E/O Challenge: Tip

Happ Birthday PwnedByPineapple

Lessons in love

"I think she likes you," Dean grinned as he tucked into this apple pie.

"How do you know?" Cas asked, watching the pretty blond waitress walk away.

"Because," Dean mumbled, chewing on the sweet pastry he'd stuffed in his mouth, "she's flirting with you."

"Flirting?" the angel murmured. "But why would she like me?"

"Beats me," Dean sniggered. "Must be attracted to weirdos. But take a tip from me ... ask for a date."

The angel cleared his throat as the waitress returned.

"Need-a-date," he blurted out. "It-must-be-quick-for-the-end-of-the-world-is-nigh."

"Real smooth Casanova," Dean smirked as the blond scurried away. "Real smooth!"