Here's a new story I'm working on! I want to get this straight right off the bat, this is an Earl Grey x Elizabeth fic. There will not be any hints of yaoi. I promise! GreyxElizabeth is a pretty weird pairing, right? For some reason, I love it though! 3 I also promise to update on Nicholas Phantomhive story soon. I've just been so busy with CAPT, school, fencing, etc.

Earl Charles Grey wanted to crush everything that the Earl Ciel Phantomhive had. He wanted to run his name through the mud, publicly scorn him. He wanted to tear the Earl's livelihood from his hands, destroying the Funtom Company. Grey wanted to murder his butler, Sebastian cruelly so that the ever-present smirk would be whipped off his face. He wanted the Earl to go through the very same pain he had experienced when he had been young, the pain that made Ciel who he was, yet that could still reduce him to sobs if the subject was even lightly touched upon in polite conversation. Grey wanted all this and more to destroy Ciel's life, yet he could do none of them, no matter how hard he tried. Ever since that day when Grey had tried to pin Patrick Phelps, and Georg von Siemens's murders on the young Earl, and failed miserably, he vowed to destroy Ciel. And the answer to the Earl's destruction was in the oddest place for a jaded man such as he. Yet it was in one of the most obvious places; his wife, Lady Elizabeth Phantomhive.

She was a pretty thing, curly long blond hair, sparkling green eyes, rosy cheeks, dark pink, full lips, a smile that put the sun to shame, and a most womanly figure. She was obviously distressed at her marriage to Ciel. She love him, yes, very much so, but Grey could tell that she did not love him romantically. She did not love the Earl the way she felt he deserved of a wife, and he, he spared no passing glance for her. Ciel had sired two sons with the lovely Elizabeth, and no more. In fact, Grey was fairly certain that they had only been in bed together those two times. Elizabeth, only twenty-two, was still in her prime, and dearly wished for the attention of the opposite gender, who would complement her, and buy her small gifts. Of course Grey also knew that she wished to be held at night by strong arms, after making love to the owner of those arms. She often spoke and danced with men around her age at the balls she attended frequently, and she could not hide genuine happiness at the men's attention.

Yes, it would be an easy task to seduce her, and ruin Ciel's reputation by exploiting his dearest wife. He could get information from her, who Ciel trusted, and if that didn't work out, he could use the relationship as blackmail to get the Earl to do as he wished. Or, he could convince Elizabeth to run away with him, ruining Ciel's reputation. So Grey took it upon himself to steal into the pretty, young, Miss Elizabeth Phantomhive's bed and do with her as he pleased.

Elizabeth sat quietly at the dinning table, smiling only slightly. She hated the smile she wore, because it was completely and utterly fake. She had adopted a lying smile so that her husband, Ciel would not know how she really felt. She couldn't imagine letting him know her pain, it would kill her if he knew the truth. She had only realized her true feelings after her second son, Vincent was born.

She had sat in her room, Vincent at her breast, milking as if he was starving, as he always did. Paula was changing Elizabeth's bed sheets. Elizabeth stared blankly at the wall, oblivious to Paula's presence. But Paula soon became so distressed that she spun around and started sobbing.

"Please, Madame! Confide in someone! I'm here, I'll listen!"

Elizabeth, startled, stared up at Paula, and reflexively clutched Vincent closer to her bosom. "What are you wailing about, Paula?"

"I'm talking about your sadness, madame! Don't think I haven't noticed. Forgive me for my frankness, Ciel can't see your pain, but I can, and I can't bare to see you so sad! I want you to be happy, and if your happiness comes from the bed of another man, then I'm fine with that!" Elizabeth stared up at Paula, shocked, but then realization washed over her, and she sighed sadly. Paula knew Elizabeth more than she herself did, and it was frightening, knowing that she couldn't hide anything from someone, especially someone so close to her. Vincent began to cry, crushed against Elizabeth's chest, and tears streamed down Elizabeth's cheeks as well. No words were spoken by either Paula or Elizabeth, as no words were needed, Elizabeth just sobbed into Paula's overly large bosom, staining her blouse with tears and make-up.

Now Elizabeth knew that she only loved the idea of Ciel, not Ciel himself. She loved the ten-year-old Ciel, who would pull her pigtails and laugh, not the thirteen-year-old Ciel who was cynical and rarely smiled. She was lonely. So lonely, so very lonely she pined for the Social Season above all else, so that she could be surrounded by her "friends." Even if they weren't her real friends- she only had Paula now- she preferred them to nothing, which was what she got with Ciel. And, she shuddered to realize, she wanted sex. It was embarrassing, mortifying, even, but this "proper English-woman" wished, dreamed, even of sex. Someone to whisper in her ear as they kissed her everywhere, making love to her, waking up in his arms. She dreamed of these things as night when she slept in her bedroom that was separate from her husband's room.