Yes brothers and sisters the crusade lives on.

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Chapter 13

Londo's fear was evident even to any non pysker in the command room. Sweat dripped off him as if he had just finished exerting himself on a track. One could not blame him, not with four giants armed and armored to the teeth having their large weapons aimed directly at his head.

Three of the Emperors Custodes force halberds and Captain Polux himself was responsible for his greatest discomfort. While the others ensured that the room was secured. Several barks rang out from the weapons of the invaders destroying what little was left of the computers and consoles.

Two of the warriors stepped aside and the largest sentient being that Mollari had ever seen stepped forward. In perfect centauri he spoke, each word sending more tremors up Mollari spine. "Londo Mollari, you are hereby charged with several crimes."

Pausing for terror effect, this worked wonderfully. "The murder of tens of thousands of humans. Guilty! Enslaving and profiteering of human slave labor, Guilty! Assaulting and occupying the planet terra, Guilty! The penalty for these crimes is death." He draws his sword and appears ready to cut off his head.

Mollari begins for his life. "No! Please, I beg you. I was only here because no other noble wanted the job. I never killed any humans. I swear. My guards were just doing what we believed necessary to maintain law and order." His sobs were truly bringing him even further down the slope of disgrace. Attempting to squirm away one the Golden armored warrior grabs his arm and squeezes hard, causing a bone to break.

A grin appears on the Emperors face, "I will not kill you. No! You shall be handed over to your victims. One can only imagine how they will repay you for your law and order."

Suddenly the Emperor turns forcefully to his right and puts up a defensive stance. "Warriors we are not alone. Some other xenos is here!" To emphasize his point he stabs his sword out and a spider like creature ripples into sight and its horrible death scream resonates throughout the room.

Three more appear and move to attack the Imperium warriors. They quickly learn that's a mistake yet have no time regret it. One was cut cleanly in half by a custode and the other two receive four bolter rounds which redecorated most of the ceiling and floor, some even getting on the Astartes armor.

The warriors scan the room switching to multiple spectrums and see no sign of other "spiders". The Emperors face changes from anger to fury even more so then after he was about execute the centauri "noble".

"Captain Pollux, notify a Luna wolves captain and have them escort this criminal to his reward." Pollux slams a closed fist to his chest to salute the Emperor. "I remember who these spider xenos are. The eradication of this xenos race is now a priority."

In space almost at the same moment as the shadows attempted to save Mollari, the horrific scream erupts from their ships as they enter real space. Over thirty spider-like ships with organic hulls show behind the Imperium fleet.

The shadow vessels move swiftly screaming trying to instill fear into the minds of the ship's crews. Several of the imperial army soldiers grasp their heads as if they are being squeezed by the scream. Moving in between the rear guard ships, before suddenly beams stuck out at them and causing massive damage from direct hits. One was not enough to destroy one of them but two would be more then sufficient. That beams reminded them of vorlon weapons.

Aboard the phalanx

"Lord Dorn thirty unknown xenos ships have just appeared and have been engaged by our rear guard ships." Sigismund called out.

Dorn turns to his champion. "What? How did we not know of their exiting the war… hyperspace?"

Checking the control console again before answering. 'Unknown milord. Reports coming in that they are spider-like in appearance. One lance hit doesn't destroy them outright but a second does. They are fast moving… bringing it up on the main holo screen now milord.

A 3-D version appears and shows the bridge crew what is happening outside. Two of the spiders are moving fast between vessels firing a purple beam that strikes with unerring accuracy. The ships appear to have realized they don't have the numbers to stand toe-to-toe against the Imperium vessesl and are resorting to attacking the smaller cruisers.

Several strike cruisers are in pursuit and continue to fire and destroying several. It doesn't take long for only three to still be functioning.

"I want one ship captured. I want to personally know who the bloody hell they are and how the snuck up on us." Commanded Dorn.

It took a few more seconds but the shadow ships began to retreat. The message is barely received in time two ships escape and the final ship is barely damaged by several plasma blasts that manage to knock it out.

Drifting leaking a black smoke/blood like substance as several strike cruisers move in to try and restrain it.

Dorn watches impatiently as the ships move in and then witnesses his desire stolen from him as a horrifying scream from the ship begins to sound out causing several un modified humans to drop to their knees in pain. Dorn is even getting a slight headache from it.

"Librarian shut it up now."Yelling at the legion chief librarian, Sigismund yells as he rubs his temple.

Stepping up and slamming his rune staff to the deck he reaches out. His eyes brighten to an ethereal white while his psychic hood begins to spark a bit. The scream stops but the vessel begins to crumble and rot inward. It takes a few seconds before it is completely dead.

"Librarian I said shut it up not destroy it."A clearly frustrated Sigismund shouts. "How did you destroy it?"

As his eyes return to their normal green and the sparks have died down. "First captain I did not destroy it. It however knew it was doomed and killed itself."

That drew Dorns attention very quickly. "I was not aware you could speak to a vessels systems librarian."

Shaking his head a bit still surprised by the whole deal. "No milord, that ship…those ships… are living creatures."

Back down on the surface.

Luna wolves' North American continent outside the City of New York City

"Captain!"A sergeant called out urgently over the vox. "We found some local resistance fighters. They are currently engaging a xenos convoy making for the star port. Request permission to assist?"

Going over the overall situation in his head, the Luna wolves captain agreed and let a squad move out.

A kilometer away the squad of Luna wolves moved to cut off the fleeing centauri. Thanks to their advance biology and armor they quickly moved to an intersection and prepared their road block. Moving several wheeled vehicles into the intersection.

The centauri convoy of seven vehicles was being harassed by several members of the resistance. They were firing whatever it was they could at them; stolen phased plasma guns, old human slug throwers and strangely enough arrows.

"Hell yeah you alien bastards. This world is ours and you aren't welcome."

"Kill em ALL!"

"I can't believe it but that prophecy was right. We have been saved. Thank God. "

Luna wolves road block position.

"Easy brothers… five…four…three…two…one open fire!" The squad sergeant spoke the order with the calm a veteran of numerous campaigns. At the command his squad of ten opened fire with their bolters and caused severe devastation upon the lead centauri vehicle. Forcing it to screech to a Holt as all aboard was dead.

The remaining trucks try to react as their drivers scream about contact from the front and try to break or swerve out of the way only to crash into each other or the buildings.