Just an Option

"Don't make someone your priority if you're just an option."

"Tora." her sharp voice surprised him. He sloppily put down his bottle of whiskey.

"Whaaaat," Tora slurred. "Ohhh. It's Misaki.." He stumbled toward her and enveloped her in a hug. "Mmmhm. I missed Misaaaki."

"Jeez.. you know what drinking does to you." She said, in a slightly softer tone. She led him to his bed, where he affectionately pulled her down with him. The next morning, he woke up with a bad headache.

"Tch." Tora turned his head to the source of the sound- Misaki. He turned his body toward her and hugged her soundlessly before placing his lips on hers, knowing what had happened last night.

She was his savior in a world without light.

"Don't make someone your priority if you're just an option."

"Stop." Misaki whispered, placing her hands on his chest and pushing him away, breaking the contact with their lips. Tora raised an eyebrow, arms still around her waist.

"Mm." He lowered his lips to her neck when she didn't say anything.

"I mean it." her soft voice surprised him, and he raised his head.

"I.. can't do this anymore." She looked up at him, hands still on his chest.

"What?.. why?" Misaki looked away from his burning gaze.

"Usui proposed to me." Tora's eyes widened, and he bit his lip. "And you.. what did you say?"

"I said.. yes." Misaki pushed him away from her, still not making eye contact. For the first time in his life, Tora felt vulnerable. He could only watch as she walked away.

"I'm sorry," were her last words. Tora stood still, frozen by shock. The familiar words echoed through his mind-

In the end, had he just been an option?

Tora's eyes stayed blank as he watched Misaki walk down the aisle. They stayed blank when she saw Usui and smiled. They stayed blank when they took their vows. They stayed blank when she and Usui shared a soft, innocent kiss and when a rosy blush graced her features.

He sat in his chair even after the reception had ended, staring blankly at the place where Usui and Misaki had stood. Tora held his head in his hands.

He had been just an option. Tora stood up and stiffly walked away, to drown himself in his whiskey again.

END. Angsty, eh? I was in the mood, and somehow, Tora as an alcoholic appealed to me. I'm probably going to drop my -attempted- multi-chapter fic, Timeline. I always did like oneshots better.. also, the quote in italics isn't mine. It is, however, one of my favorites. My little book of quotes is like a bible to me.

I really like this piece of writing; it's my first attempt at angst. Imagine a cold, cloudy day- it's like this in the Bay Area right now. I don't really expect many reviewers [not many people like toramisa, eh?], but I do love reviews ^^