Here, There and Everywhere.

He waited for her in "their" spot by the lake; right at the water's edge, underneath what she believed was the shadiest tree around. He could discern no difference between the shade given by this particular tree and the surrounding ones. But she preferred this tree, and he preferred her.

He scanned the grounds anxiously. He was always afraid she'd forget about him; she'd become so popular. Everyone seemed to want her attention. It made him constantly worry he'd be squeezed out of her life. Cast aside, left behind. She was all he really had. Yes, he was on friendly terms with the other Slytherins. He enjoyed the company of like-minded people immensely, people who didn't shrink away when he voiced some of his more radical ideals. And yes, there were a small number of them he counted as friends. But Lily Evans was different. She was the only friend he had that fit into the classic definition of the word. His confidant, his companion, the only one who knew the details of his personal life. She was the only one he ever laughed with. The only one whose company ever made him happy….

….And she had stood him up. He scowled bitterly. A sudden burst of laughter to his right made his head spin around so fast it was surprising he didn't get whiplash. There she was; the center of a group of girls, and one Sirius Black, loudly making its way across the campus. She caught his eye and turned to the group to excuse herself from their number, then made a beeline for the tree he waited under.

"Bye!" "See you, Lily!" the crowd cried as they continued on their way around the lake.

"Bye!" she called, pausing to wave over her shoulder to them.

She unceremoniously dumped her bag, and then dropped lightly to the ground beside him.

"Relax." She said, rolling her eyes at his rigid posture and intense gaze, ignoring all the questions and accusations burning in his eyes.

He slumped ever so slightly. "You're late." He muttered softly.

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that." She said yawning and stretching gracefully like a cat. "Got held up after Charms."

He nodded slightly, staring at the ground. "Running around with that Black prat now?"

Lily's eyes widened, and then she chuckled softly. "Who's being a prat now?" she asked, tossing a twig at the side of his lowered head. "He only showed up to hit on everything with breasts."

He raised his head a little to meet her gaze, and smiled shyly at her.

"Seriously, Sev. Relax. You're my best friend." She reached out and pulled the twig she'd thrown out of his hair. "I'm not going to abandon you under a shady tree all by yourself on a gorgeous fall day." She said, her voice heavy with irony. "Sorry I left you waiting."

"I suppose worse things have happened." He smirked. "You are forgiven."

"Glad to hear." She said, digging through her school bag. She pulled out her Potions text book and regarded him seriously. "You know, you don't have to pretend to need help with potions to get me to hang around with you."

He flushed. "I… I don't! I do struggle with some of it…. You make it all seem so effortless."

She made a dismissive noise. "Flattery will get you nowhere. If I am better, it's just barely. Now," she said digging another book out of her bag. "We have a difficult decision to make. Transfiguration, or Potions?"

Severus reached out and took the Potions book out of her right hand, leaving her with Transfiguration.

"Excellent!" she exclaimed, laying back on the ground and arranging the book behind her head. "This one's cover is much more comfortable."

He looked down at her from where he sat, a shocked and bemused smile on his face. "You're something else…"

She grinned up at him. "Come on!" she coaxed him like a puppy, patting the ground beside her.

He shook his head and stretched out next to her, and they relaxed in silence staring at the leafy canopy above them.



(Note. I stole the name from a Beatles song. It's very fitting.)