E/O Challenge: Pull

Phew – at last I get to have some me time after a nightmare of a month (work, kids, real life!). I know this is late but I'm trying to catch up with all the WOWs. I've missed joining in with the challenges – glad to be back!


As he returned to consciousness the smell of death and decay consumed him. Feeling the bile rise in his throat he turned to expel the foul liquid. It was then that he noticed the thick, sticky fibres that were wrapped around his body.

Terrified he struggled to free himself but the more he pulled against his fibrous-prison the tighter it became, encasing him in a vast network of silky strands.

Suddenly he felt the strands begin to shudder; felt the tendrils vibrate as a giant spider moved towards him its bulbous eyes seeking out the meal that had just awoken.