My New Little Brother


Chiyo's POV

I got up and out of bed. I glanced at the alarm clock that is beside my bed to check the time. It was 9:10am. Good a perfect time to get Sasori up for breakfast. I thought to myself as I put on a long black and white robe then walked out the door of the room.

I lived in a two-story house. I used to live alone but now my grandson, Sasori, lives with me. Ever sense his parents were murdered he stayed with me. I never could figure out how to tell him. He was just so happy. Sasori believed that his parents went on a business trip, which is where they were at when they were killed. I knew that I couldn't protect him forever, but I could try. Sasori's room was on the top floor while mine was on the first floor. I went to the bottom of the stairs and called up them.

"Sasori! It's time to get up! Breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes!" I called knowing that he would hear it. Sasori was a light sleeper.

"All right Granny Chiyo! I will be down in a couple minutes!" I heard him call back as loud as he could. I nodded to myself and I watched as he came bounding down the stairs. Sasori was 4 years old. He had blood red hair and light brown eyes He had a small smile on his face. I looked down at him with surprise.

"That was fast Sasori. Do you have anything planned for today?" I asked him.

"No nothing special but I wanted to know what we were having before I got dresses." He explained.

"O.k well I was thinking that if you were willing to wait a little longer than 15 minutes I could probably make us some breakfast pizza." I said with a smile and I beamed as I saw his smile grow into a full fledged one.

"Okay I like that idea." He said as he went back up the stairs to his room. After he had disappeared up the stairs I turned around to go start making the pizza.

A few minutes later I heard Sasori come back down the stairs and he walked into the kitchen and I turned to him and asked.

"Are you feeling better Sasori?" Sasori had been sick for the past week and had not been aloud to leave the house.

"Yes I am and I want to go outside!" Sasori exclaimed. "Though I am getting tired of every Doctor that we go and see always think I am sick just because of my skin tone." He was right every appointment that he went to the doctors always thought that he was sick because of his complexion. It was stark white pale.

"So am I Sasori but it's not your fault that they can't tell that your not sick." I say and Sasori grumbled and I added. "Then maybe today you can go out."

"Yes!" Sasori said triumphantly.

"But only for a little bit." I warn.

"I just can't wait!" Just then the door bell rang. "I will get it!" Sasori calls retreating out of the kitchen.

"Fine just come and get me if it's important!" I call after him. It better not be anybody that will frighten him or someone who has come to take him away from me. I thought but I know for a fact that it wouldn't be the ladder and I also know that Sasori doesn't scare easy. I need to stop fretting like this. I tell myself as I took the sausage out of the pan and into a bowl. When I hear Sasori's uncertain voice coming from the other room.

"Granny Chiyo! I think that you need to come here!" He calls and I call back.

"O.k I will be right there Sasori!" After I turn the stove off I walk towards where Sasori is standing with the door still open. "Sasori you know better than to leave the door open like that." I scold and then he turns to look at me holding a piece of paper.

"But it is kinda important." He said pointing down onto the step at the doorway. My eyes widened as I see a baby laying there. It had blonde hair and it looked like a newborn.

"Oh my!" I exclaim.