So, since I saw one person doing this, I decided I wanted to try it, since I write a bunch of random one-shots. So, what I'm going to do is I'll put my mp3 player on shuffle and then write a one-shot based on the song that plays. I'm going to try to have a variety of characters in my collection of one-shots, but chances are most of them are going to be about Clare and/or Eli. xD Enjoy!

Forget You

Clare bitterly watched as Jenna wrapped her arms around K.C.

What they did was wrong. Didn't Jenna or K.C. know that?

K.C. had been hers, and their relationship had been going great until Jenna shoved her way into it. Clare hadn't seen the threat; why would she think K.C. would be into girls like Jenna if he had fallen for a girl like Clare?

What was worse was that Jenna was one of Clare's best friends. And yet she had just gone and betrayed Clare by stealing her boyfriend out from under her.

Clare's lip curled in disgust as she watched K.C. duck down and nibble on Jenna's neck. Was he really that kind of guy? Was he really the type of guy who was into beach babes and playboy bunnies like Jenna?

Why had he even gone for Clare, the Catholic nerd girl? She had automatically judged and criticized him when they first met; why would he want to be friends or date a girl like that?

Why had Clare even fallen for a guy like K.C.?

No, it was pointless to ask that question. She knew why.

It started when he comforted her after he got her publicly embarrassed. His little compliment had made her stomach lurch, and when she looked up into those wide, brown eyes of his, she saw how sincere he was being.

"Still moping?"

Alli's voice pulled Clare out of her thoughts. She looked up as her best friend took a seat next to her on the school's front steps.

"I'm not moping," Clare mumbled.

"You're sitting here watching K.C. and Jenna. I think that's moping, or at least torturing yourself."

Clare ignored Alli, watching as a large truck pulled up to the front of the school.

"Hi, Kyle!" Jenna's voice called to the driver. She released her grip on K.C. and tugged on his hand. "Come on, that's our ride."

"You didn't say we were going mudding with your brother," K.C. protested.

"Well who's car did you expect us to use? Come on!" Jenna tugged K.C. again, and he sighed, following her to the truck. "You can sit in the back, if that'll make you more comfortable," Jenna informed him as she opened the passenger's side door, getting in.

K.C. nodded to her in acknowledgement, then turned around suddenly, catching Clare's gaze. Clare blushed and looked away.

"Why isn't he getting in the car?" Alli muttered, not embarrassed like Clare and keeping her eyes on K.C.

"What? What is he doing?" Clare asked under her breath.

"He's just…staring at you. Wait, wait, he's coming over."

"What?" Clare asked, voice panicked.

"Clare? Can I talk to you?" K.C.'s voice floated down to her.

Clare shyly looked up at the tall figure of her ex-boyfriend. "S-sure," she stammered, pushing herself up from the cold cement.

K.C. looked down at Alli, raising his eyebrows at her. Alli's upper lip curled in annoyance but she got up and went back inside the school.

"Aren't you supposed to be going somewhere?" Clare mumbled, trying not to look at him.

"I wanted to talk to you first. Jenna should understand." K.C. grimaced when he saw Clare flinch at Jenna's name.

Now baby, baby, baby, why d'you wanna wanna hurt me so bad?

"Okay, what about?"

"Clare, I didn't want to hurt you. I care about you a lot," K.C. started.

Clare snorted. "If you cared about me, you wouldn't have left me for another girl."

Why? Why? Why, baby, baby?

"Clare, please, just hear me out." When Clare didn't interject, K.C. continued. "I could tell that I…wanted Jenna. I mean, things with you…I was just…I was bored. Jenna seemed more like my type of girl, the fun, excited type."

"So I'm not fun?" Clare cut in.

K.C. gave her a look and went on. "I knew that things with you…they might not last. I could tell our relationship wasn't going to go anywhere, and we just kept arguing…I thought it would be in our best interests to just break it off. I didn't want to start anything up with Jenna right away, but…it just happened."


I love you. I still love you!

"What?" K.C. asked in confusion, eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

"Forget it. I don't want to hear any of your apologies. I'm done. Done with you, and Jenna, and your lies. I wish you two the best in having 'fun.'"

"Clare, they're not lies -"

"Just go! Forget you! Forget Jenna! Forget…forget everything! Go away!" Clare yelled, her eyes stinging with tears.

K.C. watched her hesitantly for a moment, then quickly bent down and kissed her cheek before heading back to Kyle's waiting truck.

Clare watched them go in shock, slowly bringing a hand to her cheek.

Although there's pain in my chest

I still wish you the best with a

Forget you!

Author's Note: So...yeah. Forget You by Glee Cast popped up on my Zune first, and I was going to skip it until I realized I could do a one-shot about Clare and K.C. Yes, I know this one-shot was really short. Most of them probably will be. I would think you guys had figured out that I suck at writing long chapters. xD Review, please! :)