Okay, this is my first Card Captor Sakura fanfic. I am using the names used in the manga; Tomoyo, Yukito, Touya, Nadeshiko etc I am writing the characters as I personally interpret them, so if they don't follow your sight, don't give me flak about it please. There is magic in this, but I haven't decided how much.

Also, I will never have the pure skill and artistic talent to make anything like CLAMP's work so I obviously don't own this. Now enjoy.

Japan. It is the most beautiful of the Nations that survived the carnage of the meteor strike called Terra. The remaining land masses mostly ended up merging, and Japan was no exception; we merged with China, but the two countries have otherwise remained separate. There is a very different system of government now. All nations are now ruled by gangs, clans if you will. In one of the nations that somehow didn't merge (it's called Australia or something) there is only one gang present, called the Southern Cross. In the America's, there are lots of gangs vying for power, The Yanks, the Patriots, the heroes and other names are heard floating about the power chase. Japan has a few gangs, each of moderate power, but there is a gang in charge.

The Black Bouquet.

It started as a women only gang, but the cause for survival saw its entry requirements change a bit. As already said, it used to be women only. That was the iron-clad rule; even if a woman married, her husband could not become a part of the gang, nor could any sons she bore. That was the first rule to change. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Upon entrance to the gang, depending on age and how you are entering, you are branded directly between your shoulder blades. You are branded with a black flower, but you get to choose the type of flower, rose, snapdragon etc. Originally, you were branded as soon as you joined; now if you are an outsider, you are branded once you have proved your loyalty, and if you were part of another gang previously, your old mark was blacked out, and over it (no matter it's placement) a white flower is tattooed. You see the gang works as a family; many are now born into its ranks, or marry into it. Men who marry into the Black Bouquet are branded with the same flower as their bride, to show possession if you will. Their children are born into this life and become branded members when they turn ten years old, sons and daughters both. Sons are even free to choose their own flower to be branded with, since they were never outsiders. Women from outside the gang marrying in pretty much are the same; they are branded with the flower of their husbands.

There is a Matriarch of the gang; the leader. The way to become the leader is by chance. See, when the current Matriarch can sense her impending passing, she will decide between two to four possible successors; she MUST pick at least two. These chosen then gather together and discuss who among them is best fit to lead. When the choice is made, and if she is still alive, they will go to the Matriarch and the new leader will be blessed by the old. There have been a few Patriarchs in the past, but most men who are chosen step down immediately, because they haven't wanted to be in charge.

The new leader is then given the immediate respect of the gang, and the previous leader is allowed to live their final days free of duty. They are allowed to be in peace.

The current Matriarch is Nadeshiko Kinomoto. She is well renowned for her kindness and beauty; she has long dark hair, and eyes as green as the fields. She always has a smile on her lips and sunshine on her face. Her husband Fujitaka Kinomoto was an outsider so he has been marked the same as Nadeshiko, with the flower that adorns her name, and he is known for being good at most everything, and for always smiling. He is tall with milky brown hair, and eyes set to match. Their eldest child, Touya, is just as well known as his parents. Taller then his father, with Dark hair and eyes, and being one of the best fighters in the gang, Touya was branded with a Peach blossom, because it is one of his favourite flowers. Then there is me. I am the daughter to the current Matriarch, and quite frankly, I am a flop. I have a lighter version of my father's hair, and I got my eyes from my mother, but my hair will never shine, and I know my eyes always look glassy. The only talent I have is being slightly athletic, but even then, I am average at best. The Black Bouquet strives to keep the status quo, and to protect the non-members of Japan; for the most part, we are a neutral party, but every now and then, blood must be shed to cleanse the land. I abhor unnecessary violence, and have never been able to stomach death. Mother and Father have told me not to worry myself over it, but I have seen the worry on their faces later. I am a shame to the gang. And my shame is my Mothers shame, as she is the Matriarch.

I would leave to stop shaming my mother, father and brother, but the only way to leave the gang is a body bag. Because the only ones who try to leave the gang, are traitors, and traitors deserve only death. I would have been able to leave if I was unmarked, but five years ago, I had myself branded with the flower that blesses my name, so I am a member of the Black Bouquet until the day I die.

My name is Sakura Kinomoto.

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