Araya Ledger sat at the table looking at the three people at an other table across the bar. She knew the first two but the other one she only knew her by her status The Last Cyon. The man she knew was Rufus the thirteenth apostle left out of the bible because he was black. At least that was what he said. However, Araya knew him on a personal note too. There wasn't a time that she couldn't remember him showing up to give her the latest news on Heaven or some other apostle or angel. She smiled remembering how he could always make her laugh when she was down.

The other one she knew was Serendipity the Muse. She had come down to earth because she was tired of not getting credit for her ideas. Araya couldn't help but remember all the time's Serendipity had given her ideas that had gotten her into trouble. However, she was a good friend and like Rufus visited often and told her the problems she was having with the mortals. Araya chuckled remembering a time when Serendipity had given her the idea to help vandalize one of those non crediting mortal's office. Araya hadn't been so in tune with her powers then, so when the mortal ended up walking in Araya didn't know what to do. Luckily Metatron the Voice of God ended up coming to her rescue. He was always doing that showing up when she needed him, always watching her. In fact there wasn't a time she couldn't remember him watching her. She remembered the feeling she got when he was, it was as if she had sunk into a warm bath. In addition, she had a pleasant feeling of being watched. Though now a day's he rarely seemed to watch her.

"Because you have grown up and you know the other reason…," she thought. She liked the feeling of being considered an adult but she was only 16 for god sake. She lived with a grandmother figure that had been in her life since she could remember. However, because of her unique make up her Grandmother let her make her own decisions. There was time's that even though he sometimes got on her nerves she missed Metatron's visits and the feeling of him watching her. He was the closest thing she had to a real family and she had to admit that she missed him.

"Fuck yeah I'd do that," Araya heard a voice say behind her. She turned to look at the gang that had been watching Serendipity dance to see two white men in the middle of them. The one that had spoken was tall with long blond hair, and from his previous langue he had a little mouth on him. The other one was a little shorter and didn't seem to talk much. From what she could hear their names were Jay and Silent Bob. Araya smiled when she saw the Last Cyon and Rufus roll their eye's. Araya chuckled, 'Those must be the Prophets,' she thought. After awhile of watching them talk she shook her head. 'Well,' she thought standing up. 'Might as well go over and let them know I'm here.'

Bethany looked up and to her surprise she noticed that a young girl was standing up and walking over to them. With every thing that had been going on she wasn't sure if she should be on guard. The girl didn't look dangerous she seemed to be about 15 or 16. She was tall with shoulder length dirty blond hair with red highlights in it and she had it in a pony tail. She had on a black tee-shirt with an Edward Scissor Hands hoodie, ripped blue jeans and black and white sneakers. There was a black cross necklace on a black chain around her neck and she was wearing black nail polish. To Bethany she looked like a normal teenager but it was her eyes that held her captive and made her reconsider. They were a beautiful dark blue with a fire in them that told every one that she had a bright, strong spirit. But also told every one that she had seen a lot too. They held a certain light in that fire that at times seemed to be having a conflict between light and dark. Rufus and Serendipity turned to see what she was looking at. "Holey shit," Rufus said a surprised look on his face.

"Araya," Serendipity cried jumping up and hugging the girl. The girl laughed hugging the Muse back. "It's good to see you too Ser." Then she turned still in Serendipity arms to smile at Rufus. "Well are you just going to sit there staring or are you going to get up and give me a hug?" Rufus smiled got up and hugged her along with Serendipity. When they were done squeezing the life out of her they let go and she turned and smiled at Bethany. "Well this must be the poor fool who Metatron tapped," she said pulling out a chair and sitting down facing her. Rufus laughed and sat done too as did Serendipity. "Yes," Bethany said trying to figure out how they knew her. The girl smiled apologetically "Sorry about that there are times I wonder why he can't do it him self these damn missions." Bethany could hear the coldness in her voice as she said it and wondered what could have caused that. She glanced at Rufus and Serendipity to find them both giving each other a sad look. Then Rufus looked at Bethany with a look of caution telling her to stray from the matter. "Anyway," she said, "I think if I'm going to help you that I better introduce my self. I'm Araya Ledger the Protector and you are," she said raising an inquiring eyebrow.

Bethany could not help but be even more confused, "Wait," she said "I'm Bethany Slown but how are you going to help, what does the Protector mean, how old are you, what are you another angel, what...?"

"Whoa there," Araya said trying to calm her down, "One question at a time I'll explain every thing." Araya turned to give Rufus a glare, "I'm going to take it you didn't mention that I would be helping did you?" Rufus looked down and Bethany was surprised that he didn't come back with a quick remark. It seemed that Araya had an effect on him. "It must have slipped my mind. That and not knowing that you were even coming," he said looking up after a moment and flashing her a smile. Araya rolled her eye's and sighed, "Ok then it looks like I have a lot to explain."

"Ok I'm going to answer your questions one by one and you can ask all the questions you want but you have to wait till I explain a little ok."

Bethany nodded "Um…..ok."

Araya smiled "Ok I might go out of order of your questioning but here it goes. First question I'm 16 years old, second question I'm going to help you by accompanying you, Rufus, and the Prophets to your destination and then help you to stop Bartleby and Loki from getting in that church. My title pretty much covers what my job is I am supposed to be protecting you on your journey. And…"

"Wait," Bethany interrupted "Your job as a 16 year old girl is to protect me?" She looked around the table to see if it was some type of joke. When she saw it wasn't she shook her head. "No, no, there is no way I'm putting a 16 year old girl in danger just for my protection. I mean dear God you could be killed though I hope it won't come to that. Your only 16 I won't permit….."

"Bethany," Rufus said loudly cutting her off and ending her rant. "Araya isn't just a girl."

"Really," Bethany said suspiciously, looking at Araya. "What is she another angel?"

Araya smiled and leaned back in her chair, "Well you're half correct."

Bethany tilted her head to the side a confused look on her face "What?" Araya smiled even more. "Well you see Bethany Araya is only half angel," Rufus said trying to help knowing Araya loved watching people get confused over her parentage. "So does that mean Araya's half human," Bethany asked. 'But how can that be if angels don't have all their anatomy,' she thought. "No I'm not half human," Araya, said shaking her head. "Oh my god," Serendipity sighed exasperated, she loved Araya but they were wasting precious time with her games. "Just tell her."

Araya smiled a crooked smile at her then looked at Bethany, "I'm half demon."