Ohaithur w well my laptop was stolen -w- so yah, plsu I've been more into my art lately.

Lysander's POV

I didn't bother eating much lunch, I left the pavillion without a word.

I climbed a hill and walked up a dirt path and thats when I saw her. A girl with brown hair and blonde roots, she was sitting against a tree moving her
fingers as the breeze followed them. She didn't look like much, just another teenaged girl- well with an endowment so it seemed anyway.

I hessitated before approching her, "Hello."

She opened her eyes after a moment, looking a little iritated, "Can I help you?"
"I'm not sure," I said slowly. "But I think you might be able to."
She raised an eyebrow "How so?"
"Well.." I hessitated. "You see.. in Surrey.. we've got a school where people with.. ah.. different talents.. go.. people with.. sort of.. magic."
"Ah, you mean endowments? From the red king?"
"Anyway, your point is?"
"Well.. some of the students and staff want to control the others.. and they seem to be suceeding.. I'm the only one who hasn't been turned."
She frowned, "When did their turning begin?"
"About when we showed up here I guess."
"Ah, yes," she murmured. "That would make sense."
"Well, there's a strange power over this place.. it makes certain endowed people more vulnerable.. weak.. it has to do with the Yewbeam family, have you
heard of the Yewbeams?"
"My friend.. one of the ones who was turned.. is related to the Yewbeams.. directly."
"I see.. well some of the Yewbeams have a castle here.. someone there works major sorcery that makes it harder to defy them.. almost anyone who does is effected by the spell."
"What about you?"
"They don't know I exist," she said with a half smile.
"Do you know if there's any way to stop the spell?"
"Could be, I've never tried, seeing as I have no friends, and I'm not effected I've never had a need."
"What about school?"
"I homeschooled."
Then she perked up a bit, "Hey.. wanna go see if we can break it?"
"Exactly what I wanted to do, really," I smiled warmly.
"Great! She stood up grinning," she wind around us got really strong and nearly blew me away, but it calmed.
"Sorry," she smiled.
"Do you do weather then?"
"My best friend.. or usually my best friend anyway.. has that endowment.."
"Was he turned?"
"I'm sorry.. I hope we can get this fixed."
"Thanks.. so should we go?"
"This way!" she ran ahead.
I smiled a little, and ran after her.
"I'm Alice by the way!"