Title: Truth behind the name and the lies P.2

Pairing: DracoxHarry,

Fandom : HP

Notes: An abused boy finds out he's a wizard and a hero; his tormented mind rebels. One person sees through the misconceptions to the real Harry and treats him the way he deserves. How does this change them both and those around them? Please read P.1 otherwise you maybe confused…

Chapter 1- Worst Birthday

Harry had been stuck at the Dursleys since the First of June and it was already the Thirty-First of July.

His birthday not that it mattered much.

All Harry's spell books, his wand, robes, cauldron, and his Nimbus Two Thousand broomstick had been locked in a cupboard under the stairs by Uncle Vernon the instant Harry had come home. The Dursleys didn't care if Harry lost his place on the House Quidditch team- they didn't even know the first thing about the sport. Of course they wouldn't care if Harry didn't get any of his homework done. The Dursleys were what wizards called Muggles, and as far as they were concerned, having a wizard in the family was a matter of deepest shame. Uncle Vernon had even padlocked Harry's owl, Hedwig, inside her cage, to stop her from carrying messages to anyone in the Wizarding world. To Harry's horror he had discovered that his pairing journal from Draco was in his trunk. He'd thrown himself into his bed and sobbed.

His friends had promised to write but he had not one letter in two months. His windows were barred, he was barely allowed out to make breakfast if that. While Uncle Vernon was at work he was locked in his room. Bored, because of Dudley's games or the friends he was allowed to have over. Harry wasn't to have friends over because they wouldn't be the right sort being like Harry and his loathsome parents. He was cuffed and locked away for hours and sometimes days with no food.

Hedwig hooted annoyed at being stuck in a cage.

Harry moved to pet her, "Hush now. I'm sorry. It isn't easy for me either. I wish I could help. He'll hurt you next if you keep that up."

His door was unlocked, "Make breakfast now." was shouted by Aunt Petunia.

Harry hurried down to make breakfast for the Dursleys, he hadn't even managed to remember to hide his potions. He had lost rapidly most of what he gained away at school, he was back to being starved and drinking lots of water.

He prepared lots of fried eggs, bacon and toast, along with a pitcher of orange juice, one of milk and pot of coffee. He heard his aunt's familiar footsteps and remembered to put the kettle on in case she wanted tea.

Harry let the food warm, the toast lay in the oven while he left the eggs and bacon to stay warm on the stove.

Honestly? Using charms would be easier, too bad it was illegal for students…

Harry missed Draco, the separation from his first friend was tearing him apart. He did what he did best; he kept his head down, followed orders and tried not to enrage his uncle.

"Boy you keep that ruddy owl quiet or I'll drown it. That's that twentieth time since you dragged it home that it's woke me up."

Harry stiffened, whispering, "Uncle Vernon. She's…"

Then came the first blow, "You worthless ingrate! How dare you speak back to me." he flew back the wooden door of the kitchen cabinet.

Harry gasped, trying to curl up to protect himself.

The belt soon came down instead of fists, Uncle Vernon's shoes repeatedly impacting his ribs or stomping on whatever body part he could.

Harry was barely conscious when it stopped his whole body was screaming in pain. His last thought before he passed out was of Draco…