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Sober ~ Pink

The liquid sloshed in the unopened bottle. Race glared at it before throwing it into the closest bulding at hard as he could, the glass shattering. Spot just didn't understand, he wanted so much more than a drunked fuck buddy. He wanted to just...be held for a while. To stay sober and still get the euphoric high. He shook his head, fighting back tears. He couldn't feel good sober anymore, not while he was in love with Spot Conlon.

Lie to Me ~ Shane Mack

Lie, Race. Pretend, for just tonight. Act like we don't have to hide. Just once, let loose with me. Lie and tell me you'll never leave. Lie and tell me we have nothing to hide, that we'll always be together. Let us act as if we're normal, that we won't be shunned or soaked for this. Tell me you'll stay. Tell me you love me.

Life on the Moon ~ David Cook

Without Spot, Race was lonely. Sure, he knew the others cared about him. And he cared about them as well. But, with Brooklyn's King, he could just let loose and let go. He could give up all control and just feel. But he was lost in the role he played for the other Newsies, and feeling that far away almost hurt.

Listen to the Rain ~ Evanescence

"Just be quiet." Race commanded, a goofy grin on his face.

Spot rolled his eyes and listened. It was raining. He watched as that goofy frin dissapaited into a serene smile. His own face softened and he closed his eyes. Gently, he pressed their lips together as the rain crashed down around them.

Imperfection ~ Skillet

"I'm too fucked up...Why do you deal with me?" Spot mumbled, running his fingers through dark hair.

"Your imperfections make you human." Race murmured back, causing Spot to jerk away in surprise.

"I...I thought you were asleep..." Spot scratched the back of his head, embarrassed.

"I love you." Race answered simply. Spot smiled.

Amazed ~ Lonestar

Race was sound asleep. Spot, on the other hand, was not. So, he opted for staring lovingly at his slumbering lover. Softly, he brushed his hand over Race's jawline and smiled. There was no way he deserved this, deserved him. He was too perfect, his very name causing Spot's heart to speed.

"God, Race, you're amazing, I love you."

Can you Feel the Love Tonight ~ Elton John [Don't judge!]

The strike was finally over. Spot, unsurprisingly, dragged Race to Brooklyn to celebrate. To his surprise, instead of having his clothes ripped from his body like he was expecting, he was pulled into a loving embrace. Spot burried his face in the crook of his neck. He swayed them back and forth gently, dancing under a slowly setting sun. Race smiled and wrapped his arms around Spot's neck, whispering 'I love you' quietly.

Don't wake me ~ Skillet

You left and still love you. I dream of you far too often. I don't know why I still love you so much, Sean, but I do. These dreams, they're so vivid. It's almost like you're mine again. But then I wake up, and your arm isn't aruond me and your chest isn't pressed against my back. Sometimes I wish I wuoldn't wake up, to just sleep forever. Because when I'm sleeping, when I'm dreaming, it's you and me again. When I'm asleep, I still have you, and I'm still happy.

Lithium ~ Evanscence

He's like my own personal drug. The taste of his skin, how he feels against me, around me. The way his voice sounds when he whispers 'I love you' or when he screams my name. The way his head throws back when I'm in him or the way he writhes beneath me. Every little noise he makes, every little touch I get makes me that much higher.

But most of all, the way those perfect lips pull into a soft smile and those brown eyes glow when I tell him I love him. He's a drug, and he's addictive.

Shouldn't Kiss me like This ` Toby Keith

"Dammit, Sean, I don't want to be a game!" Tony hissed, pushing Spot off of him. "Don't use to me to fuckin' get off! Either love me, or stop this." Tears welled in his eyes.

After a few moments of hesitance, tony's face was softly cupped in Sean's calloused hand and surprisingly soft lips pressed tenderly agains this own, moving slowly, almost shyly.

"I love you."

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