Summary: Don't mess with Cas's friends. Hurt!Sam Hurt!Dean possible spoilers for 6.11 Happy Birthday PwnedByPineapple! BAMF Cas for you!

Challenge WOW: Tip

Word Count: 100

Angels Among Us

Blood, sweat, pain; agony at monster's hands.



They couldn't help the other. They bled and screamed under the strain, refusing to break despite the agony.



Stop it, stop it, he'll remember… An elder brother's pleas.

Cackles, merciless…

"Stop it…" Weak.

The bang of a door being forced open by an unseen being. White light in the dark…too bright…


Chanting in a language neither knew. Brighter light.

Dust settled, the room empty, chains gone.

The elder brother looked up at blue eyes. "Cas…"

A gentle hand to his forehead. Blessed relief.