Title: Truth behind the name and the lies pt.

Pairing: DracoxHarry,

Fandom : HP



Makurayami Ookami-
'well written. go draco. love that blaise helps. love remus severus stories so no oblections from me.'

Evil Kitty Dictator-
'Wooooooot ding dong tommys gone, and old Voldy lost a soul. Haha that was brilliant, good job, very good job. Can't wait for more. ^-^' - Actually he lost two pieces of his soul...

'poor draco'- Yes, it hurts him to have to allow Harry to be hurt or frightened.

Harry was curled up with Draco in their room while Blaisé while Severus was staying up to work on another potion. He was trying to make one that would eliminate old scars for Harry so his son could stop using a Glamour all the time. Using a glamour wasn't healthy because when it collapsed it had a bad habit of crashing his son's magic and putting him in a magical coma. Harry was all Severus had left of Lily and he promised his best friend that he would do right by her son. He loved that little boy, he wanted Harry to have the kind of life that he had dreamed about when he was an abused child himself. was a loud banging on his front door, Severus checked the time, two in the morning who could it be?

There was a crack, "Master Severus, Miss Nymphadore is here for you.. Says its an emergency."

"Let her in."

"Bad news. Sirius has escaped. The Dementors can't explain it. Minister Fudge told me to let you know. Mother thinks we're going to be evaluated for custody of Harry. She was granted custody because Sirius was unfit and with those nasty Muggles nearly killing him, he had no place to go. The entire Minister is being rumored to be set to look for him. I'd increase your wards…I better go." as quickly as Tonks had come, she was gone.

Severus was shaken, if Sirius hadn't told the Dark Lord where to find Harry then Lily might still be alive. Better for her to be alive for Harry's sake even if she was with James. He was a duelist, he wasn't letting that person near his son. Sirius had always been a bully and that last thing he wanted was for Harry to find out about his godfather being responsible for his parents death. When Harry was older, he would have to explain his mistakes as a young adult that left Harry an orphan and sent to the Dursleys. There were so many choices Severus made different decisions.

Blaisé wandered in, "Professor…"

Severus started, grabbing the table beside him, "Oh…it's you, Blaisé."

"I heard knocking and noticed the time. Is something wrong sir…"

Severus sighed, "I…Harry's godfather escaped from Azkaban. Fudge is worried and sent Tonks to tell us."

"Sirius Black? Narcissa's cousin…"

"Yes, no one knows how he escaped. I have to keep him safe. Andromeda is suspicious our custody of Harry will come under investigation. Me I can understand, I was a Death Eater but in the end I was a spy. I can't prove it very well since I alienated Dumbledore."

Blaisé snorted, "He has a weird smell, I never had a trustworthy feeling when it came to the old goat."

"There was a time I saw him as the Wizarding World's only hope, my only hope. Now, I'm seeing Draco and Harry as our hope. Draco, is a very powerful young wizard. The shield charm he uses to protect himself and Harry is a very difficult Dark charm to master. He's used it three times; once against the Killing Curse, the second against a non-verbal Strangling curse and third again an Obliviation spell. You aren't supposed to be able to prevent those spells from being effective."

Severus said taking a seat in his potions lab. "Yet Draco can. Or the being able to bridge any distance when Harry is frightened or in danger. My black flames shouldn't have been passable without the potion yet Draco did it. Draco managed to be drawn into a Fidelius charmed home without being told by the secret keeper as an infant. Harry must have brought him somehow, a non-secret keeper can bring someone else into a Fidelius charm yet only the secret keeper can tell someone the location."

"What is the danger Black can cause to Harry."

Severus sighed, "He was their secret-keeper, apparently he was a Death eater. One Lucius and I never meant. He told the Dark Lord where to find Lily and James so he could try to kill Harry."

"Why was he going to kill a baby…"

Severus paled, "That…is my fault. I have to…make up for that by protecting Harry."

"What did you do…"

"I'll have to tell Harry soon. I hoped I wouldn't have to until he was older. With Sirius on the loose my time is running out. I can only hope that he will forgive me went I tell him what happened to lead to his death. I can't only tell him about Sirius and leave out my own mistakes, I don't want him to hear from anyone else. The worst thing that could happen is that Dumbledore tells him."

Blaisé nodded, "Harry will forgive you eventually, he loves you. You're the closest thing to a father he has. You help him with his studies, you've protected him, healed him and told him about his mother."

"Yes, I know all that. I hope he'll forgive me for my part in his parents death and that Draco won't kill me for putting Harry in danger…"