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Jim walked up to the film separating us from the other side of the portal and slowly put his arm through it. Finding nothing wrong, he stepped through.

Silver reached out and grasped his shoulder holding him in place so that he could walk forward first. He stepped forward, and I could hear a small, high-pitched beeping alarm sounding off, but nobody else seemed to hear it.

We all made our way across the platform, a few pirates running to catch up. There was a collective gasp that quickly morphed into a loud cheer. The pirates ran to the gold, running far out and scooping up handfuls of gold.

"The loot of a thousand worlds." Silver breathed in awe.

"We're going to need a bigger boat!" Ornus called joyously.

I caught up, eyes widening in astonishment. Even with my headache blurring my vision I could see the vast expanse of gold and jewels covering the entire core of the planet. The pure size of the area made me dizzy, and I grabbed Jim's shoulder to help balance myself.

My focus shifted from the staggering amount of treasure to Jim as he moved to put a hand on the other side of my ribs, and the other grabbed onto my hand to steady me. He glanced at Silver, who was slowly walking forward, taking in his life's dream becoming real in front of his eyes.

"This is all seeming very familiar." B.E.N. muttered, scratching his head around where his missing piece was. "I can't remember why."

"B.E.N., come on." Jim nudged the robot, then quickly returned his hand to mine. He started towards Flint's ship, hopping down the platform all while carefully making sure I kept my balance. "We're getting out of here, and we're not leaving empty-handed."

B.E.N. followed quickly. "But-but, Jimmy! Jimmy!" He called out futilely. We made our way through the treasure, me pushing Jim's help off to stuff my cargo pants pockets with some treasure.

"We may need it." I vaguely explained to Jim before he could question. He shrugged at me and started to stuff his own pants with treasure, still moving. B.E.N. continued to ramble about the strangeness of it, mentioning something about Captain Flint.

"Do you know what's strange?" B.E.N. continued as Jim pulled himself up on the boat. He quickly turned back and pulled me up, then held me back as I went to help B.E.N. up. I huffed at him, but stepped back as he pulled the robot up. "I can't tell you how frustrating this is, Jimmy, cause there's something just-it's nagging at the back of my mind-ahh!" B.E.N. yelped as he simultaneously caught sight of Flint and tripped over the side of the boat.

"Captain Flint?" Jim questioned in shock.

"In the flesh!" B.E.N. exclaimed from the ground. Jim walked forward slowly, in awe of the legendary pirate. B.E.N. rambled on. "Well, sort of, except for skin, organs, or anything that-that-that resembles flesh...that's not there."

He continued on as Jim and I examined the large pirate, seeing his skin and bones and cloth that didn't withstand the passing of time. I took a moment to take in the famous pirate-he was pretty cool, even though I could hardly see him through my blurred vision-and then went for the skeleton's left hand.

"Jim." I held the piece of metal and wires out to Jim after tugging it from the dry bones. Jim took it and turned it over, knowing without explanation what it was.

"Oh, a mind is a terrible thing to lose!" B.E.N. sobbed as Jim matched the shape of the metal up to the hole in B.E.N.'s head with his mind's eye.

"B.E.N., she found your mind." Jim said excitedly, then moved to put a hand on B.E.N.'s head. "Hold still."

"Aah! Jimmy, your hands are very, very-" I couldn't see it, but I could imagine the wires coming out of the back of B.E.N.'s head to magnetize to the piece, snapping it out of Jim's hand and connecting it back to B.E.N. "-cold!"

"Woah!" B.E.N. gasped, the glowing blurs that made up his eyes changing from green to blue as everything connected again. "Hello."

"You know, Jimmy, I was just thinking-" B.E.N. cut himself off. "I was just think-" He started again excitedly. "It's all flooding back!" BEN gasped happily, grabbing onto Jim momentarily. "All my memories! Right up until Flint pulled my memory circuits so I could never tell anybody about his booby trap!"

As if on cue(of course) an explosion sounded throughout the area, distracting the pirates from their gold. We all spun to look up at the metal conductor of some sort that was being blown to bits.

"Speaking of which." B.E.N. squeaked. "Flint wanted to make sure that nobody could ever steal his treasure so he rigged this whole planet to blow higher than a Kalepsian kite!"

The metal rod finally fell from its supports, crashing to the ground and splitting open the core of the planet. Treasure started to spill down, never to be seen again.

"Run, you two!" BEN exclaimed, grabbing onto Jim and shaking. "Run for your lives!"

"You two go back and help the captain and Doc!" Jim ordered, sliding down beneath the front of the ship. "If I'm not there in ten minutes, leave without me!"

"I am not leaving my buddy Jimmy!" BEN tugged on Jim's boots and pulled him out, revealing Jim glaring fiercely at him. "Unless he looks at me like that. Bye Jim!" B.E.N. ran, quickly scrambling over the side of the ship and booking it for the portal door.

I watched, impressed at his speed as the copper shape sped across the gold almost faster than my blurred eyes could follow.

"What are you still doing here? Get to the ship!" Jim exclaimed, making shooing motions at me from underneath the control consul.

"Jim, this bump is messing with my balance and eyesight so much that if you sent me out now I would trip and fall to my death." I grumped, unhappy to be such a burden.

"It's that bad?" Jim sat up and looked at me. I scrunched up my face in an angry grimace and nodded.

"Yeah, but if you don't get this ship up and running, it won't matter much, now will it?" I mentioned, rubbing my head again.

"Okay, but sit down there." He pointed to a flat-ish mound of treasure beside the wheel of the ship. I didn't bother to argue and merely walked over, leaning back against the bulkhead of the ship as Jim hot-wired it.

Eventually Jim got up to the front of the ship, patting my hand until I looked up at him in confusion, then started to pull at the controls. After a few instances of the engine stalling, the flare at the back of the ship caught.

"Yes!" Jim exclaimed, laughing as the ship floated up. "Charley, Morph, we are so out of here!" Morph giggled madly, cheering.

"Ah, Jimbo, Lee!" Silver called from the back of the ship, breaking Jim out of his happy mood. He whipped around to glare at Silver, then stepped in front of me protectively. "Aren't you two just wonders of the universe!"

Jim looked around as Silver walked comfortably forward, then grabbed a gleaming sword from the pile and shoved it at Silver warningly.

"Get. Back." Jim ground out threateningly. I could imagine Silver looking down at the sword, then looking up darkly.

"I like you two," Silver started, the blurry form slowly walking towards us. "but I've come too far to let you stand between me and me treasure." Jim and I were backed up against the wheel with nowhere to go. A flash of light was the only warning.

The ship jerked as the laser cut into it, sending us tumbling overboard and onto a raised platform. The world spun as I scrabbled for a handhold on the metal, but I couldn't catch myself and I was flung over the edge.

My right hand found purchase on the wall, a smooth piece of metal that I could feel moving closer to the wall. My other arm was caught by another person and twisted back, the weight and size of the hands making think that it was Jim. I could feel my braid wrapped around my arm, pressing uncomfortably into the strained joint.

"Charley!" Jim called from below me, hands tightening around my arm and twisting the joint back even more. "Are you alright? Are you holding on?"

"I've got a good grip, but this piece is moving into the wall. I won't be able to hold on much longer." I huffed, clenching my hand harder to make sure my sweating palm didn't slip.

"Jimbo! Lee!" I heard Silver call worriedly. I looked over at him to see his mechanical arm holding onto the boat full of treasure, and his other arm stretched towards us. "Reach for me now, Jimbo!" Jim reached up, trying to grasp Silver's hand and failing. I wrapped my left hand around Jim's arm, trying to give him more room to stretch. "Reach!"

"I-I can't!" Jim said desperately, still stretching for Silver. I glanced at the space in between their hands and then at the platform I was perilously holding onto. I had a few inches left between the edge of the block and the flat wall.

"Shit." I sighed.

I swung the arm holding Jim back a bit, feeling the muscles protesting against the awkward position. I then swung it forward, putting all of Jim's weight on my one arm and finally pulling the joint out of the socket. I snarled and bit my tongue, drawing blood, but forced my hand not to let go until Jim grabbed Silver's hand and his weight was taken off my arm. Jim grabbed onto to Silver and I unclenched my hand, the block holding me finally sliding into the wall.

I yelped as I went down, managing to catch myself on another ledge with my good arm. There were a few platforms under my feet, but they were also moving in. I again scrabbled for purchase, but quickly lost ground.

"Charley!" Jim screamed. I looked up to see him reaching for me, Silver holding onto him as well as the treasure. I looked down at my arm and tried to move it, but only managed a slight flinch of my fingers.

"My shoulder's dislocated." I called up, cracking a small smile. "I can't move my arm."

"Come on, you can reach." Jim shuffled down a bit more, practically hanging off the ledge to reach me.

The ledges under my feet smoothed out and I gasped, gripping harder at the ledge with my one hand.

"Lee!" I heard Silver call, but I didn't look at him. The platform closed into the wall with a metallic click that I only vaguely heard past the feeling of my heart in my throat.

I shrieked as I went down, but quickly cut off into a pained cry when something yanked me to a stop. My head was forced against my shoulder and my dislocation shoulder was forced up painfully. My vision became dotted with black spots.

Then a familiar metal hand wrapped around my torso and my weight was released from my head and arm. I was jerked upwards and then held close to a warm body, my legs folding down on the warm metal underneath me.

"Lee? Lee, girl, are you alright?" I heard Silver through the pounding in my ears. I realized that my eyes were closed, face scrunched up in pain. I opened my eyes, but could only see blurs of red and yellow past the spots of black.

"I'm alive, aren't I?" I croaked, lifting my arm to rub at my eyes, then hissed when I jostled my dislocated shoulder. "I can't..." I hesitated, rubbing at my eyes and blinking. "I can't see."

"Tat's alright, Lee." Silver huffed, pulling me up so that my feet didn't touch the ground. "I got ya."

I couldn't protest even if I wanted to, so I just tucked my head into my chest and pulled my bad arm to my stomach so that it wouldn't get jostled.