Ivy Angel On Charlie's side. Daughter of

Alice Angel. Ivy is Alyson's white witch.

Ivy is in music.

Jacob Bell On the Bloor's side.

Jacob can make any inanimate object

appear out of thin air. Javob is in


Manfred Bloor Teaching assistant

at Bloor's Academy. A hypnotist.

He is descended from Borlath,

elder son of the Red King.

Borlath was a brutal and sadistic


Benjemin Brown On Charlie's side.

Benjemin can talk to dogs. Bejemin

is in drama.

Naren Bloor Adopted daughter

of Bartholomew Bloor. Naren can

send shadow words over great

distances. She is descended from

the Red King's grandson who was

abducted by pirates and taken to


Charlie Bone Charlie can travel

into photographs and pictures.

Through his father, he is descended

from the Red King and

through his mother, from Mathonwy,

a Welsh magician and

friend of the Red King.

Idith and Inez Branko Telekinetic

twins, distantly related to

Zelda Dobinski, who

has left Bloor's Academy.

Kelly Clarian On the Bloor's side.

Kelly can control plants. Kelly is in art.

Dagbert Endless Dagbert is the

son of Lord Grimwald, who can

control the oceans. His mother

took the gold from drowned

men's teeth and made them into

charms to protect her son. Dagbert

is a drowner.

Dorcas Loom An endowed girl

whose gift is the ability to bewitch


Una Onimous Mr. Onimous's

niece. Una is five years old and

her endowment is being kept

secret until it has fully developed.

Asa Pike A were-beast. He is

descended from a tribe who lived

in the northern forests and kept

strange beasts. Asa can change

shape at dusk.

Billy Raven Billy can communicate

with animals. One of his ancestors

conversed with ravens

that sat on a gallows where dead

men hung. For this talent he was

banished from his village.

Lysander Sage Descended from

an African wise man, Lysander

can call up his spirit ancestors.

Eric Shelhorn Eric can animate

stone carvings.

Gabriel Silk Gabriel can feel

scenes and emotions through the

clothes of others. He comes from

a line of psychics.

Alyson Tilpin On the Bloor's side.

Daughter of Titania Tilpin. Alyson is a

witch like her mother. Alyson is in Music.

Joshua Tilpin Joshua has magnetism.

He is descended from Lilith,

the Red King's oldest daughter,

and Harken, the evil enchanter

who married her. Joshua is

Alyson's brother.

Emma Tolly Emma can fly. Her

surname derives from the Spanish

swordsman from Toledo

whose daughter married the Red

King. The swordsman is therefore

an ancestor of all the endowed


Tancred Torsson A storm-bringer.

His Scandinavian ancestor

was named after the thunder god,

Thor. Tancred can bring wind,

thunder, and lightning.

Olivia Vertigo Descended from

Guanhamara, who fled the Red

King's castle and married an Italian

prince. Olivia is an illusionist.