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Revenge Chapter 8


Draco filled his lungs with the scent of her.

So sweet, so warm, pure so, so… "ohh…" he deeply sighed almost silently as from the tip to the hilt of his blood filled penis she encased him.

Her face completely flushed in reaction to his obvious pleasure and also to the surprise of her own enjoyment, if the tiny "O" shape of her mouth and sharp intake of breath were any indication. He couldn't help but smirk, even in the given circumstance. Thought the face he made must have been endearing to her in one way or another as she flushed deeper.

He stayed still above her for what seemed like long moments as he watched her moon lit face flashing with conflict. He would give her a chance to speak, a chance to stop this encounter that may be the biggest mistake of her life. A decision that, once cemented may lead to her inevitable death.

Why? He wasn't sure… He'd already decided to do this hadn't he? He needed to get his life back, he reminded himself, but being hilt deep inside of the woman he loved was creating a bloated ball of empathy inside of him, swelling to an ache. But this was not his lover or his curse to bare and the fact that he'd even gotten himself in this situation fueled the small kindling still lit beneath the anger, contempt and betrayal he held toward her.

Still, Revenge was going to make him regret every thrust and he stilled himself for the coming onslaught of pain. Still, he would do what need to be done!

Then why was he still un-movingly watching her as she bravely stared back into his eyes. She was far from fearless, but somehow resolved, and Draco felt the first of Revenges punches to his gut. He visibly grit hit teeth and winced at the pain that shot into him.

"Tell me to stop,"

They both watched each other in surprise as the words floated between them. They had just come from him as though they should, as though he were obligated to speak them. She said nothing and another shot of pain hit him. His body tensed, but no matter what, he would not let Revenge control him.

He began to move above her and breath caught in her throat. Though she tried to mask her breathy sigh, he knew that she liked the feel of him, as he slowly slid out of her until nothing but the tip of him made contact with her. Then he took his time as he pushed himself back into her, feeling as her tight flesh gave way to each inch of him.

He repeated the action sensually as if time didn't exist and they held eye contact for that very long minute until his balls made contact with her now soaking wetness. His deep moan finally forced her to look away. She put a hand over her face and he knew that she was embarrassed which again caused him to smirk.

"Isn't okay to like it?" he whispered in her ear, although considering the gravitas of the situation, he wasn't quite sure that was true and he realized too late that the statement may have been unapologetically insensitive.

She uncovered her face and there was no hurt or malice at his inquiry. Instead, the look she sent him was one of surrender.

"I guess you're right…" she whispered back with a halfhearted and somewhat bitter smile. "Who knows if I'll ever be able to do it again after this right?" She half laughed half scoffed and it was heavy hitter for Draco.

His body was seized by an electric shiver of pain as it made its way from the crown of his head, down is spine and spread out to every nerve ending in his body.

"Tell me to stop," he breathed through his teeth. He didn't know what possessed Revenge to make him to tell her that again, because even if she did say it, he wouldn't listen. He'd made up his mind.

He watched her face carefully as he again moved inside of her, this time a little faster.

"Tell me to stop, Hermione and I will," he said and she nodded her understanding but closed her eyes and relaxed into his movements.

Draco was struck with a short moment of fear as realization hit him. Revenge wasn't bluffing. He recalled the moment he'd grabbed her arm to keep her from running away after the curse was transferred. His heart sank into his stomach remembering the way she had demanded he let go of her, and to his horror, he had. Immediately! As if he had been commanded.

Oh god, she can control me… If she finds out…

Draco was removed from his thoughts as, to his surprise, Hermione moaned freely and trailed her hands down the muscles of his arms. He forgot worry and everything else and all that mattered was that he please her.

He made a noise of encouragement from the bottom of his throat that she seemed to like from the way she wrapped her legs around his waist and he leaned down and kissed her.

Hermione was less mortified then she had ever been. The promise of death was a gateway to letting go inhibitions. What did it matter if she was kissing Draco back and loving it? What did it matter that she had started to buck her hips in time with his? He felt amazing inside of her and this moment was proof of how much time she'd wasted worrying. Nothing mattered anymore. And the fact that the last and only thing she would rectify in her life before death, was her fear sexual relations was enough for her to put her all into it.

After all, she hadn't put her all into much in her life. This was her last hurrah and there were so many things she'd never done or would get to do now. But mind blowing free spirited sex would not be one of them.

"Draco," she breathed as he left her mouth and trailed kisses down her neck and shoulders. "I want to be on top," she said and although she still felt somewhat meek, her reserve proved strong as her voice was a deep sultry sound she'd never known herself to make.

There were so many parts of herself that she'd never get to know.

He smiled down at her in surprise and she felt the blush creep across her face. Still she squared her shoulders and glared at him.

"Now" she demanded and he rolled off of her and onto his back at the demand. It made her feel powerful to have him obey in such a way. She climbed onto of him and sat against his hardness rubbing herself in the right places against him. She placed her hands against his hard chest and let her nails dig into his skin. She'd never done something like this. Taking charge of her own pleasure. She looked down at him when he clutched onto her hips and helped her move faster.

She had thought he'd be upset that she was being selfish, but he moaned along with her not even upset with the angry red marks she was leaving across his skin.

"Put your hands above your head," she spoke feeling an inner feminine strength. He complied leisurely, slowly sliding his hands down her legs in a caress before lifting them up. Draco's body was hard and male and all the things she'd never touch again. She kissed his lips gently, licking and sucking until his moans gave her a deep and almost maniacal satisfaction. She ground against him as she deepened the kiss he pushed his hips up to hers.

When she pulled back to catch her breath, the way that Draco watched her, his eyes hooded, attention fixed on her made her feel glorious. A warmth spread over her body and she moved herself against him faster until she exploded with pleasure. She arched her back, throwing her head back, and screaming at the top of her lungs.

When she finally came back down she found Draco smirking. She started to feel embarrassed and he seemed to notice.

"You are unbearably beautiful right now," He spoke and the deepness of both his voice and his words reminded her of her power over him for just this moment. Just this night. He seemed lost in her, in a trance almost and although it was probably only his way of keeping her from thinking about the inevitable consequences of this situation, she was thankful and enjoying it. It gave her the strength to continue. She smiled back at him, feeling adventurous. Still so many things to do that she had yet done.

She trailed kisses down his jaw, neck, shoulders, chest… stomach. All the while he breathed deeply and let her remain in control, never venturing to touch her and break the unspoken rule that she'd put into place. His hands remained above his head but as she glanced up at him from her position between his legs, she could see that he wanted to reach for her. It was as though her words kept him bound and she grinned at his longing as she planted a wet kiss on his hip bone.

He moaned loudly, throwing his head back and Hermione smiled in shock. She had found a spot. She licked and then sucked the sensitive flesh and he bucked up from the bed. The bounce of his hard cock beside her face made her do something that she had never dreamed she'd do.

She dragged her tongue from the folds of his balls, up the length of his shaft, to the tip of his head tasting her own remnants on him.

She almost laughed when he literally shivered from head to toe. She never knew anything could be so rewarding. She repeated the action, just see if she'd get the same response and was glad when she did.

"Please Hermione," he pleaded and she actually pulled away out of sock, needing to see his face, to see if Draco Malfoy, had really just spoken those words in that husky voice. God, there was such a rush of pleasure at that she had to take a moment to breath.

"Please…" she started to say, feeling even more daring, "Please, what?" she finished feeling her cheeks heat up at her boldness. She knew what he wanted, and from the way he bit his lip with a smile, he was also aware that she knew what he was asking for. She wanted to hear him say it.

"Please," he smiled devilishly, "Put my cock into your mouth as deep as you can take me,"

Hermione flushed from top to bottom and knew he had purposely been more vulgar than necessary just to tease her. But his words filled her with wet heat and she covered him with her mouth watching proudly as her movement stole the smile from his face and replaced it with look of pure bliss.

She did her best to take as much of him as she could but only got half way, so she covered the base with the grip of her hand and pumped it in time with her mouth.

She moved at a slow even place and he pushed into her mouth like a demand for more access to her throat. As she relished in the feel of his thick hot penis filling her, her vagina ached in response to the thought.

She pulled away and he made a sound of dismay that made her smile as she climbed up the bed straddling his naked lap once more. He suddenly became very approving.

She positioned him at her entrance and when he tried to thrust up, she felt like punishing him a little more. After all, after this was over, he was going to get to enjoy this act with many more women, many more times. This was it for her… and she wanted to savor it.

She gripped him tight and hovered above him, slowly dragging his tip against her folds.

He moaned at the teasing, thrusting again, hoping to penetrate her. She smiled.

"Not just yet," she told him in a whisper before leaning down to kiss him and she could swear the sound he made was akin to a growl which only spurred her ministrations. She put the tip against her again listening to his breathing pick up.

Then she sat on him slowly, just enough for the head to enter her, before quickly taking it out. His moan was angry but playful. She moved the tip against her clitoris and moaned, grinding her hips against him in a show for him and his breath caught.

"Mmmm" she hummed as she again slipped his head into herself.

"Hermione," he breathed, part in warning, part in pleasure. "Fuck me," he said sternly and in response she lowered herself halfway down his shaft before pulling him out again.

"Not quite yet," She said smiling at his disgruntled face. For a moment she wondered about his restraint and why he really hadn't just grabbed her and move this all along. But she was glad for the respect he was showing her.

She started to mentally compile a bucket list of sexual things she never knew she wanted to try before they became an impossibility.

Her face heat up at the thought of two very important things topping her list… things she had never imagined she'd be doing anytime soon, or with Draco Malfoy of all people at a time where she may be giving up her life for him.

Everything hit her at once and she realized how insane all of this was. Being cursed, the months of loneliness, watching her friends plan to bury her, finding Draco in the muggle world, being gifted with his kindness, escaping death to find that you've only passed it to someone else, Betraying the kindness you didn't deserve to begin with and still being given a second chance…

And now realizing that she didn't want someone else to die for her and the last and only thing she could take away from all of this, was exploring human intimacy for the first and last time… before she did what she knew was right and took back a curse that would undoubtedly see her dead sometime down the line.

Her chest constricted painfully.

"Tell me you want to stop Hermione and we will," Draco spoke the words again softly and Hermione felt even more like a monster. He was still only thinking of her. Still being more generous than a person like her deserved. Why? Why would he continue to sacrifice his safety for her own? Why was he letting her indulge in this interaction with so much care for how broken they both knew she was about to become. Why did he kiss her and touch her almost lovingly instead of just getting this over with…?


She pushed the thoughts away, it didn't matter why, did it? She was grateful and she had more that needed to be done before this was over.

She shook her head, smiling sadly at him and he looked completely pained.

She ignored what she assumed was his pity and took a deep breath trying again to be causal.

"There are just a few things," she felt shy again trying to explain that there were things she needed to experience with him. "Things I've never done…" she tried bashfully and he smiled nodding his understanding saving her from having to say anymore.

"I'm all yours," he smirked and she felt something strange for him in that moment. Something that she couldn't quite place. He was so kind and willing to help her…

She smiled in thanks and looked over his body. He tilted his head and gave her look which clearly asked 'you like what you see?' and she couldn't help but giggle which seemed to lighten the mood on both ends. And the answer was yes. Draco Malfoy was well put together. The kind of work he did kept him in good shape. She let her hands explore his body.

The ridges and valleys were lovely to trace and he seemed to enjoy it as much as she did.

When she felt brave enough, she took a deep breath and started to move up the bed. It didn't help to see the look of shock on his face before she turned her back to him and straddled his neck. Although he made a very deep sound of approval at her choice of position.

Draco ward with several emotions as Hermione awkwardly positioned herself above his face.

He was going to love every minute of this, and both he and Revenge both agreed upon this fact. Still though, Revenge also set a constant ache in his chest for doing any of this in the first place. The ache was dull now though as Hermione had made her intentions of wanting to continue this clear when she repeatedly rejected Revenges offer.

And although his head was waring with whether he was glad she'd declined to stop, the strange feeling of his arms being frozen into place over his head was a sobering reminder of how important it was that he be released from this curse. It was probably not obvious to Hermione but he was completely incapable of defying the order she'd given him.

As she'd been between his legs he'd struggled to free himself so that he could touch her. God, the need to touch her was far worse than anything else Revenge was throwing at him.

The way she'd been teasing his cock. If he were able to move right now, he'd have made her pay for all of it. Instead he was playing docile. The fear of her finding out about the power she held over him, pushing him to crash course his patients. He would let her take her time and do what she wanted to him.

But it didn't mean he wasn't dying inside…

Hermione lowered herself onto his face and he tasted her. His penis felt ready to explode as she moaned and started to move against his face. To think that there were probably so many things she'd never done, he wondered what else she had in store for him.

He wished she would release him. He wanted to pull her ass to him and hold her there, so she couldn't keep shying away when he sucked her sensitive flesh. But asking was like admitting that he had to.

She smothered his face taking her own pleasure and crying out loudly as she came and he loved every single moment of it.

She moved to lie next to him as she caught her breath.

"So how was it?" he smiled and she seemed too far away to answer or maybe the ringing in her ears was too loud to hear through. Why hadn't she ever let anyone eat her out before? Unbelievable! He was rock hard and in need of release. It was becoming painful and he didn't need any more pain involved this encounter.

"What else do you want to use me for?" he asked in what he hoped was not a pushy way, but he was growing restless. He needed her to touch him. She sat up and smiled seeming to notice his erect penis for the first time in a while and probably guessing at the reasons for the inquiry.

"Just one more thing," she smiled and although he'd been pretty bothered with it at the beginning of their first encounter, she blushed in a way that he was starting to really find a turn on. "Can you," she started and then lowered her head and turned away so that her face was hidden in her hair. His need was growing with every second and this was no time for her very arousing meekness.

"Can I?" he growled egging her on and he could tell that the eagerness and arousal in his voice was making her even more bashful as she completely turned her back to him.

"I want to try…um," she stuttered and trailed off and if she didn't get it out soon he was going to lose it!

She took a deep breath and turned to look him dead in the eye as she spoke.

"I want to, to try… anal sex. But I'm not quite sure how it'll fit," she admitted breaking eye contact just long enough to glace at his size. He almost came at just her words and the thought alone, but he kept his composure seeing that she was already on the brink of changing her mind about the whole thing. He wouldn't allow the offer to be taken off of the table now.

"Well," he started and he could see that it was a challenge for her to continue to face him, "you'd have to allow me to touch you now," he said hoping that his wording was general enough to imply that he had always been free to touch her, but was respecting her space.

She nodded. "Okay," she agreed and he felt whatever invisible weight that was holding him down, lift. He took his time sitting up, keeping his eyes on her like a predator on the prowl.

"Come here." He said sternly and she moved to him wearily. It was his turn to give the commands. He felt free to enjoy this moment, regardless of past or present. And the way she listened intently, in her ever studious way, proved her interest in nothing but these seconds as they passed slowly as well.

This was the last thing she would ever do, and he would make it enjoyable and treat her like a goddess. He let his and Revenges feelings meld together and tunnel his vision toward her.

"Bend over," he spoke surprisingly gently and she listened to her teacher without question.

For Hermione, it was all a blur of sensation as she blocked out the future from her thoughts.

First his wet tongue was everywhere, then his penis was thrusting into her vagina, then his finger was in her anus as he continued to slowly make love to her. And that is truly how she would describe this act. Making love. There were kisses placed on every inch he could reach. There were caresses along every inch of her skin, and there was patience and lingering at every change in action.

And then where two fingers in her anus. He took time letting her adjust to the feel before moving his hand. He continued to ask repeatedly if she were okay, when he felt any type of wariness on her part.

But everything felt amazing! She felt filled and warm and soon she was moving against him, listening to the sounds he made for her, and making sounds of her own for him.

So this is what making love was like, trusting your body to another completely, knowing that they would take care of your needs and never cross your boundaries. This is what it was like to let go and forget who you were, to forget your problems and feel nothing but physical and mental connectedness with another… where all that mattered to the both of you was the pleasure of yourselves and the other.

When he completely removed himself from her, the shock of emptiness made her long for his return. But first he engaged in a very long vary languid snog with her. She didn't worry about the right or wrong way it was done, or if it were okay that she was holding him so close, she just let it be.

And then whispered calming words to her as he inched himself into her now readied backside.

There was a long time after he'd entered her that he just waited, kissing, touching, and speaking so softly, and then he moved.

"Oh!" she yelled, She didn't know what she was expecting, but this was a feeling she would never forget. When she was comfortable with the strange sensation, she grabbed his thighs from behind her and pulled him in deeper. The noise he made at this action was enough to make her keep doing it, until he was moving inside of her at a pace, she could hardly take, but took anyway. She paid close attention to the way his balls slapped rhythmically against her labia.

And then his hand was rubbing her clit in perfect circles and there was blinding light in her eyes, shivers down her spine and moans from somewhere deep in her throat as she came, much harder then she'd ever known possible.

And he was there with her. Pumping into her in a way which signaled his last moments of control as he filled her with his cum.

Righting themselves on the bed, they lay there panting, and as their breathing regulated, a harsh uncomfortable silence fell between them.

It was done… and the clock that had stood still for their encounter, continued its ticking.

Hermione was exhausted, but the fear of closing her eyes was more real than any fear she had experienced since the years of the war. She knew that if she fell asleep she would wake up in the morning to start a slow decline into a frightening and lonely obscurity…

And even though she'd done the right thing, and Godric would be proud of her valiance, she couldn't help the sob that bubbled up in a hideous hatred of this outcome. How could this be her reality? She was Hermione Granger. A prodigy! A war hero!

A bitter, self-absorbed, delusional, selfish, stubborn, self-entitled, workaholic who may have deserved every bit of what was happening to her, she tacked on hopelessly, exploding into full hysterics.

Then Draco was there holding her. By the anguish on his face, he looked like he could feel every wave of her pain and she didn't question his understanding. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him close as she cried uncontrollably into his chest.

He rocked her and ran his hands through her hair in the most comforting gesture. Always, she thought, he was always giving her more that she deserved. And she greedily took it. Sucking up his affections and caring. She needed it right now and she would not pretend otherwise. She clutched onto him and fell apart completely. And he just held her, small whispers of apologies he didn't need to offer, filled her with a loving warmth she had, and would, never receive again.

This was the most painful thing that Draco had ever endured and he was pretty sure that it was he and not Revenge that was feeling such sympathy for Hermione. In fact, He could actually feel Revenges influence fading from his body, like it was draining from his pores. Good news for him, but not so good news for Hermione.

What do you say to someone that has just been pronounced terminally ill, with no definite time frame of their remaining life?

But this was worse… She was going to walk around like a ghost, watching as life changed around her and without her. Unable to come to terms or say goodbye. Always on edge, never knowing when she would experience whatever kind of death Revenge would have in wait.

He thought about her, replaying the memories he had of her, stopping at the way flames illuminate her uncaring face as they watched his childhood home burn to the ground together. Separately, but together.

He superimposed that thought over the feel and sound of her now.

Her body trembling with fear of the unknown, her cries rasping from her throat, her nails kneading into his skin, clutching him as though he were a cliff and she was hanging from it for dear life.

Did she deserve this?

He add their more recent memories.

Him above her, his wand at her throat while she mouthed her identity, her apologetic surrender for past discretions, and her understanding of his inability to accept them.

Did she deserve this?

Her gratitude for his help, the way she'd laughed when he'd asked out his boss in front of her, the look of mirrored disgust on her face when he'd told that they'd be having sex to break the curse, and their awkward first sexual encounter.

And then…

'What if, if we do this and I end up cursed again…'

Even the memory of her words stung and angered. He played them in his head as he remembered her hasty retreat from his home after leaving him cursed. What a display that was, of the worst humanity had to offer…

As she continued to sob in his arms, he continued to wonder…

Did she deserve this?

When she'd first arrived, he'd believed whole heartedly that no one deserved this, had her actions so far really tainted that thought so thoroughly.

She had been open with him about her shrewishness over the last few years, even toward her friends. He knew that is was reaching and judgmental to say, but even the idea that she apparently didn't have enough social skills to get a bloke to bed her, probably spoke volumes on what a wretch she must have been to people around her.

The simple fact that she was in this mess because of foolhardy belief that she didn't need a trained crew of spell decoders, before she let her ego set her to work on those books in the ministry, was enough for him to believe in the 'reap what you sew' situation she had fallen into.

'Hermione!' he remembered Harry's anguished cry as Draco had stood invisible in his home, clutching Hermione so that she couldn't escape a second time.

Terrible people didn't have loved ones like she did. People who would search high and low for her. People who made sure that her face was on the cover of the Prophet every week, for months. Dozens, if not hundreds of people who would mourn the loss her presence at her wake.

However horrible she'd become over the last ten years, was only an aspect to a whole that he could not envision. After all, she'd never really presented much for him to work off of, at least not to him directly.

But Revenge had left this decision to him for some reason. The person who would least benefit from her existence. Why would he have the right to decide, when all she'd ever shown him where the ugliest parts of herself.

But maybe that was the point. Maybe he knew the true her, unfiltered by pleasant memories. Maybe that's what made him the authority on the matter of whether she deserved this fate.

And so, as her sobbing quieted into an exhaust induced slumber, he stayed up pondering. He could not say that she deserved no reprimand, but she didn't deserve death. His mind was heavy with sleep now as he lamented farther.

The exuberant and passionate way she spoke about her work had truly intrigued and inspired him. That is who she must be at her best, he decided. And he openly admitted to himself that he liked her in that state. Her patience, laughter, intellect and focus. It was a good energy that he hadn't been exposed to before, and he'd actually drank it up today, enjoying her company in a way that he did not enjoy anyone else's.

He frowned at his own ability to imagine further encounters like that with her in future. Truth be told, the field of work that she had created was not only interesting, but… fun.

'What if you die?' she'd asked in a terrified voice, making obvious that she'd been thinking about the possibility all day, and her guilt willingly took back the curse.

On some level he knew that there was obviously a very deep rooted hurt with in him that she had caused for him to have to seriously consider ones 'goodness' this hard. Especially that of Hermione Granger. Anyone should have been able to see that the punishment didn't fit the crime. But he was clinging to a bitter grudge neither time or the few good experiences with her, could erase as of yet.

Still thought, the questions lingered unanswered as his body shut down into slumber…

How much of this did Hermione Granger deserve for her transgressions? And what gave him the right to judge?

From across the hall, Revenge, now silent in its prison, calculated its next move. Closed confines, would not protect those who thought to unlock the books secrets, from its wrath.

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