finally feels or shows emotions and ohh…my head hurts."

"Erm…I guess…but Hatake-sensei is no pervert and Sai-kun…"

"YOU BIG OAF! Are you insane? I…I…I got nothing to say. What in the world were you thinking? I…" places a hand on Hanabi's shoulder and she stops talking.

"It seems you had quite an interesting weekend." She smiles and I nod. My stomach is forming a knot. She takes another sip of her tea and puts it back on the table. "So how are your relationships after the trip?" I stare at her and try to swallow. What should I say? I am embarrassed. "Are you walking away?" I swallow. Yes, I'm a coward.

"I-I…I don't know anymore. I want to sit next to Sai-kun and Sui-san but Uzumaki-san is there with Haruno-san. It hurts because Haruno-san dismisses everything that has occurred and Uzumaki-san is back to square one just like me. Plus my peers haven't forgotten what has occurred and they stare at me in pity and gossip whenever I come close to them. So I try to avoid Uzumaki-san and Haruno-san but they are everywhere. So I also avoid my new friends because they hang out with them. And I feel like I don't belong there with Karin bearing a grudge against me and Sasuke still hating…"

"I told you before that he doesn't hate you." a dark brown voice says from behind me. I turn around to look where it comes from.

"Oh Ita-chan, I didn't hear you coming in." His mother happily chirps. She stands up and ruffles her oldest son hair making him blush in the process.

"Mum, you're embarrassing me." Hanabi and I stifle our laughters. He coughs and walks to the kitchen. To moment he is out of sight Hanabi and start laughing. "What? Can't a mother canoodle her own son in her own home anymore?" She says a bit flustered. Hanabi stops laughing. "Canoodle?"

"It means to caress, cherish, love, ruffle his hair in front of girls…"

"Maah, Hinata-chan!" she whines making me and Hanabi chuckle.


We tease her a little bit more until I suddenly get a call from Temari.


"Hey, am I bothering?"

"Erm…I am with friends." Ms. Uchiha and Hanabi are eyeing me curiously.

"You can't get away?"


"I really need to talk to you. I tried to call you on your trip but you ignored my call."

" …" I nervously laugh.

"Don't bother. I know you had your reasons, but this is really important. Tenten doesn't have a shift today so can you come to Mac Ramen when you have the time?"


"Good! Bye" before I can say anything she hangs up.

"Who was it?" Hanabi asks.


"You have to work?"

"No…I think not. She wants to talk to me."

"Ohh…so you're leaving" Ms. Uchiha asks.

"But we were going to bake a pie!" Hanabi whines.

"Sorry, maybe some other time." I was really looking forward to it.

"But…" Hanabi tries.

"Why don't we all go?"

"What?" Hanabi and I both ask.

"Why not make this a lady's day out? First we drop Hinata off by Mac Ramen and we will take a snack. If it takes too long Hanabi and I will go shopping and when Hinata is done she'll call us and we re-unite and go shopping and have fun with the three of us?" Ms. Uchiha suggests happily.

"Sounds like a plan, right Hinanee?"


"Let's go!"


We put on our coats and take our bags. I pull my bicycle keys out of my pockets when Ms. Uchiha stops me. "We're not going by bicycle, sweetie."

"Then how?" Hanabi asks. She is equally confused as me. Ms. Uchiha pulls out a car key and shows it to us. "We drive." she smiles. "Is that…" The door, just a foot away from me, swings abruptly open and Uchiha-san appears.

"Mum, I'm going to…"

"Perfect!" Ms. Uchiha claps her hands. "Take us with you!"

"What?" all three of us ask in unison.

"This way I can spend some time with you and my Ita-chan." she explains happily. Hanabi and I stare at each other while Uchiha-san just shrugs.


We arrive at the parking lot. I step out of the car and thank Uchiha-san for bringing us here. Ms. Uchiha hooks her arm around Uchiha-san's and asks "We go to Mac Ramen, will you meet Kisame-kun there as well?" he stares at her sceptically for several seconds until he sighs.

"Yayy!" she cheers and hooks her other arm in Hanabi's whom at her turn links her hand to mine. We're like a four men pendulum on our way to Mac Ramen.


"Hey Hinata!" Temari waves at me from behind the counter. I wave back, while contemplating whether I should join Ms. Uchiha and the others and wait for Temari to come to me or go to Temari.

"Go talk to your friend, we will wait here." Ms. Uchiha whispers in my ear before she gives me a soft push.

I walk to the counter. "Just a second Hinata. I'll finish this order and then I'll come."

A few minutes later she stands next to me and drags me towards the backdoor. When we're outside at the back of Mac Ramen she looks around to check if no one is here besides the flies surrounding the trash tins. When she is sure no one is here she turns to me wearing a scowl on her face and with her hands on her waist. She asks. "What is going on with you and Tenten?"

"T-Tenten-s-san?" is she sick? I haven't spoken to her for a while…I haven't even thanked her yet for taking my shift.

"I know you don't get along but this is getting out of line." What?

"D-Don't get a-along?" Temari sighs and drops her arms, letting them loosely rest next to her sides. "Hinata I hate doing this but you two don't leave me a choice. You're going to give me a legit explanation and we'll try to figure this out between the three of us or you and Tenten will solve this together before tomorrow or you're both fired!"

"FIRED!? B-But…W-why…?" Temari puts both her hands on my shoulders and looks at me sternly. "Listen Hinata you and Tenten are both really nice girls, but if you refuse to work together, I have no choice."

"B-But I don't m-mind w-working with T-Tenten-s-san." She takes her hands of my shoulder looking taken back. "Explain?" she says after she finds her composure and has an eyebrow quirked. "I-I b-barely s-speak to T-Tenten-san b-but we d-do get a-along she e-even…"The backdoor slams unexpectedly open giving both me and Temari a scare.

"Sorry sis, did I scare you?" the brown haired boy says scratching his skull while holding a garbage bag. Temari snatches the trash bag out of his hands, throws it in the big garbage container and kicks him back and slams the door shut behind him while yelling. "Like hell you did!" She dusts of her hands, straightens her shirt, coughs and turns to me.

"Are you trying to tell me there is nothing going on between you two?" She raises one eyebrow sceptically, while putting a cigarette out of the box in her pockets, in her mouth and lightens it. I dislike smoking.

"Y-Yeah, s-she w-was so n-nice to t-take over m-my s-shift l-last t-time." Her jaw drops and the cigarette falls to the ground. "Say what?" She yells. I take a step back from her sudden outburst.

"S-She t-took o-over…"

"Yeah I heard that!" she bites. Unconsciously I raise my hand so they are in between me and Temari. She frightens me. "She did not take over your shift!"


"She called me saying you let your friend call that you couldn't come. She never took over your shift. I did…"

"B-but Kiba-kun s-said…"

"Save it."

"S-sorry." I bow my head in shame. "T-Thank you."

"Your welcome." She lightens a new cigarette. "What about the sudden request of not working the same shifts."


"Tenten came storming into my office, demanding to have separated shifts." she blows out the smoke right into my face.

"I-I didn't k-know." I stammer while coughing profusely.

"You don't know much." she says sternly. "Has this something to do with that Uchiha?"

"W-What? U-Uchiha-s-san?"

"Gaara went to school for once and saw you and Tenten trashing the Uchiha's locker." my eyes widen…Me and Tenten trashing Sasuke's locker? Hold on…does that mean that she added those extra words on his locker? No can't be, not Tenten. She doesn't even go to my school.

"I-I don't u-understand." I stammer while taking a few steps back.

"You know what, next Sunday at 12 o'clock you and Tenten will come here and talk it out in the kitchen…my office." She throws her half burned up cigarette on the ground and tramples it. She opens the back door and leads me back inside.


I am walking towards the spot, Hanabi texted me, in a daze thinking back about my talk with Temari until something else pops in my brain. "Somebody holds a grudge against you Hyuuga!" Was he taking about Tenten? I just can't believe it. We barely talked, but she was always nice and kind. She always smiled. Beside why would she suddenly dislike me? I can't remember saying anything bad. Neji never said a bad word about her either I just don't understand.


Still sunken in thoughts I arrive at the spot and bump into something and I look up. "Holey Moley, you're…"


"BIG! Oh my, how did get so huge?" I look the guy up and down. "You're so tall!" I walk around him fascinated. He's tall, very tall. I clasp my hands in delight. He wears a dark sleeveless shirt, showing of his arm muscles, matching sweatpants with a belt and simple sport shoes. Interesting, he wears the same nail polish as Uchiha-san. What is even more interesting is that he wears a necklace army guys wear in case they die so you can identify them. His dark blue hair is spiked up with gel. He has grey blueish skin, small round eyes and 3 weird horizontal scars under both his eyes, but who cares. He awkwardly laughs at me and to my surprise he has the same teeth as Sui-san. Who is this guy?


I turn around and look at Hanabi. "Hanabi, Look! Did you see this guy he's…?"

"Blue?" she mumbles nervously.

"No! Look! He's HUGE! He's even taller than Neji." Hanabi stares at me with an open mouth.

"W-What?" I ask insecure.

"Hinata, This guy is freaking blue and you are fascinated by his height?"

"Who cares about skin colour with a guy this tall?" I turn to face him. I take his hand and shake it with both my hands. "Hello my name is Hyuuga Hinata nice to meet you!" He stares at me like I'm crazy. After a few seconds he shrugs and laughs. Oh my, that smile. "Nice meetin' ya Miss Hyuuga, the name is Hoshigaki Kisame." He says and shakes my hand. He let's go of my hand and bows in an English gentleman fashion. I giggle and pretend to hold a skirt in my hands and bow back.

"Oh hey, Hinata you're here!" I see Ms. Uchiha waving from a short distance, while being surrounded by Uchiha-san and two unfamiliar guys.

"Hey Ms. Uchiha!" I wave back. In less then a few seconds she stands next to me.

"So how…"

"Have you seen this guy?" I say while pointing at Hoshigaki-san behind me. "He's…"

"Blue?" The blonde suggests at the same time as the redhead suggests Hoshigaki-san to be grey.

"No! HUGE! What is it with you people and his skin colour?" I knit my eyebrows. This guy is this big and they only care about his skin. Just image the possibilities of being so tall. Never asking people for help. Always having the best sight. Never having to hear "Sorry, didn't see you there, little one!" while they pet your head when they just bumped into or ignored you.

"Itachi-san, I hate to break it to you but your girlfriend is nuts hmm." The blonde says.

I want to scowl at him but that would be rude to Ms. Uchiha and Uchiha-san.

Uchiha-san simple coughs while the redhead remarks "I think it's refreshing." I don't know what he means by that but it makes me blush.

"O-Oh w-were are m-my m-manners?" I stutter while stumbling over my own feet, barely regaining balance. "H-Hyuuga H-Hinata, p-pleased to m-meet y-you." I bow. I look up and they both stare at me. My slightly red cheeks are turning even redder. Did I do something wrong?

"You're into tall guys hmm?" The blonde one smirks.

"T-Tall r-redheads a-actually!" Their mouths ajar. Oh dear, why did I say that? Why? My head is tomato red and I burry my face in my hands. I turn around and crutch into a ball on the ground. How embarrassing. Me and my stupid mouth. I hear a few stifled laughs and not long after they turn into loud laughs.

"Oh Hinanee, Did I ever tell you I love you and your antics."

"At least she's honest."

"I thought she waere trynna hit on ya."

"A blunt one, hmm?"

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I peak through my eyelashes. Uchiha-san squats in front of me with a minuscule smile on his face. He offers his other hand and I take it. He lifts me up. I feel my burning cheeks with my hands but he removes them and turns me around to face his friends.

The redhead makes a bow and opens his mouth to talk but before he has uttered any kind of sound the blond one cuts him off. "Deidara!" he says while offering me his hand but I just stand there completely baffled. This guy before me is Deidara? I look at his slanted blue eye to indicate whether he is joking or not. But I'm being greeted with a cocky smirk. The wind is tugging at his long blond hair and blows away the side bangs that covered his left eye and reveals his monocle. He really is! My head is immediately tomato red again and I am shaking all over. I grab his hand with both my trembling hands and shake him roughly. "W-What an h-honor to meet y-you." I can't believe it. I'm holding his hand.

"Huh?" I hear Hanabi say but I don't care.

"I l-love y-your 'Skittles Splash-Closet Dash' it w-was t-truly magnificent. All t-these colours b-bursting out in that s-split moment I h-have never seen s-something so beautiful like that before. It was the m-most outstanding and inspiring t-thing I have seen."

"Hmpf, true art is everlasting." The redhead mocks.

"I b-buried that moment d-deep in my mind. I h-hope to keep on c-carrying it w-with me for as long as I-I live. So I can a-always savour that m-moment. That t-tiny moment of pure eternal bliss."

The redhead and Deidara-sama both nod.

"That's art hmm." Kyaa he agrees.

"Indeed." The redhead nods. Deidara-sama turns around in shock to face the redhead and says. "You finally agree that art is an explosion?" Deidara-sama smirks.

"No, I agreed with Hyuuga that true a true art can be admired, for eternity." Hold on is he…?

"That's not what she meant, hmm."

"E-Excuse me…" they both look at me.

"A-are you…"

"Sasori, pleased to meet you." I squeal in glee. My two idols in one place. I have to be dreaming.

"Yer his fan also?" Hoshigaki-san asks. I can do nothing but keep on nodding while grinning like an idiot.


After Hanabi pulled me away from Deidara-sama, Sasori-sama, Hoshigaki-san and Uchiha-san we went shopping. Shopping meaning, Hanabi trying on all kind of clothes in all kind of stores, while Ms. Uchiha encourages her and coos how lovely and wonderful she looks in them and Hanabi will eventually buy 1% of all the clothes she tried on and I just tag along while holding her bags.

"Oh, we really have to go to in here." Ms. Uchiha says while standing in front of a store a fan of the Addams family probably owned.

"Nu-uhh" Hanabi rejects and I see Ms. Uchiha's face falter. I nudge Hanabi with my elbow.

"I was just kidding." she says. I roll my eyes. This child…

We walk into the store. It can't be that bad. We walk through the dark funeral suits, ties and evil evening dresses until we arrive at a Bordeaux red curtain with uncle Fester on guard. Uncle Fester and Ms. Uchiha give each other a nod of understanding and I look at Hanabi who tries to shrug but fails because of her obvious curiosity, excitement and fear. Uncle Fester opens the curtain and Ms. Uchiha walks in. Hanabi and I are reluctant to follow her but as I look at uncle Fester's face, it's most likely saver behind the curtain than staying here. Hanabi and I hastily follow Ms. Uchiha, while uncle Fester closes the curtain.

"Pweh, I thought he was going to blow us up when he smiled like that." Hanabi says.

"I guess Pim does look like Fester Addams." Ms. Uchiha laughs.

I look around and I am totally blown away. These clothes are…

"Fabulous!" Hanabi yells.

"It's my favorite store." Ms. Uchiha says smiling.

"Can we…" Hanabi shyly asks.

"Of course dear, you are…" before Ms. Uchiha can finish her sentence Hanabi is walking through, gawking at and trying on the clothes.


Ms. Uchiha and I are sitting on the leather chairs in front of the changing rooms waiting for Hanabi to come out with another outfit that'll look amazing on her.

"What do you think?" Ms. Uchiha asks me.

"These are really nice clothes, I like the style…It's like…they have their own unique charm…The style is different…but I can't lay my finger on how exactly…" I say and Ms. Uchiha nods in understanding. It's weird. The clothes are just clothes. Many other clothes have belts, bands, beads at random places, are shoulder less or whatever you call it, short, long, it has exactly the same ingredients for normal clothes but still…they seem more fabulous. Kinda like how in the movies or books everyone is attracted to the vampire while they are supposed to look exactly like us. I think.

"Don't you want to try?"

"Oh no, I have enough clothes." I wave her offer away. I don't think I can afford it anyway. Hanabi gets pocket money but I…I sigh.

"Oh no, you don't, child." I turn my head towards the voice. An old lady stands behind me.

"Nana!" Ms. Uchiha calls out. She immediately stands up and bows.

"Mikoto! It's always a pleasure to see you here." The old woman says making a tiny bow back. I also bow towards the woman, mentally reprimanding myself for not doing so earlier.

"Now child, what where you saying about having enough clothes?" the lady asks me.

I hesitate to answer. I don't want to be rude and offend her, but what should I say?

"You need sportswear, a few white cloaks and a new evening dress. Earlier you're not leaving1" She stays sternly.

"Nana, did you see?" Ms. Uchiha reluctantly asks, while the old lady is walking towards us.

"Yes!" she says. Then she looks at me and cups my cheeks. "You have a hectic future ahead of you, child. Do well!" The old lady says sternly. I stare at her wide eyed. She removes her hand from my face and says. "Now let's look for those clothes, shall we?" before I can answer she drags me away.

She walks along the line of clothes shoving some of them in my hands. Oh dear this is getting out of hand. "Erm…I d-don't t-think…"

"It's on the house!" she says not looking at me.

"WHAT!?I-I c-can't."

"Then Mikoto will."

"N-No N-No!" is she serious? She stops walking and turns around. She shoves another pair of clothes in my hands and drags me back to the changing rooms.


The old lady, Ms. Uchiha and Hanabi are forcing me to try these clothes on and after they have given their approval the old lady gives them to uncle Fester who wraps them up and puts them in a big bag. When we are finally done she practically throws us out of the store and hands me the bag. I refuse to take it, but she tells me: it's rude to not accept a gift!, I have wasted her time if I don't accept it, clothes should be worn not locked up in a store and that it is a investment.

"I don't know why you're sulking, Hinanee. You got new free clothes."

"But I don't even know her and it makes me feel bad."

"Don't! Nana wouldn't have given you these clothes if she didn't gain anything." Ms. Uchiha says.

"W-What?" but me and Hanabi yell.

"It's an investment!" Ms. Uchiha says and winks. Her mischievous face indicating she knows more than she'll let on. Knowing it was useless to retrieve the clothes I sigh. I feel burden but I have to admit I am a little bit happy. I guess there is nothing I can do but follow Ms. Uchiha and Hanabi to the next store.


"Hinata!" Ino-chan yells in the hallway. Before I can react she spots me and runs towards me. She grabs my shoulders and shakes me. "How do you know Sasori?"

"Ehhh!" I screech. How does she know?

"I know! He is looking for you in the main hall!" she practically yells in my ear. Before I can do or say anything she drags me to the main hall. When we arrive at the main hall everybody is staring at an irritated Sasori-sama except for Sai-kun and Sasuke who are giving him the evil eye for some reason. Sasori-sama notices me and strides towards me. He nods at Ino-chan who finally let go of my arm and squeals. Is she his fan as well?

"Let's go!" he says and walks out of the hall. Even though I have no idea where we are going I follow him. While we are walking in the hall and locker room my peers are looking curiously and whispering furiously.


He takes me outside behind the bicycle garage. I didn't know we were allowed to come here. Behind the bicycle garage is a huge wooden rotten shack. Sasori-sama opens the door for me and gestures me to go inside first. I hope it doesn't break down on me. Why am I even doing this? Against my better judgment, I go inside the shack.

"Oh my!" I look around and it's like I just stepped into the living room of a mansion. In the middle of the room stands a huge ebony table. On the left side of the table are Uchiha-san and a man with fair skin, chin length red hair playing a game of chest. On the right side of the table is a masked man counting money and in the left corner is a white haired man, whose face is also not visible because he's praying in front of a mini shrine. Next to the shrine is a botanic garden and someone is pulling out weeds. On one of three red velvet sofas against the walls sits a beautiful blue haired woman. She's making paper cranes. The walls are made of stone so I guess the rotten wood outside is just there to deceive. Next to the door stands Hoshigaki-san in front of the fridge. When I walk in they all look up, Uchiha-san nod as a sign of greeting and then they go back to what they were doing.

I stand in the doorpost not knowing what to do. "H-Hyuuga H-Hinata, s-sorry for I-intruding." I stammer while bowing. When I look up Hoshigaki-san walks up to me and gives me a bottle of jus d'orange. "Make yer self at home, my lady." he grins. I smile back. He still remembers me. Sasori-sama walks past me and sits on the nearest sofa with his left leg over his right. He looks at me and frowns. "Sit down." he says.

"Oh…o-okay" I stammer and hurriedly sit down at the other end of the same sofa. He frowns again but a few second later he sighs. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I'm sitting to close. Should I have taken the other sofa?

"Hyuuga." Sasori-sama says sternly.

"Y-Yes." I stammer turning my head cautiously towards him.

"You are an art major."


"Want to earn some bonus points?"


"Be my Muse."

"Y-Yes…WHAT!?" I screech. His Muse? What does that mean?

"Hoho, ya heard Itachi? Sasori's fishing tha twerps gurl." Hoshigaki-san grins. What does he mean with fishing and what is a twerp? Maybe I should ask Sui-san he has practically the same accent? Sasori-sama and Uchiha-san both ignore whatever Hoshigaki-san said, while the others are eyeing me curiously.

"Then it's settled." Sasori-sama says flatly.


"I see you after class in room 101" he says.

"B-But…" he looks at me skeptically.

"I'll s-screw u-up." I just know I will. Everything I do will always turn out wrong.

"I don't care."


"Room 101."

"N-No! I-I c-can't." I stammer at the ground looking dejected. He cocks one eyebrow. Why did Temari have to change the appointment for Sunday to today? This was my chance to see Sasori-sama at work.

"Tomorrow!" my head shoots up.


"Yes!" he says looking at me quizzically.

"T-Thank you! I-I will d-do my best. I'll t-try not t-to d-dissapoint."

"Sure." he stands up and heads for the door. Just before he closes the door behind him he says. "Tomorrow room 101 after class be there!" and he is gone leaving me behind baffled.


I unlock my bike and am strapping my schoolbag on my bike when I feel a presence behind me. I turn around. "Haruno-san!"

Behind me stands Haruno looking at the ground while she draws figures on the pavement with her foot. "Hey Hinata-cha…"

"Hyuuga!" I say while knitting my eyebrows.

"W-what?" she stammers.

"We aren't friends anymore." I don't want anything to do with her.

"Ohh…" she says flustered. I continue strapping my bag on my bike and when I am done and about to leave she stops me.

"Erm…I am sorry for what happened between us." I stare at her for a long time trying to figure out what she means. Sorry for being caught? Sorry for acting like a bitch? Sorry for stealing Uzumaki away…Does it really matter, anyway? I sigh. "What's done is done."


"Apology accepted." she looks at me in shock. If this happened a few days earlier I would have never imagined me saying this either but it doesn't matter anyway. In a way I should be grateful I learned an important lesson. Besides love can make a woman do crazy things and her one sided crush on Sasuke is sad enough as it is. Feeling guilty because of me, I don't deserve that either. We were both equally as bad.

"Ohh. Hina…"I scowl.

"Erm…Hyuuga-chan I knew you would forgive me." she says while she hugs me. I stand there awkward still holding onto my bike. I forgive I don't forget. It will take time before I can sincerely talk to her again.

"Haruno-san I have to go."

"Oh." she says while letting go of me. I step on my bike as she says. "You'll sit with us tomorrow, right?"

"I'll think about it." I say as I drive away while waving my hand without looking back.


"You're just in time Hinata. Tenten just arrived as well." Temari says smiling. She leads me to the office and seats me across Tenten. "I'll let you two alone now. If you need a second opinion I am in the room next door." she says before she walks away and closes the door. Tenten and I just stare at each other. She sits on the chair with crossed arms. She looks angry but why?


"Quit!" she says.

"W-What?" why does this feel like a dejavu?

"I want you to quit working at Mac Ramen!" she bites.

"B-but w-why?" I don't get it.

"I hate you!" I stare at her in shock.

"Why?" What did I do?

"…" she doesn't say anything. She just looks the other way.

"I-I am sorry f-for w-whatever I have d-done to you. It was n-never m-my I-intention to h-hurt you. I a-always t-though t-things were g-good b-between us." I don't understand. I try to think about all the times I have spoken and worked with Tenten-san but I can remember saying or doing anything wrong. She finally looks back at me. "Just quit."

"W-Why? "

"If you don't, I will!"

"B-but you n-need this j-job, r-right?"


"T-Then w-why?" Does she hate me that much?

"I won't lose!"


"I will win this!"


"Just watch me!" she says while standing up with fire in her eyes. "I will unmask you!" She points at me.


"I'll will wait till Sunday, if you still work here I will quit."

"B-But…"before I can say anything she walks away. A few seconds after Tenten-san's leave, Temari appears.


"S-Sunday." I reply and stand up. "S-sorry." I bow and walk away.


"Hinata-chan!" I hear an all too familiar loud voice say as he puts an arm around me. It's weird. Not too long ago I would have been in heaven but right now I am slightly annoyed. "Where are we going?" We?

"K-Kurenai-sensei a-asked me to b-bring this to t-the a-art room." I say while showing him the box.

"Okay! Let's go!"

"Huh, y-you're c-coming with m-me?"

"Believe it!" he says brightly. It makes me chuckle, just a little. We walk through the locker room and up to the stairs, while Uzumaki talks about football again. I never really liked it that much. It's too brutal. Not the game itself but the players harm each other more then necessary the same goes for soccer. Or maybe I am just biased towards basketball.


We arrive at the second floor and none of my peers are around anymore. They are all either in the main hall or the locker room or in the shred I've seen yesterday. Uzumaki is surprisingly quiet. I look at him and he seems to struggle with something. He looks at me opens his mouth and closes it again. Uzumaki is speechless? How did that happen? "Thanks." he finally says.


"Thanks for being my fake girlfriend." he says while scratching his skull. I feel myself turn cold. Why does he have to bring that up right now?

"I-It's okay." I fake a smile. I am way too tired to even try to explain it. I don't think it is even possible. He'll never understand stand my feelings. I just have to accept that.

"Sorry!" he says breaking the silence.

"Y-You a-already a-apologized." I try to wave it away, but he suddenly stops walking. I also stop walking and look at him curiously. He looks at me. How ironic he finally looks at me. "Not about that. I mean for screwing up." Screwing up? What does he mean? "You tried so hard for me. You fought with that bastard, gave me your first kiss and even made a fool of yourself by allowing to be cheated on." Don't remind me, please. He looks at his feet. "Your act…it was so believable…you even went as far as saying you really loved me…" hold on don't tell me.

"After the field trip I thought about it…" Is he saying…?

"It seemed so real…" he finally understands my true feelings?

"Too real…" But…

He laughs awkwardly. "It wasn't right?" I don't want him too.

"No…it wasn't!" not anymore.

He sighs out in relief. "Pweh, you almost got me there Hinata-chan." I fake a smile again. How did I learn to lie anyway?

"But you are a really good actor, Hinata-chan!"

"I-I g-guess…"

"Believe it!" he says and gives me the thumbs up, but then his face falters again. "But your good acting was wasted."

"Oh" I do feel sorry for him. He's like me, chasing after the impossible. I sigh. "If only Sasuke would open his heart."

"What!" He yells. Oops did I say that out loud?

"I-I mean H-Haruno-s…"He roughly hits my back. "I'll take care of that!"

"What?" take care of what?

"Even though my plan failed I always keep my promises."

"W-What d-do…"

"Believe it!" I stare at him in shock. What is going on in that mind of his? "You know what, Hinata-chan? I'll take care of it right away!" he smiles and runs away.

"WAIT!" I yell across the second floor but he doesn't hear me. Great! Just G-R-E-A-T! Great!


I stand in front of room 101. I still can't believe it. Me being Sasori-sama's Muse. My heart is beating so fast that I think it will burst out of my chest. I don't care what he uses me for maybe he needs a troll for his collection? More over I wonder what he will create. Maybe instead of a doll he will paint, draw or something entirely different.

"You're going in, hmm?" I rapidly turn around.


"Sama?" he looks at me suspiciously. He shakes his head and smirks. "Come on, Sasori no Danna doesn't like waiting.

I enthusiastic nod and go inside.

"What are you doing here?" Sasori-sama asks and I freeze. I knew it was too good to be true.

"Don't worry, hmm. I only need to get some thing here and there and then I'm gone." oh he was talking to Deidara-sama. I sigh in relief.

"You're late!"

"S-Sorry!" I apologize profusely.

"Be on time next time."

"Y-Yes, S-Sasori-sama." Sasori-sama raises his eyebrow in one split second before he has his neutral face on, while I hear Deidara-sama chuckle in the background. Is it that wrong to call them 'Sama'? I respect them both a lot.

"Sit down." he says as he gestures at the chair in the middle of the room. Sasori-sama sits a few feet away from me, behind an easel, so he has a good few of my whole body and position. Instead of the normal canvases he puts a sketchbook on it. I sit down and look at him curiously, while Deidara-sama is somewhere rummaging through the clay and paint buckets, bottles and other containers.

"S-So…w-what do I-I do?"



"Do you know why I want you as my muse?"

"N-No…"I am glad he brought this up, I have been thinking about it since he asked me to be his Muse, but I still haven't found the answer.

"Three reasons. Guess!"

"G-Guess?" Guess how? I have absolutely no idea. Muses are so inspiring because they are smart, but I am not. I play with my fingers. "B-Because I'm…w-weird?"

"Close" he says while nodding.


"Same thing, hmm." Deidara-sama remarks.

"Odd?" I try again.


"Oh." What else is inspiring? Beauty…but that's…hmm…"B-Because I'm u-ugly?"

Sasori-sama drops his pencil and Deidara-sama laughs out loud. "Bwahahahahahaha….Ugly…hihihihahahaha…you really are an odd one, hmm. Bwahahahahaha." Sasori-sama picks up his pencil and regains his composure. I feel my cheeks glow red. It was silly to say that. Who would pick a muse because she is ugly?

"Deidara shut up!" Sasori-sama says.


"Deidara!" Sasori-sama says a bit louder and after a few hiccups Deidara-sama finally stops.

"Nevermind. You will figure it out some day." he says calmly.


"Just keep on talking."





"I-I d-don't k-know." Sasori-sama sighs and Deidara-sama chuckles.

"Work!" work? Not the best timing.



"Tell me." Even though I admire them is it okay to hang my dirty laundry out to dry?

"Whatever you can tell."

"Well…y-you see…my c-college h-hates me and I-I d-don't k-know w-why. I t-tried…"

"Screw her, hmm."

"Huh!" I turn my head to Deidara-sama.

"Deidara!" Sasori-sama warns, but Deidara-sama answers me nevertheless.

"Screw her! Who cares what she thinks, hmm. If she hates you it's her problem not yours. If you don't think you did anything wrong why bother, hmm?"

"B-but…It m-makes me f-feel b-bad." I say softly.

"If you knew why she hates you, you will make up to her, hmm?"

"O-Of course." I would. She was always kind to me and one of Neji's friends.

"But she won't tell you, hmm?"

"Y-Yes." I answer gloomy.

"Then she is the one making her own life miserable not you, hmm." Deidara-sama states simply. I didn't look at it that way. "B-but…I w-want her to b-be h-happy."

"Why?" Sasori-sama and Deidara-sama ask in unison. I look at them in shock. Why do I want her to be happy? "B-because…it m-makes me h-happy. W-When people a-around me a-are h-happy I'm h-happy. I l-love s-seeing h-happy people. It m-makes…"

"Making people happy and letting them control your life are two different things." Sasori-sama says. "Don't try making people happy by doing something that makes you unhappy. If they deserve happiness from you they have to give some to you."

"T-That's…" I stammer.

"Don't do what someone tells you to do, unless you need something from them."

"Sasori no Danna is right, hmm. If I did what everyone told me to, I'd never made the art I wanted, hmm"

"Take advice in consideration, but in the end it's your choice, responsibly and life." Sasori-sama says giving Deidara-sama the evil eye in a split second.
Take in consideration? Maybe he is right…I either always do what I'm told or I ignore it completely, depending solemnly on the person giving advice. I never listened to Sasuke but in the end he was always right. I always listen what Naruto and others tell me to do, but it got me nowhere. I shouldn't judge by a person's character because in the end it is my responsibility and not theirs. I face the consequences. On top of that, I am starting to lie because of these consequences when in fact it isn't even necessary. I fake smiles, I lie to prevent unhappiness to those whom never helped me, actually did the opposite. Which might get me into even more trouble. I knew this all along but why did I never act according to it?

Deidara-sama is right as well…I should listen to myself and act according to my own ideas. I shouldn't always blame myself for someone else's problems. But having Sasori-sama saying something like if I don't need anything from you I shouldn't help you…that is selfish. I sigh.


Someone suddenly slams the door. I turn around and see Kurenai-sensei standing in the doorpost. Sasori-kun, Hinata-chan the school is closing in 10 minutes." She says. "Sasori-kun, will you lock the door for me?" Sasori-sama simply nods and Kurenai-sensei leaves.

I want to help Sasori-sama by putting the easel and unused sketchbook away but he shakes his head, instead he points at the chairs. I quickly put the chairs where they belong and wait outside the room for Sasori-sama to finish; it appears Deidara-sama has left while I was sunken in thoughts. Sasori-sama locks the door and we leave in silence.


After walking for a while I finally gathered the courage to say "S-Sorry." He turns his head to look at me. "I-I w-wasted your t-time by…"

"No you didn't. You did exactly what I wanted you to do."


"Your expressions are really intriguing."

"W-What!?" My expressions inspire him?

Instead of answering he takes a left turn. He turns his head to look at me and says "Tomorrow. Same room. Be there on time." And he walks away.


I walk into the mansion pondering about what Sasori-sama said. Don't do what someone tells you to do, unless you need something from them. It seems right but wrong at the same time. "It's so selfish."

"What is?" A deep voice asks from behind me. I turn to face the person and as I meet his eyes I am contemplating whether I should or should not tell him. I decide for the first option. We used to get along really well and he is a genius after all.

"Neji, don't you think it is selfish to only help people when you gain something?" He raises his eyebrows as if saying 'Why would you think of that.'


"On?" I ask reluctantly.

"The way you look at it. I take it this was someone's advice?" I nod. "In your case it isn't selfish actually the opposite." I look at him surprised. The opposite?

"You tend to be too kind to those who don't deserve it." That sounds familiar. "They only use you. So for your own protection, you shouldn't help them." That makes sense so that's what Sasori-sama… "But for some reason your stubborn nature prevents you to do as you're told by people you need a favor from." My jaw drops and my eyes widen. Wait a minute… "You often ask advice but ignore it completely when it is not what you want to hear."

"That is not true!" I say while clenching my fists.

"That sentence alone proves exactly my point." He says indifferently.

"No I don't!"

He sighs. "They have it your way." And he walks away. Argghh he makes me so mad. I never ignore someone's advice I… 'The Uchiha doesn't hate you.' 'Uchiha Sasuke doesn't hate you.' 'I told you before that he doesn't hate you.' I did ignore those. 'If many give you the same advice you should follow it.' True. 'People lie, Hinata!' He probably does hate me after all. 'But you don't know anything about Sasuke so how can you be so sure?' 'The way he treats you and talks to you is different.' 'Sasuke is no you.' It is impossible to know what he is thinking. 'In what position do you think you are standing to be worried about someone else?' Ehh…'If she hates you it's her problem not yours. If you don't think you did anything wrong why bother, hmm?' So I should just forget about it? But I do think I did something wrong. What should I do? 'If you really want me to forgive you, beat me.' Impossible! That can't be it. 'Please don't think so lowly of yourself.' So…? 'I win.' 'YOU DIDN'T WIN YOU SLUT.' 'I won.' I already lost. I can't beat him. I don't want too anyway. 'Don't say things you don't mean' I guess I'm still upset I've lost with basketball. 'Something's are best to keep to yourself.' Indeed! 'It might be helpful to have an outsider look at the situation.' Maybe…'Hinata, I want you to be honest with me. If you can't then, I'd have you rather not saying anything.' No! 'You might want to have someone to talk and let it all out.' Maybe…but I kinda did that already and it only confuses me more.'Take advice in consideration, but in the end it's your choice, responsibly and life.' So listen to myself. 'Nana wouldn't have given you these clothes if she didn't gain anything.' Hmm…they only help me because they benefit from me? 'Don't do what someone tells you to do, unless you need something from them.' But in that case…? So it means…?

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