Wants some more War, well here it comes, enjoy the war.

Chapter 10: Blade and Operation Husky

It is now morning in the Great Valley, Littlefoot and the gang woke up early, but when they woke up, they saw the Great Valley is mobilizing, Littlefoot now just remembered that Zero had once told him and his friends to find Blade.

Littlefoot and the gang asked their parents and Littlefoot also asked his grandparents, they all agreed, there was a British Officer standing hearing about finding Blade, as he says, " We can look for Blade, we can start looking for him on a small island called Sicily, just off the coast of Arcane Valley, which us and the allied forces call, Italy, which has a lot of Italians and also have German and Mysterious Beyond forces to back up, Mussolini's government."

Ducky asks, " What do we do?"

" Simple. We use a dead corpse in disguised as one of our uniforms draft ashore, carrying fake secret documents which will reveal to the enemy that we are going to invade Greece and Sardinia." said the British Officer.

Chomper then asks, " But are we going to invade Sicily, or invade Greece and Sardinia?"

The British Officer says, " We are going to make the enemy think we are going to invade Greece and Sardinia, but we are going to invade Sicily, along with the Americans."

Cera then asks, " Who are we going to be with today?"

Then a member of the Big Red One, the 1st Infantry division, came up and says, " Hello there Sargents, you kids are going to be the Big Red One, the 1st Infantry division today, when we invade Sicily, I am Sargent Glenn Hawkins, but you can call me 'Hawk', and after the British are successful in Operation Mincemeat, then we can begin with Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily which will lead the way to the invasion of Italy."

Hyp says, " I can't wait for more action."

Nod repeats Hyp, " Yeah more action."

Mutt then says, " But we need to be careful."

" There you are right, but that is one of things that we don't have, which is fear, we are our one of the best." said Sargent 'Hawk' Hawkins.

After the briefing, Littlefoot got worried not only just to his friends and family, but also to Ali, he loves her so much, he doesn't want to lose her.

Ali came next to Littlefoot, as he says, " I hope that Operation Husky, will go fine and and we find Blade."

Ali says, " Don't worry Littlefoot, we will find him together."

" It's going to get dangerous, and I don't want anything to happen to you." Littlefoot said, as he nuzzled her.

" So I'm still coming, you think that all of us, including me, be left out of the action?" Ali replied, licking his face.

Days later, operation Mincemeat is successful, the Germans and the Mysterious Beyond believed that the Allied forces were going to invade Greece and Sardinia, as they send their armies to focus there.

The Great Valley joined with the Allied forces to help invade Sicily, The Great Valley and the Allied powers made an agreement, The Great Valley will some dinosaurs to the Allied forces, and the Allied forces will send of their men to the Great Valley's military.

Operation Husky is now operational, The Great Valley Army and Air Force, Navy, as well as their own Marines, along with Allied Army, Navy, Air Force, and some Marines.

The Allied Forces gave the Great Valley some transport, bomber, and fighter aircraft to fight with, so that the Great Valley Flyers and Flying Sharpteeth won't have much trouble in the air, The Great Valley's paratroopers, along with the Paratroopers of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne, the British Paratroopers of the 21st Independent Parachute Company, along with the British Glider infantry from the 1st Air landing Brigade.

So far the British didn't have much initial trouble, but would when it came to landing, but out into the sea, Littlefoot and the gang were with the Big Red One getting ready to make it ashore, a nervous Allied naval vessel near the Sicilian Coast, suddenly fired upon the American formation. Immediately, all other naval vessels joined in, downing friendly aircraft and forcing planeloads of paratroopers to exit far from their intended drop zone.

Strong winds made matters difficult for the Big Red One, but it also made the enemy assume that none of the Allied power would try to make landing in such poor conditions. Soon Littlefoot and the gang along with the U.S. 1St, 3rd, and 45th Divisions, and other Allied forces landed ashore, facing heavy gun fire.

Ducky and Petrie only have Colt M1917 pistols, Chomper and Ruby are holding Thompson M1928s, Hyp his holding a Bar machine gun, while he has an M1 Garand Rifle behind his back, Mutt is also holding a Bar machine gun, but he has an M1 Carbine, Nod and Cera have Browning M2HB machine guns on their backs, Littlefoot, Spike, Ali, Shorty, and Rhett have M9 Bazooka's on their backs, as they storm ahead to face the enemy, Soon the Littlefoot and the gang, even the Big Red One, met with Italians firing Beretta Model 1938/42's and Carcano M38's, and Mysterious Beyond soldiers firing MP40's and Karabiner 98k's at them.

Littlefoot and the gang, and the Big Red One shot the Italians and the Mysterious Beyond soldiers, as they moved in, the heavy gun fighting, toke almost all morning, but they were able to secure the beachhead and the town of Licata.

Over the next few days, Littlefoot and the gang, have met up with some of their parents, that are now further inland, Sargent Hawkins introduces a Corporal, named Roland Roger, to Littlefoot and the gang, when the gang introduced themselves, Hawkins explains that Corporal Roger does not speak, he is a mute, which means he can't talk, Spike immediately befriends Roger, but as things were getting better, a German Junker Ju 87 Stuka, bombs a few compounds, Sargent Hawkins then orders Corporal Roger, " Corporal get on that anti-aircraft gun!"

Corporal Roger gets on the gun, as Littlefoot and the gang, and other members of the Big Red One get on the Half-track.

Corporal Roger shot down about 12 Stuka's, as they get out of Half-track, and head on foot to meet with a few Italians, but mostly German and Mysterious Beyond forces, about 30 minutes later, they see Panzers moving in, as German and Mysterious Beyond Soldiers are marching towards them, Littlefoot and the gang and the Big Red One stand their ground, as some members of the Big Red One, Chomper, Ruby, Hyp, and Mutt shoot at the combined force, while Littlefoot, Spike, Ali, Shorty, and Rhett aim the Bazooka's at the Panzers, as Ducky fired Spike's Bazooka, Petrie fired Littlefoot's Bazooka, Corporal Brooklyn, Corporal Roger, and Sargent Hawkins, fire Ali, Shorty, and Rhett's Bazooka's.

They toke out a few Panzers, now there are more Fast-biters and Sharpteeth coming in to help the Germans, the Big Red One and Littlefoot and the gang are now under heavy fire and are starting to become trapped.

Shorty says, " They got us trapped."

Petrie says very nervously, " What do we do? What do we do?"

Sargent Hawkins says, " We stay in fight."

Littlefoot and the gang, and the Big Red One kept on fighting, But just when they seem doomed, there was a loud sling slang sound, and a large X appears on one of the Panzers, as the Panzer explodes, causing a cloud of dust around the area.

When the dust cleared, a lone Sharptooth stood in front of them, on one knee facing the other Sharpteeth. Littlefoot noticed he looked a lot like Zero, with some differences. He was a darker color with longer spikes on him, as well as his shoulder spikes were thicker. And where Zero's spikes started at his neck and ran to the beginning of his tail, this Sharpteeth's spikes ran from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. His eyes showed experience and concentration. Finally, what he had that Zero hadn't, and that Littlefoot made up for with the spikes on top of his front feet, was two long, thin spikes, one on each arm and just a few inches away from his arms at the tip, and getting closer to his arms further on, that unlike the other spikes, they didn't seem to be bone.

"W-Who are you?" Littlefoot asked, unable to hide his surprise at the Sharptooth's entrance, undoubtedly from a ledge above them.

The Sharptooth looked back at them with his eyes, the rest of his body unmoving.

" I'm Blade." Blade said. Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Ali, Shorty, Rhett, Hyp, Nod, Mutt, the members of the Big Red One, and nearby Germans and Mysterious Beyond forces gasped. As he rose to both feet, the forces scattered.

German and Mysterious Beyond soldiers holding weapons, fired MP40's, 98k's, Panzerschreck's, and Panzerfaust's at Blade, but he kept on dodging them, then he did a super jump that shock the ground, as enemy troops did not expect that to happen.

German and Mysterious Beyond forces on foot retreated, as there are three enemy Sharpteeth and two German Panzers, the first Sharptooth tries to thrust its claws at Blade, which he caught and twisted sharply, throwing the enemy Sharptooth aside. The second Sharptooth try to whip Blade with his tail, which he grabbed and flung the Sharptooth onto its back and knocked him out cold. The third and final Sharptooth charged, trying to hit Blade with his knee, but to only get pushed back by him, as Blade elbowed the Sharptooth, then threw the Sharptooth over his shoulder to slam the ground, as he turned to the Panzers.

The Panzers fired their rounds at Blade, as he toke cover, then got back up. Blade smiled at how easy this was so far. He charged at the Panzers, the Germans in the Panzers tried to reload, but it was too late, as Blade brought his arms in front of him, forming an X, and swiped them down on one Panzer, as the Panzer exploded.

Blade turns his attention to the last Panzer, he leaped into the air. Blade crashed down into a ducking position as the Panzer shot a round, then Blade stood up in front of the Panzer, doing the same X swipe as before, but now making contact, causing another explosion, just as they all thought they won the battle, more Panzer roll in, but then got destroyed by American P-38 Lightning's and the Great Valley Army Air Force.

Blade turns to the team, " Where is a place, that we can rearm?"

Sargent Hawkins says, " Straight ahead."

" Let's get going. There are more enemy forces out there." Blade said.

Blade, Littlefoot and the gang, and the Big Red One, headed to camp, where they can rearm and go out again, when Mr. Threehorn, who is leading the Great Valley Tank Corps, asks who is the spiked Sharptooth, Cera replied, " Daddy, he's Blade."

Littlefoot says, " He saved us."

" Yeah, it was so cool, he just started slashing and fighting, he had just destroyed a Panzer with his move." Shorty said.

" We were lucky that he showed up when he did, or we would have been killed." Ali said, as she explains.

Chomper adds, " Or eaten."

The Great Valley and Allied forces started asking questions, they asks Blade questions, then after the questions were answered, and people asking the questions left, the sun is setting, they have another day ahead of them, Littlefoot lay down next to Ali.

" Blade really is just like Zero." Littlefoot told Ali.

" Yes, he is." Ali said, nuzzling him. Littlefoot, in turn licked her cheeks, as they look into the night sky for an hour, before falling asleep.

During the next few weeks, The Allied powers and the Great Valley armed forces, toke the towns of Gela and Syracuse, but victory for the Bid Red One, did not come without a price to pay, Vick a member of the Big Red One, had been shot by German and Mysterious Beyond soldiers MP40's.

Vick died four hours later, but other then that, the Great Valley and the Allied powers finally toke control all of Sicily. Then on July 23, 1943, a coup in Italy removed Mussolini from power. The news then reached the Allied powers and the Great Valley, but it also reached Germany, the Mysterious Beyond, and other Axis powers, as everybody now knew the invasion of Italy is underway.

Littlefoot and the gang join with the Big Red One, to invade Sicily, they had a very hard landing, but they managed to land, they are very successful in finding Blade, or Blade finding them, now that Sicily is under Allied control, the Invasion of Italy is coming, what will happen next? Read chapter 11, to see more, see you later, y'all.