One Path to the Elysian Fields

E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100

Challenge word: tip

Warnings: Season 5, set just before Hammer of the Gods. Perhaps Cas being a BAMF was the key to Gabriel's decisive sacrifice…

Gabriel had often wondered what would be enough to send him over the edge. And which way he'd go.

Little brothers can be a pain in the ass at times, especially when they are right. He has to look away from the accusing blue gaze of Castiel's vessel, because it exposes his cowardice for what it is. And Gabriel - trickster, demi-god, archangel - knows that the tipping point has arrived, and that he has a choice.

Stand with the youngest and fiercest of his brothers (and with Castiel's humans), or run away forever. Never looking back to watch the world end.

I still miss Gabe…