Name: Drift

Author: Sdfreeze

Chapter 16

Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight Characters...a few in this story are mine.

Chapter: 16

I knew this day was coming from the moment Rose and I moved in together. We were destined to be related and our children were making our dream come true. I had on my floor length orange dress, thankfully the kids picked fall to marry.

Rose looked stunning in her cranberry dress and blonde hair. She kept touching her eyes with her hankie and I just wiped my tears on my sleeve. I walked into the small church and sat next to my parents on the front row. My father was grey haired and retired now, but still so handsome.

I took my mom's hand and she smiled, "Are you okay?" she asked me.

"I'm great, this is a wonderful day," I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

The music began and we all stood to see Budge and Jasmine enter the room arm in arm. I could tell she was still upset over Budge's actions earlier. He had grown to be taller than Trooper and Edward. When they were lining up for the wedding to begin Jasmine walked over to stand in front of Budge. He glanced at her chest and pulled her dress out to look at something.

Jasmine screamed and quickly placed her hand over the neckline of the dress. "You pervert," she yelled.

"Budge," I called out to him, "Did you look down Jasmine's dress?"

"No, I looked at her breasts to see if they got bigger."

Yeah, the style of dress didn't really give you the answer without looking, I saw his point.

Budge was graduating from college in December. Sure, it took him over six years, but he managed to do what I couldn't. He worked for the forest service during the summers and they finally stopped calling me when he didn't return to the base camp at night. They learned he would show up eventually, usually without his boots.

Trooper had his masters in International Relations, nope not a clue what that means, but he works for a charity that raises money to build schools in impoverished countries. He wants to save the world, and he's just the man to do it.

When beautiful Emma walked down the aisle she stared at Trooper the entire time. His one year age difference didn't mean so much anymore, now they were both successful adults. She does something, not sure what, but she's successful at it, I mean of course, she's Emmett's daughter after all.

The wedding march began to play and Dreamer stepped into view on Edward's, ah, arm. I had cut the cord at her birth, but she was still firmly attached to Edward, ah. Her dress was long and flowed around her like a cloud. Her short veil softened the looked of excitement when she looked down the aisle at Patrick, but also hid the looked of pain when she glanced at her daddy.

Her waiting groom smiled and laughed, displaying his deep dimples and bouncing his legs back and forth as Dreamer made her way down the aisle. I saw Trooper steal a glance at beautiful Emma and it made me smile. I always thought it would be them getting married.

Patrick and Dreamer didn't show any interest in each other until Patrick joined the Army, and way after Patrick screwed Jasmine on the picnic table at the beach. Life never works out the way you plan. Budge was our problem child, and by that I mean he was caught sneaking out with Nastyalie many times.

I kept his shots up to date and Edward, ah, kept his pockets stuffed with condoms, but I didn't worry about him marrying her, Budge would most likely never marry, and if he did, he would most likely never make it home each night.

Dreamer glanced around the room several times and smiled as she saw people she recognized. I was proud of her for not wandering off once on her way down the aisle. When they got to the end Edward, ah, raised her veil and said, "You'll always be my little girl, nothing can change that," and he kissed her softly before lowering her veil.

She took a step toward Patrick and then spun around and grabbed Edward, ah, again, hugging him with all her strength. He chuckled and took her hand and placed it in Patrick's. I'm not sure Dreamer will be able to live all over the world without constant visits from Edward, ah.

My perfect husband came over to stand by me and I whispered, "Do you have any chocolate?"

He pulled out a small square from his pocket and handed it to me. I tossed it in my mouth and moaned loudly, just as the music ended, so all heads turned to look at me as if I was having pew sex or something.

The blah, blah, blah began and I kept playing with the layers of my orange dress so Edward, ah, took hold of my hand. I looked up to see Dreamer beginning her, about to bolt, swaying so I quietly whispered, "Hey, pssst."

The minister looked at me and I rolled my hand, telling him to hurry up. He began talking faster and I kept my hand rolling until he jumped to the important part. Then I dropped it and began to listen. They exchanged vows and Patrick laughed loudly when he raised Dreamer's veil. He dipped her back and kissed her as if she was on a table, my poor baby.

We all cheered and when they walked back down the aisle Dreamer reached for Edward, ah, and he had to pull his arm out of her grasp as Patrick pulled her down the aisle. Trooper and beautiful Emma followed and smiled shyly at each other. Budge and Jasmine brought up the rear; literally, he placed his hand on her ass the entire way.

We posed for pictures, a few with me and a million with Edward, ah, and then headed to the Driftwood for the party. The soft muted colors were now rich vibrant blues and purples. The walls were painted into wild swirls and you felt like you were churning in a raging sea. The kids these days loved it; I kept ducking from the waves that looked like they were headed right for me.

The crowd cheered loudly when Edward, ah, took the stage to sing a song just for Dreamer. He had written it when she got her first boyfriend and he felt the sting of her attention going to another boy. He sang it at her sixteenth birthday and she made him swear he would never sing it again until her wedding. She stood next to him with her hand on his arm as he played the guitar and looked into her eyes.

Trooper came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "You'll be a grandma soon," he whispered.

Yeah, Dreamer was knocked up…a tradition for McCarty brides.

"And you'll be in Africa, so who's gonna raise the baby?" I laughed. I wasn't too worried; he usually carried a cell phone.

"Dads holding up pretty well," he said as we continued to watch him sing.

"He exercises," I told him, so yeah, Edward, ah, still looked pretty dang good.

"Budge is gone, do you want me to go pull him out of the back seat of someone's car?" he chuckled.

I glanced around the club and noticed his rented shoes sitting on a table. "No, just make sure we get the shoes so we can return them."

When the song ended Dreamer collapsed into Edward's, ah, arms and cried as if she was the sacrificial virgin and would be thrown into a volcano. There was no volcano, and she surely wasn't a virgin. She calmed down when the dancing began and Emmett was busting a move that kept everyone laughing. I was glad he was family now.

I danced with Trooper, and with Patrick, and with my father, and with Carlisle, and with Emmett, not with Jizzsper, and finally with my wonderful husband. He held me tightly in his arms and kissed my neck several times. It reminded me of the first time we danced together so many years ago.

"Do you remember writing on my arm?" I asked him.

"Of course, I was so certain from that first moment, and I knew my life was with you," he said to make me swoon.

"Our house is empty now," I sighed.

"For now, it will fill with grandkids, most likely looking for their daddy, Budge," he laughed and I smacked his perfect butt.

The couple began the ceremonial cutting of the cake and when Patrick took a huge piece in his hand Edward, ah, called out to him softly. One look at Edward's, ah, face made Patrick set the piece back down and hand a tiny bite to Dreamer. She could always depend on her daddy.

Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned to see Eric, with dyed blond hair, and a younger man on his arm. I screamed with joy…that it wasn't James, and that Eric actually came.

"This is my husband, Garrett," he said.

My eyes grew wide and I said, "You're a girl now?"

"No, I'm his husband, too," Eric tried to explain. "We got legally married since Washington allows it now."

I cupped my hand and whispered, "Have you had chair sex?" Now that I was an expert I was willing to share my expertise.

"All the time," he laughed and I was so sad I didn't get to share my expertise.

"I miss you, Eric," I said and felt my eyes tear up. I was perfectly fine for my only daughter walking down the aisle, but my gay friend showing up at the reception sent me into tears.

"I wanted to see you one more time before Garrett and I move to Georgia," he said.

I gasped loudly. Oh my God, he was moving to the south where simple squiggles were freaks, let alone gay squiggles. "Did you see The Green Mile, they kill innocent people down there," I said and tried to picture Eric with a leather gag in his mouth, oh…yeah…he would be fine.

"I've been working there this whole year, I love the South," he said and I glared over at Jasturd. It wasn't northern people his family hated, it was me. I wish he would have jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge instead of that poor Billy Joel McAllister.

Eric followed my glare and asked, "Is that Jasper Whitlock?"

"Yes, and his daughter had sex on a table with my new son-in-law," I blurted out.

Both men spoke at the same time and said, "Gross," really softly.

A tall woman walked up to me and said, "Hi Bella."

I had no idea who she was, or the thin man next to her until Jane said, "Bella, do you remember my mother, Susan?"

"Yes, is she here?" I asked and wished the pushy woman would move so I could talk to Jane.

"It's me," the woman said and I looked back at her.

I couldn't see Susan in her face anywhere so I finally pointed at Edward, ah, and said, "Look over there."

Her eyes moved to look at him and little flames of lust danced in her pupils. "Sues, it's you," I gasped and pulled her to my chest. She smiled widely and made a little turn so I could see her new trim body. My eyes narrowed and I crossed my arms in anger. "Oh I see," I said because her obvious attempt to steal Edward, ah, was so apparent.

"I brought my husband," she said nervously to calm me down.

"Hi Ned," I said and the man looked behind him for anyone named Ned.

"I suppose you want to kiss him again," I said and she shook her head back and forth but she wasn't fooling me. Her lips were all glossed up and she had a mint in her mouth. I glanced at Eric and he did, too. "Eric!" I yelled and he laughed, because he spoke squiggle and knew what I meant.

I marched over and pulled Edward, ah, to receive his reward for being father of the bride. "Hi, Susan," he said and leaned over to kiss her cheek. She grabbed his face with both hands and lay one on him that I'm sure Ned never got. Edward, ah, pulled away as he gasped for a breath and then had to spit her mint out of his mouth.

"Excuse me," he said and quickly walked away, I think he was crying, but I couldn't tell for sure.

The party went on most of the night and when the bride and groom left Edward, ah, had to buckle Dreamer's seatbelt so she wouldn't jump from the car as they pulled away. I stood with my arm around Trooper and waved at my little girl who was now a married woman.

The crowd began to filter back into the club and I saw Edward, ah, talking with Eric in the parking lot. I watched as Eric reached into his pocket and pulled out something to hand to Edward, ah. His face paled and he turned to lock eyes with me as he held up the squiggle pen.

Oh shit, I spun around and ran back into the club as I heard Edward, gah, scream, "Bella Marie Cullen."

Man, I am going to have to do A LOT to get that pen back.