E/O Challenge: Hold

My muse felt it was time I carried on this little drabble-story – especially after having the "spider nightmare from hell" last night!

Sam fired continuously into the arachnid's body; the creature riddled with bullets rolled over onto its back, its eight gigantic legs twitching violently until finally it lay still. Black, rancid-smelling ooze seeped from a plethora of wounds, staining the fibrous-silk-strands that were still vibrating from the spider's death throws.

"S'mmy?" Dean's murmured his breathing too erratic; too shallow.

"Yeah, it's me...take it easy...I need to get you outta here."

Dropping from the web, Sam quickly reached up to ease his brother down from the sticky-web; holding him tightly as he lowered him onto the cold-ground.

And that's when Dean seized.