Title: Tell Me When I'm Gonna Live Inside

Author: Indigo Night

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Summary: Damon went behind Alaric's back, but can Alaric forgive him?

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Diaries or the characters.

Spoilers: AU, so not really.

Pairing: Damon/Alaric

Warnings: AU. Character death, kinda. Slash. Schmoop.

Author's Note: I'M REALLY SORRY GUYS! I was gonna post this days ago, but I had some unexpected computer issues so I couldn't get to it. Anyway, thanks so much for the reviews, I'm so glad you've enjoy this little story and I hope you enjoy this, the last chapter, just as much. Read, Review,


Chapter 3

Silence fell, and though it was strained by the feelings and words still unsaid between them, it wasn't entirely uncomfortable.

"Come back inside," Damon coaxed at last, just a little bit of pleading slipping into his tone before he could stop it.

Alaric hesitated a moment, but nodded and quickly followed Damon back inside. He didn't reach out and take Damon's hand, even though he wanted too. Damon didn't wrap his arm around Alaric and hug him to his side either, but the urge was difficult to defy.

Alaric really looked at the house for the first time as they walked back up to it. It was old and slightly run down, not nearly as large as the Salvatore Mansion, but it was well built, quaint even, like a cozy vacation home.

"Who's house is it?" he asked, wondering absently where Damon had hidden the body.

Surprisingly, Damon answered, "Mine. Stefan and I have several properties around the country. They come in handy."

It made sense, now that Alaric thought about it. It occurred to him that there were probably a lot of things he didn't know about Damon, and suddenly, he wanted to learn.

"You didn't tell the others, did you?" he asked, "About your plan, for me."

"As far as they're concerned, you're dead and buried," Damon confirmed.

"Why?" It wasn't like any of their friends objected to vampires on principle, and he was reasonably sure they liked him well enough to want to keep him around.

"I didn't see a reason to make them lose you twice." Alaric caught Damon's eyes before he could turn away again, and held them.

Like something heavy with sharp edges hitting his chest, Alaric saw just how much this was costing Damon. Damon was a realist, and he truly believed Alaric would choose to leave him, had believed so all along. But he held one tiny sliver of hope, and clung to it, no matter how deep it cut him.

The last vestiges of anger that Alaric had been holding on to melted away, and with it the invisible chasm between them. Faster than any human ever could, me moved to stand directly in front of Damon and cupped his cheeks in his hands. No more turning away, no more hiding behind facades of indifference.

Damon's eyes widened, and Alaric felt him automatically tense to pull away. But he held himself still and met Alaric's eyes with an almost defiant uncertainty.

"Say it," Alaric said, his voice soft but commanding.

Damon frowned, pretending to be confused. "What?" he asked. He hated feeling exposed like this, and wanted desperately to pull away, to crack a joke. But there was something in Alaric's eyes that held him frozen, like a bug under a magnifying glass.

"Ask me to stay with you." Alaric was leaning close enough that Damon could taste his breath, and it was intoxicating, filling his head desire.

Damon swallowed, his mouth utterly dry. Alaric's gaze was boring into him with such intensity he was irrationally certain he would burst into flame at any moment.

"Come on, Damon," Alaric coaxed, a teasing sparkle lighting in the corner of his eye, "If I'm going to spend the rest of eternity with you, you're going to have to make it worth my while."

Hope ignited in Damon so suddenly and brightly that it hurt, and he tried to smother it quickly, but it was too late.

"Stay," he whispered, but his mouth was so dry his voice cracked and he had to clear his throat to repeat himself, "Stay with me." Without consciously realizing it he tangled his hands into the front of Alaric's shirt and held on tight, terrified he would disappear.

For a long moment neither of them moved. Damon was half positive that Alaric would pull away and laugh in his face, but he didn't.

Instead, Alaric pushed it one step further, because he had to be sure, really sure. "Why?" he insisted.

Damon hesitated. He knew what Alaric wanted, and he knew that if he said the words they would be true. But that didn't make it any easier.

Alaric waited. He could see the struggle behind Damon's eyes. He knew what the answer was, but he had to hear it out loud. This was the price he demanded. With anyone else it would have been an easy one, but that only made it worth so much more.

Alaric was just about to give up and turn away, when Damon forced the words out. They came with the force of a fired bullet, and hit no less hard.

"Because I love you!"

Alaric grinned and in the blink of an eye their lips were clashing with hungry passion and their hands were clutching possessively. "Okay," Alaric agreed, panting between kisses.

Damon just held him closer, and for the first time started looking forward to forever.

The End.