Her arms stretched out beyond his lap as her head laid propped up beside him. They rode in silence, bumping and jumping through the potholes of the city until they reached their destination. Daniel just let her sleep, his hand occasionally straightening the stray hairs that fell to her face. He felt horrible...as if everything in the world was his fault; World hunger, famine, drought, homelessness blame it all on Daniel Meade. The weight of the world was laying heavily upon his shoulders and it was beginning to get tiresome. Looking for someone to blame for this whole entire pregnancy; Blame Daniel Meade. Looking for someone to blame for going to Dr. Fraud; Blame Daniel Meade. Everything! Just blame it on Daniel Meade. Wilhelmina was subtle about her blame, but he knew she blamed him. You could tell by the way she looked at him touched him; she was angry. the way she He wanted to know how he could make it all better, how he could make the dust settle between them.


"The first two weeks you are more than likely to experience some withdrawal symptoms so that is something to be prepared for." ..if you haven't experienced any already." The real Dr. Ramiji stood before them in the silent and empty halls of the hospital, an eerie presence over the building as the sun rose, casting light shadows against the plainly painted walls. "Your actual appointment with me will be next Thursday and we'll do the sonogram and vitals, tests, charts all of that...Any questions?"

Daniel grabbed at his neck, anxiety building for what he was about to say. "Um...how long can you wait to...terminate the pregnancy?"

Wilhelmina neck swooped around, her eyes and iced blue as she stared at him in disbelief. Dr. Ramiji, not surprised by the question, chose to answer. "Well your wife is about 18 weeks along so you have close to 2 weeks to have the procedure done legally."

"I want to go home." She announced, starting down the halls angrily.



Daniel shook Dr. Ramiji's hand and continued to follow Wilhelmina, the emergency door nearly hitting him in the face. He stepped onto the curb, watching as she made her way to the vehicle. "Why'd walk out like that ...your not suppose to be alone."

"And your supposed to want your child Daniel." She spat back as her hand pulled on the door handle. She banged on the window, trying to awaken the driver, her blood boiling as she lived in the impulse of the moment, hormones raging within her over one sentence.

"I know but I'm just trying to figure out-"

"Didn't we go over this anyway...We agreed that we would have this child and now your telling me that your not sure."

"If you just let me-"

"And how dare you ask him without talking to me first? Now he's probably going to think that we're just immoral people-"


"What happened to Oh I want another baby huh?"


"Do you really think that you would just get to put me through hell and-"

"SHUTUP WILHELMINA!" He screamed angrily, his face red and fists clenched with frustrations. The more she talked, the more he didn't get to say and that was how he wanted to communicate. He thought that was what she wanted; to end the pregnancy...To just be down with it all but she wouldn't let him explain. He was confused and she was sending mixed signals. So he snapped...so what? But soon he regretted it, looking at her mortified expression, never having heard him raise his voice like that. She spun on her heels, her feet continuing down the sidewalk in utter disbelief.


"So you lost her?" The Senator chimed in as Daniel paced the floor and Marc texted furiously on his pink Blackberry.

"No I didn't lose her!" Daniel yelled back, frustrated that no one was willing to listen to him. It was as if he was invisible and no matter how many times he spoke no one would ever hear what he had to say.

"Than where is she?"

"I. Don't. Know!" He exclaimed again, throwing his phone back on the couch and plonking back next to it. He sighed, his hands dragging down his face.

They all turned around when the door opened quickly and was slammed behind her. Wilhelmina walked in silently, not saying a word as she stormed her way into Audrey's nursery, closing the door behind her. Daniel jumped from the couch, making his way into the hallway. Marc stopped him, pushing on his chest as if to keep him from moving forward. "Maybe you two should cool off before-" Daniel pushed him from his , following the angry trail that Wilhelmina had left behind.


"What are you doing?"

She didn't turn around, her attention in Audrey's dresser drawer. "Changing my daughter." She responded carelessly, closing the drawer and laying the pink onesie on the changing table. She reached for the powder and the wipes, setting it beside her.


"Because I love her...I actually want her...And she needs to be changed."

She reached down for the diaper box, struggling to get down there pain-free with her moderate belly in the way. Daniel moved to get it for her, plucking a diaper from the box. "Let me get that."

She looked at his hand and turned away. "That's overnight, she doesn't need overnight."

He clenched his fists on the diaper, trying his best to not to get angry with her. But she was making it almost impossible. no matter how hard he tried she wasn't happy. "Well how do you know that it's overnight?"

"It says overnight on the back, smartass."

"Does it matter?"

"Yes it does."

"Then why were you reaching for it?"

"I could have been stretching... you don't know..."

"Fine." Daniel walked back into the living room. he gave up, not wanting to fight with her and her attitude. He was getting to angry with her and he didn't want to say anything that would make the situation worse. But look what happened in the first place; What started off as a hypothetical question had snowballed into this huge fight that he doesn't even understand. The Senator stood upon his arrival, handing him a packet of information

"I have to go but this is all the information that you'll need to know for Wanda's protective detail...They're outside the building now and you'll get to meet them tomorrow morning.

"Thank you." Daniel smiled weakly as he held the door open for him.

The Senator turned to him shortly, offering a small smile. "She's just scared...Give her time...She'll come around."

He nodded, secretly wishing that that piece of advice had been delivered a little sooner because his mind was already made up.


Wilhelmina stood in the kitchen alone, chopping the vegetable into smaller pieces aimlessly. She frowned, only wanting to go lie down and take a long nap. She ignored the sounds of footsteps as they came behind her and his back brushing against hers as he reached in the refrigerator. She looked to the floor and pointed to his duffel bag. "What is that?'

"Oh so now your talking to me?"

"Unfortunately yes, Now what the hell...Is that?"

"A duffel bag."

"Obviously...Why is it out of the closet."

"I just thought that we needed some space so I was going to spend the night at a friend's house."

She stabbed the cutting board, making him jump back into the fridge. "So your bailing on me?"

He remained calm, expecting a change of moods from her. "I just think that we should just take a day or two apart before things get ugly..."


"You keep making me the bad guy."

"No I-"

"Yes you do! God Wilhelmina I wouldn't be saying it if it wasn't true..."

"What's changed? What in the last 24 hours has changed?"

"Nothing….it's been building because lately you've been stubborn…..you don't like to listen to anyone."

"I've always been that way."

"No you haven't...not with me anyway."

"So your saying I've changed?"

"No….I just have a lot on my plate right now and I just need to clear my head."

"Clear your head on whether or not you want this baby?"


"Because you were the one who wanted to do this...not me."

"See there you are blaming me...You act like I'm the only one who has doubts...Your the one who-"

"I'm the one who what?"

"Will you please stop cutting me off..."

"Or what?"

"Wilhelmina please stop your really pissing me off right now."

"What are you gonna do, hit me?"

Daniel grabbed his duffel bag, heading towards the door. "I'm gonna go."

"Oh run like you always do without telling me how you really feel."

"How I really feel?" He dropped his bag, charging towards her angrily, his muscles popping from beneath his shirt. "Your the one who didn't want Audrey, your the one who didn't want this baby then decided to have the baby...Your the one who didn't even want to marry me."

"Well maybe I should have trusted my first instinct."

He stopped in his tracks, letting the comment roll of his back. "You didn't mean that….this is your hormones and-"

"No maybe it's me...The real me...the one….who's changed."

"Your growing through withdrawal-"

"Withdrawal? So now I'm a druggie?"


"If I was really going through withdrawal.." She mocked. "Then why would you leave me when I supposedly need you the most?"

"I am not leaving you I am just going to spend the night somewhere else because I do not want to say or do anything that I might regret." Audrey wailed in her room, the baby monitor screeching static in their ears. Wilhelmina snatched it from the counter and stormed away.

Marc peeked from around the corner, tiptoeing into the kitchen and behind Daniel..."Psssstt."

Daniel jumped, covering his heart as it recovered from the freight of someone sneaking up behind him. "Jesus Marc what the-"

"Shhhh...I only have a few minutes before Willazilla returns.."

"What do you want Marc?"

"You can't leave...she needs you."

"She doesn't act like it."

"That's part of the withdrawal Daniel...This isn't Willie….She's acting Paranoid, Angry,Impulsive , Random, Emotionally Sensitive, Shaky, Unresponsive, Fatigue, Always looking out of windows...She isn't acting this way on purpose."

"Your saying that I have sit here and take her abuse because it's not her fault?"

"You don't have to sit anywhere...You just have to take it."


"Look I know it's not fair but she's still your wife somewhere in there and soon she'll be back her normal self...You can't just run away just because you feel upset with her or else you'd never be home...It won't be long..."

"How long is not long?"

"Just 2 weeks...You can hang in there….because you love her right?" Suddenly he ducked down behind the counters, scampering away and out of view.

"Why are you still here?" She asked dryly, Audrey in one hand and her bottle in the other.

"Is she having trouble sleeping?" He asked, peeking behind the pink cover to see her icy blue eyes, her mouth a small frown after throwing her little fit.

Wilhelmina looked at him strangely, resisting a bit. "Yes but that still doesn't answer my question."

Daniel ignored her, taking Audrey into his hands, and reaching for the bottle. "I'll put her down.. you go rest...You look exhausted." He pecked her lips, her mouth remaining pursed after he had pulled away, a puzzlement residing in her head." By the way...that shirt...really sexy." He walked away leaving her with furrowed brows as she touched the neckline of her bodice shirt. What the hell just happened?

Daniel smiled as he walked down the halls, jumping back when he saw Marc crawling from around the bend. "See that wasn't so hard?"

"Why are you on the floor?"

"Because your darling wife cursed me out this morning for having curls in my hair...She told me that I looked like a drag queen Goldilocks….soooo I'm kind of avoiding her..." Daniel lifted a brow and Marc extended his arms towards the baby. "Give her to me...I'll put her down and you can go watch a movie with your sweet...lovable...wife."

"A movie?"

"Do you want her to see her actually go to sleep like you suggested or keep you up all night, telling you how much she hates Robbie Myers and Penelope Graybridge?"

"Willie how about a movie?" He bellowed as his footsteps lead him back into the front room.

"Hell No!"

He smirked, kind of enjoying this little banter of back and forth between them. He actually forgot for a second that seemed to last a day, who his wife was and how he'd deal with her little PMS'ing and mood swings. He was actually confused as to why he didn't realize it before and why he let something so stupid nearly ruin their day and eventually their relationship. "Titanic it is."

"I said no!"

"Oh yeah, Kettle corn is good."


"Yes my love?"



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