In the lab

Alec and the Professor were setting up medical equipment for an eye operation, Alec was preparing the utensils needed and the professor was laying a sterile medical sheet over a table they were going to use. The lab wasn't really that big, it was roughly the same size as a classroom in a school and had 5 tables in it, 1 in the middle of the room which was the makeshift operating table and the other 4 were next to the walls, the door to the lab was in a corner of the room.

"We won't need any cutting utensils because there's already an opening to her eye socket" Alec stated. "Agreed, so how does this 'stem cell treatment' of yours work?" The professor asked. "It works by using the body's existing cells and replicating them faster to repair or completely re-build damaged tissue in hours on a human." Alec explained. "I used stem cell treatment to replace missing limbs on soldier's bodies in my time as a slayer; It works!" he continued. "Well we'll need some of Blossom's cells for that to work." The professor stated. "Yeah, specifically from her good eye, but we'll get them when we do the operation." Alec stated.

They had now finished preparing the operating room, the ex-slayer and scientist stood back to see how it looked. "You do realise if this works, Blossom will probably mate with you." The professor stated. "Well according to Bubbles if I step out this building, every vampire in existence will mate with me." Alec stated causally, making the professor chuckle. "Well I hope you use protection when that happens!" The professor stated chuckling again.

10:00 PM, the living room.

Alec and the girls were on the couch watching 'Twilight'. (A/N: I know 100% nothing about Twilight, so im not gonna describe the movie OK?)Alec was sitting in the middle of the couch, Blossom had her arms round his neck and her head was resting on his shoulder with her good eye closest to him. Bubbles was on Alec's other side, she was lying on her side with her head resting on Alec's other shoulder with her eyes closed, fast asleep. Buttercup was sitting on Alec's lap, she was also only wearing her lime green bra and underwear, which is the only thing she wore for bed clothes, so Alec was a little uneasy with her on his lap.

"Im gonna take Bubbles to bed, BC behave while im gone." Blossom commanded firmly. "Sure thing, he's your boyfriend after all." Buttercup stated innocently, Blossom just rolled her eyes. She then picked up Bubbles bridal style and carried her out the room. Alone with Alec Buttercup had a naughty thought, she turned round and wrapped her arms round Alec's neck and her legs round his mid section. "Hey Alec, you want to…" She trailed off at the end of the sentence, but Alec didn't need telepathy to know what she wanted with him. "Forget it Buttercup, you heard Blo-AH!"

While he had been talking Buttercup had unzipped Alec's jeans and slid her hand inside them, she was now gently rubbing his boxer shorts with her fingertips. "Come on Alec, just have a little fun." Buttercup pleaded, she leaned in closer, pushing Alec down onto the sofa, he scooted up against the arm of the couch in an attempt to escape the horny girl, but Buttercup just crawled onto him to prevent that. "Buttercup, Blossom will-" He was cut off by Buttercup pressing her lips to his own, Alec tried resisting her by trying to shove Buttercup off him, but that just encouraged her to rub his boxers harder, thus tempting his trapped boner to press ever harder against his clothing.

Buttercup could sense he was losing the will to resist her, so she went for the knockout punch and slid her tongue inside his mouth. He moaned as she massaged his tongue and slid his pants and boxers off, she then crawled down to his waist. "Buttercup…this isn't…a good idea." Alec struggled to say. Buttercup just giggled. "Hush Alec, you'll like this." Alec groaned when Buttercup gave his hard rod a long hard lick, she then engulfed the head of his dick, Alec moaned in pleasure as Buttercup swirled her tongue round the sensitive head of his rod.

Both teens then heard someone clear their throat, Alec and Buttercup, who took Alec's dick out of her mouth, both turned to see Blossom standing in the doorway with her arms folded and one of her eye brows raised. The door was behind the sofa so only Alec's head was visible to Blossom. "Am I interrupting anything?" Blossom asked sarcastically. "Um…" Buttercup began, but Blossom just chuckled a little. "Keep going if you want, just make sure that you both get some sleep OK?" With that Blossom shut the door again.

"Buttercup and Alec both looked at each other with WTF expressions on their faces, Alec then smirked and pulled Buttercup onto the couch with him, he then French kissed her hard while reaching behind her for her bra strap. Buttercup meanwhile was grinding her crotch into Alec's own, pleasure flowing through them both making them moan as Alec's cock rubbed against her panties, making them slide off her as they rubbed against each other. When they were both completely naked, Alec prodded Buttercup's shaven pussy with his rod, making her moan loud and get wet with the teasing.

Smooth black tendrils protruded from Buttercups back, one went under her crotch and stroked the bottom of Alec's dick and the rest went to his crotch and stroked the base of his cock, Alec gasped as the tendrils sent pleasure surging through him, muscle contractions behind his cock tempted him to enter Buttercup, who lowered herself so his dick was just touching her pussy, creating a tingly feeling on the head of his cock, a tendril poked the tip of the cock, making Alec moan loud. "Go on Alec, you know you want to." Buttercup breathed right into his ear.

Alec couldn't take it anymore, he flipped them over so he was on top, held her thighs apart and he thrusted himself deep inside Buttercup, who moaned as she was penetrated, Alec then began to pump her crotch hard and fast, Buttercup's tendrils wrapped round his waist and helped him pound the raven haired girl even faster, white hot pleasure ripped through their bodies as Alec pumped ever harder, as if his life depended on it. Buttercup meanwhile was feeling her vagina begin to contract as she neared an orgasm, Alec felt his cock pulsate with pleasure, also about to cum.

"Buttercup im gonna cum!" Alec stated between breaths. "Me too!" Buttercup also said. After a few more hard thrusts finally… "Argh!" Both teens screamed as they came, fortunately the room was relatively sound-proof so they no-one heard them. Alec's hot white and sticky cum squirted inside Buttercup, who also released some love juices that soaked Alec's cock, who moaned as he withdrew from Buttercup. "…that felt good." Alec stated, he fell on top of BC who was too tired to reply. "Lets just…lie here a minute." Alec suggested. BC nodded and wrapped both her arms and her tendrils round Alec and pulled him into another make out session.