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It took a minute or so to find the door closest to the pirates camp. Jim carefully unlatched and lifted it, looking around for any awake pirates.

"So what's the plan!" B.E.N. popped up behind us, scaring the living daylights outs of all of us and causing Jim to clamp the robot's mouth shut.

"Shh, B.E.N., quiet!" Jim whispered, glancing around to see if we had woken any pirates. Luckily, they all seemed to be undisturbed.

"Okay, here it is." JIm turned to us to explain. "We sneak back to the Legacy, disable the laser cannons, and bring back the map."

"That's a good plan, I like that plan." B.E.N. mumbled from behind Jim's hand. "The only thing is...l'm wondering, how do we get there?"

"On that." Jim pointed to the longboat tied to the trees above the pirates.

We all quietly crept out of the hatch and to the longboat, Jim helping both B.E.N. and I into the longboat and then untying it himself. He walked a bit ahead us with the rope in his hands, pulling the boat along until we were out of range of the pirates camp. Jim hopped aboard and drove us towards the Legacy.

Shortly after we pulled up to the ship, tying up the longboat so that it would hover a bit below the edge of the outer hull. We all climbed aboard, B.E.N. tripping and clanged to the ground.

"B.E.N., shh!" I snapped, pulling the loud robot up.

"Sorry, sorry." He whispered back sheepishly. We quickly made our way to the lower deck, and Jim gestured for us to stop.

"Okay, I'll get the map. You two wait here." He ordered.

"Roger Jimmy!" B.E.N. said, completely disregarding Jim. "I'll neutralize laser cannons, sir!"

"Wait, B.E.N.! B.E.N.!" Jim called, but B.E.N. was already strolling down the hallway, singing "A Pirate's Life for Me." He turned to me. "Could you go after him?"

"Yeah." I paused. "Hey, Jim. If I don't manage to stop him before he trips the alarm, Scroop will be after you." I informed him, then took off to find said robot.

It took a minute to get to the room he was in, and by the time I nearly ran by the door B.E.N. already had a hand on a wire.

"Wait, don't-" Too late. He pulled the wire and the alarm blared loudly across the ship.

"-ixing." I heard B.E.N. say as he plugged the wire back in. "Oh, hey Chelley! Come to help me disable the cannons? Thanks, but I've got this completely under control!"

I rolled my eyes; despite his clumsy nature, he really did want to help. Besides, without his meddling Jim probably would've lost that fight with Scroop.

"Nah, just here to keep watch. I know you can do it." I nodded at him, and watched as B.E.N. lit up, literally. "Carry on." I leaned up against the doorway, looking around for pirates.

"Aye aye, first mate Chelley, ma'am!" He saluted, then turned back to the mess of wires.

"Alright, I think it's this one!" B.E.N. said confidently, plucking another wire out of it's socket. The ship whirred then stopped, the lights going out on us.

"Really." I said dryly, my back pressed against the doorway so that I didn't get disorientated. The dark was a blessing on my pounding head, the lack of harsh light lessening the pain.

"Whoops, okay." B.E.N.'s eye lit up, giving him and I a small light to see by. "Don't panic. Breathing in." A loud gasp. "Breathing out."

The emergency lights came on, sending an eerie red glow along the length of the passageways.

"Sorry, Chelley." B.E.N. said sheepishly, turning to blink at me with his lighted eyes.

"It's fine, just as long as you don't touch the alarm again." I shrugged, giving a small smile to the robot.

"Alright!" He touched another wire. "This has got to be cannons."

He pulled the wire, and a rumble ran through the ship before the artificial gravity cut off.

"Maybe not!" He said as we lifted off the ground.

"Whoa!" I gasped, trying to keep from spinning. I held onto the doorway and held myself as close to the floor as possible, so not to bash down on the ground. "B.E.N.!"

"I guess that wasn't it!" He chuckled nervously, spinning in the air and trying to bring himself back down to the plug.

"Alright, just put it back then!" I yelped as I slipped, floating up to the ceiling.

"Back you go you naughty plug!" B.E.N. "swam" through the air to and quickly plugged the wire back in, sending the gravity back online and a lot of things crashing against the ground. Including us.

"Ooowww." I groaned, flipping onto my back to relieve the pressure a bit. I had had landed right on my stomach, knocking the breath out of me.

"Oh, I know which one it is!" I heard B.E.N. jump up, then turned my head as he singled out a particular wire and plucked it as if he knew exactly what it did. There was a sort of mechanical grinding sound then the engines that fueled the laser cannons shut down.

"That should do it!" B.E.N. said happily. I hauled myself to my feet, only to see B.E.N. completely covered in torn and sparking wires. I raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment.

"Alright, lets head up to the deck." I started out into the hallway, hearing B.E.N. clank his way behind me. It only took a few seconds to get to the main deck and even less to locate Jim in the crow's nest.

"Laser cannons disconnected Captain Jimmy, sir!" B.E.N. called up as Jim made his way down to the deck. "Gee, that wasn't so tough."

I snorted quietly.

"You alright? No cuts, bruises, missing limbs?" I asked Jim as he came closer. He gave me a weird look, which quickly transformed into fond amusement. He shook his head in exasperation.

"I'll take that as a no, then." I smiled at him.

"Yeah." He looked at B.E.N. "Alright, lets get back to doc and the captain.