Here is the first crossover with Pearl Harbor and Land Before Time, enjoy.

Chapter 1: Arrival in the Land Before Time

In the year 1943, there is a war around the world that is everywhere called World War 2, It is the Allied Powers vs the Axis Powers, The Allied Powers are The Untied States, Canada, Britain, The Soviet Union, China, Australia, New Zealand, and many more Allied Powers, The Axis Powers are Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, The Empire of Japan, and their allies, After the Doolittle Raid, Danny, Rafe, Gooz, Red, and many others survived and continued to fight in the Pacific, they won the battle of Midway against Japan in June 1942, by the year 1943, Danny, Rafe, and the others were then sent to England to fight against the Nazi's and the Fascist's, Danny, Rafe, and the others are heading to Italy to help the Allied troops land on the beaches, they heard that they are not just going to just meet with the Italian Air force, but also the Luftwaffe, the German air force, there mission is to destroy the air forces and take out any artillery that halts the troops from advancing, Rafe and Danny are in their fighter planes, their fighters are mustangs, Rafe picks up his radio, " Get ready for Danny."

Danny that is flying next to him in his mustang, he picks up his radio, " I'm ready when you are, Rafe."

Rafe and Danny along with some British pilot's that Rafe were friends with from Britain are in their Hawker hurricanes and Submarine Spitfires, then when they got to Italy's door step, they saw the Italian air force and the Luftwaffe, then Danny, Rafe, and the other pilot's got into a dog fight with Italian and Nazi fighters, Danny had shot down ten fighters, Rafe had shot down twenty fighters, the British pilot's shot down five fighters, as the Allied forces were landing on the beaches of Italy, then Danny and Rafe were flying after two Nazi fighters, as a worm hole came out of nowhere, as the four planes went in it, Gooz, try's to contact them, " Danny, Rafe, this is Gooz, come in."

Gooz got static, he try's again, " Danny, Rafe, this is Gooz, do you copy?"

But still got static, Gooz now only hope that are okay.

In 65 million years into the past, before World War 2 starts, the sun is shining above in the Great Valley, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby, were playing in the bubbling mud enjoying their day, " Today is a great day, yep, yep, yep." Ducky said.

Cera says, " You bit, I hope that it stay's like that."

Petrie says, " Me hope's so too."

Littlefoot says, " Who knows we might have another adventure again."

Then they hear a noise that came from the sky, Petrie asks being scared, " What's that?"

Ducky says, " I've never heard that sound before, oh no, no, no."

Ruby says, " Me and Chomper have never heard that sound either."

Chomper smells the air, he finds the scent very funny, but knows where it is, " I never smelt anything like this before, but it is coming from the sky."

Littlefoot says, " Lets go check it out."

When Littlefoot and the gang came out into the clearing, they saw four flying objects flying around the Great Valley, while that was happen, Danny and Rafe were too busy to notice they were somewhere else, as they are trying to shot down the last two Nazi fighters, Rafe says, " I got him, I'm on his tale, hammer down."

Rafe starts shooting at one of the Nazi fighters, then the fighters got hit and went down from the sky to the ground, Littlefoot and the gang saw one of the flying objects falling out of the sky and crashes as Rafe says in the radio, " I got another one, the last one is yours Danny."

Danny says in the radio, " Okay, Rafe." Danny then started shooting at the last one, then the fighter went down, Danny kept on shooting at it until it exploded in the air. " I got him, Rafe, we did it, lets head back to base." Danny said into the Radio.

Rafe looks around the land and says, " Danny, I don't thing we will be going back to the base."

Danny asks, " Why?"

Rafe says, " Look out of your cockpit."

Danny does and see's dinosaurs, Danny asks in his Radio, " Rafe, did we ended up in the time of the dinosaurs?"

Rafe says into the radio, " Yes Danny, we need to land to save fuel."

Littlefoot and the gang then saw the flying objects are trying to land, then they heard a old male voice, " Littlefoot."

Littlefoot turns around and see's his Grandfather and says, " Grandpa, those flying object just came out of nowhere, two of them fell out of the sky, one crashed while the other one got destroyed."

Grandpa Longneck says, " We saw it too, we better find them."

Mr. Threehorn says, " Let be cautious, we don't know if they are friendly or hostile, but let check it out."

Littlefoot and the gang, followed both Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn to where the flying object are about to land, back with Danny and Rafe they are trying to land their planes, Rafe see's a good landing spot, he radio's Danny, " Danny, I see a good landing spot, follow my lead."

Danny see's it too, and says into the radio, " Following right behind you, Rafe."

Littlefoot and the gang including Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn, saw the flying objects land on the ground safe and stopped when they landed, Littlefoot and the gang watch, as they saw two creatures came out of the flying object, Littlefoot and the gang then walked up to the creatures, Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn see them, but it was too late to try to call them back, Littlefoot and the gang see the creatures talking to each other.

Danny says, " I can't believe that we toke out those Nazi's out, you were good, Rafe."

Rafe says, " I fought against the Nazi's in England remember."

Danny says, " But still your good."

Littlefoot and the gang the got close enough for the creatures to see them.

Danny says, " Look at this."

Rafe looks and see seven little dinosaurs walking to them and stopped in front of them.

Rafe, " When I was young, I always wanted to be in a world full of dinosaurs, but now I really here."

But what happened next would change both of the two pilot's lives forever.

Littlefoot says, " Hello."

Danny and Rafe stair at the little dinosaur, then they both looked at each other.

Danny says, " Did I just hear something or did that dinosaur just talk?"

Rafe says, " The dinosaur just talked right in front of us."

Littlefoot says, " Sorry for being rude, but what are you?"

Rafe says, " We're humans and we are Americans."

Chomper asks, " Where are you from?"

Danny says, " We are from a land far away from here."

Cera looks at their planes and ask with suspicion, " What are does things?"

Danny and Rafe look behind them and saw their planes as Rafe says, " Those are our planes, this is the mustang the fastest plane used in the U.S. Army Air Force."

Ruby asks, " U.S. Army Air Force?"

Danny says, " We are drafted in the U.S. Army Air Force, we are pilot's for the U.S. Army Air Force."

Littlefoot was about to ask them they're names, they heard footsteps they saw Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn coming at them, Mr. Threehorn asks the kids, " What are these creatures and what do they want?"

Ruby says, " They are humans, from a land far away, they are pilot's for the U.S. Army Air Force, that's all we know."

Grandpa Longneck asks the two humans, " Can you tell us who you two are?"

Rafe says, " I'm Capt. Rafe McCawley and this is my friend Capt. Danny Walker of the United States Army Air Force."

Grandpa Longneck looks at the planes and asks, " So these are your planes?"

Danny says, " Yes Sir, they are P-51 Mustangs, one of the best airplanes used in the war."

Mr Threehorn and Grandpa Longneck both asked, " A war?"

Rafe says, " That's right, Me, Danny, and are friends have been at war for a year and a half now, there was a war in Europe, that began before are country got involved because of the Empire of Japan, they surprise attacked us for no reason at Pearl Harbor, which is in Hawaii and killed a lot of Americans, then after a year and a half, Me and my friends were sent to Europe to help the Allied forces land in Italy, we were fighting with the Nazi's that are helping the Italians, to stop us from advancing."

Littlefoot then got curious and asks, " What were those other planes, they're not your type of planes."

Danny says, " That's was our enemy, the Nazi's, that what you saw, were their planes, to tell the difference between our and the Nazi's, the Nazi's have a symbol on the tail of their planes that looks like that, we shot them out of the sky."

Littlefoot and the gang, even Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn, looked at the Nazi symbol on the tail of the airplane, as Rafe says, " They cause nothing, but trouble, they started the war in the first place, and we are winning the war so far, and we hope to defeat them and bring peace into the world."

Grandpa Longneck asks, " Do you know how you got here?"

Danny says, " We came here by a wormhole and we ended up here, but we have no way back."

Grandpa Longneck says, " Well until you can find your way back, you are welcome to stay in the Great Valley."

Rafe says to Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn, " Thank you Sir, what are your names?"

Grandpa Longneck says to Rafe, " Call me, Grandpa Longneck."

Mr. Threehorn: " I'm Mr. Threehorn, that is all you can call me, understand?"

Danny says, " Yes Sir."

Grandpa Longneck says, " We need to have a meeting about you two, follow me, kids come with us."

Rafe says, " Thank you, Sir."

Mr. Threehorn says, " You will also call me Mr. Threehorn, do you understand?"

Danny says to Mr. Threehorn, " Yes, Sir."

Than later a meeting was called, the residents of the Great Valley, started asking questions to both Rafe and Danny, about the action they did, where they came from, how did they got here, some questions were about their customs, weapons, vehicles, and many more, then the meeting was over as the sun went down, Rafe and Danny slept in their planes, hoping for a new day to come.

Rafe and Danny are about to have another war heading their way, but it will be a war that Littlefoot and the gang have never before, see you guys later, bye.