1 Chapter One

I checked off another box.

"Ah, ha! Only five more days till the next Harry Potter book comes out."

I twiddled with my moon charm necklace, looking at it admiringly.

"Hello Anne," I whispered, "I miss you."

I still could not believe I had met her nor gone back in time with my friends. I wonder if I could do it with other books too. Hmm, nah, just a coincidence.

It was late May in my freshmen year. It had been a good five months since the knock on the head and zoom to Avonlea, but I had not gotten over it. I still read the books like crazy, understanding them in a different way than I used to.

My current liking is Harry Potter. Not very similar to Anne of Green Gables, but still fascinating. I would have loved to fly and to cast spells on people (especially Mike).

"Hey, book-worm! It's time to go to choir rehearsal!" Melissa screeched up the stairs. I parted from my room and jumped down the stairs, thinking excitedly about what the new Harry Potter book might look like.

Back at school. Ecchh, Thursday. There should be a law against having school after having choir rehearsals the night before. I greeted Sara and Mell in the library as usual.

"Good morning all!" Sara exclaimed.

"Why so happy?"

"Oh, nothing. I just Lord of the Rings for the third time and Elijah Wood is soooo cute!"

"I know, I know." Mell said. She turned to me. "She hasn't stopped since we got here."


"Well," I said, looking up at Sara, "That doesn't beat my record of seeing Harry Potter in the movies four times! Ha!"

"You're a bigger fan of Harry Potter than I am! Besides, I've read the books just as much as you have."

"Eight times?"

"Well, um…yeah!"


"I did!"

"OK, I believe you."

"So, you gonna go to Harry Potter times now that it's you're new obsession?" Sara teased.

"All right, so you don't believe me that Anne actually happened. You'll just have to trust me on that one."

I could tell she was about to protest, but the bell rang and I raced, giggling down the stairs and towards Civics class.


"Hey, Mike. We're so not even."

"Oh, yeah, we are."

"No, we're not. And even if we were, I could get you back. You are so easy to tackle."


"Just a question, have you ever read Harry Potter?"

"Yeah, hasn't everybody?"

"You mean you actually read a book?" I looked at him in disbelief.

"Yeah, so?"

"So, it's a start on getting you to read more."

"Um, I'm gonna leave now."

I shook my head at him.

After band, my last class, I hurried out to the bus. It was sunny out and the sun was really, really bright. I squinted to find my bus number, fumbling with several heavy books in my arms as well as my flute. Sara, I thought, was behind me and I kept walking, talking nonchalantly. As I reached the curb, I looked around and saw that she wasn't there. Feeling like an idiot, I stepped backwards and tripped on the curb. My books flew everywhere and I fell backwards, feeling the concrete hit me in the back of the head. Everything went black. It was happening again.