Operation: Win Sakura Back – Prologue

It should be obvious by now that no one here owns Naruto.


"If you're not happy in the relationship, leave it. Sakura, it's as simple as that." Of course, this advice was coming from Ino – a.k.a. one of the most gorgeous, charming, outgoing girls in the world. But she's my best friend, so it's only natural that she says this.

"Yeah, but he's…"

"Totally not worth the effort, that's what. You deserve a guy that'll treat you right – one that actually acknowledges your existence, maybe! Not some stuck up, cold-hearted, unromantic jerk wad that—"

"But I love him." That's what it always comes down to. No matter how miserable it gets, I never leave. Because it's love, at least, I think it is. And not having him would mean not having the person that I let become my world.

"Sakura…" She's looking at me with so much pity it makes me feel ashamed.

"I know, I know. I'm a stupid, hopeless girl. But I just want things to work…"

"He's not Prince Charming, angel – just a stupid boy that had to right to steal your heart."

"Ino, I love—"

"What if he doesn't love you?"

Those words pierce my heart. Despite what we've gone through, despite all the fighting, the tears, the hurt… he loves me. He had to. He said he did.

"He promised me…"

"How many times did he promise you? Every single time he fucks up, it's always 'I promise I'll change' or 'I promise this is the last time.' Sakura, wake up, please… You're in love with a dream, not who he really is."

I burst into tears – because what I had always known finally came true. No matter what I tried to make myself believe, there was always the nagging voice that told give up. It was time to stop lying – to everyone, but more importantly myself.


My hands fumbled with my phone. I shouldn't be doing it this way, but what else could I do? Looking back, the most important parts of our relationship had happened through texts and instant messages. The thought alone made me cry even harder.

Ino hugged me again. "Sakura… if it makes you this miserable, don't do it."

But I had to. My eyes were open, my mind was set. Even though my heart was screaming in protest, I knew what had to be done.

With shaking fingers, I typed out the message that shattered my heart and cut all ties to the boy I had proclaimed all my heart to.


To: Sasuke

This is it. I can't do it anymore, Sasuke. I'm sorry.


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