Araya felt her heart accelerate when he looked at her. "Araya," Bethany said turning and hugging her Protector when she walked over. Araya smiled at Bethany then looked at Metatron. "Hi," she whispered looking into his eyes.

"Hello," he said glancing down and kicking a stone with the tip of his shoe.

"You don't have to be here."

Metatron's head came up quickly, "I think I do Araya it's my job."

"What to terrorize people," Araya hissed as Bethany stepped out of her embrace. Bethany casted a nerves glance at Metatron and then at Araya, 'Oh great,' she thought. 'Here we go.'

"No," he replied coolly, "But I do have duties to serve here." His dark eyes bore into her own.

Araya could not help but look down, "Yes but yet you tend to not come in the best of times."

"Ah yes I heard about that little run in you had with are renegade angels," he looked at Araya with a smirk on his face that held a touch of anger. "You say you're strong but yet you could not stop them." Bethany could see in Metatron's eyes that he did not mean to be so unpleasant but he seemed to be a little un settled about seeing Araya.

Araya's eyes flashed dangerously at him as she took a step closer and became only a few inches away, "Well when you got your arms pinned….."

"Araya, Metatron!"

Araya and Metatron both turned and looked at Bethany questionably. Bethany looked them both in the eye, "Can we get back to here and now?" The two angels continued to look at her. Metatron cleared his throat, "Well maybe we could go to a place a little bit more inhabitable." He shivered a bit, "And maybe a bit warmer."

Araya rolled her eyes but nodded, "Fine." Bethany nodded as well. Metatron raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

Swoosh! Araya felt a gust of wind hit her in the face. She opened her eyes to find all of them in a fancy restaurant. "Where the hell are we," a startled Rufus asked looking around in bewilderment. "Whoa." Araya looked to see Silent Bob holding a newspaper and Jay smoking a joint. "I think this shit just kicked in," he said looking at Silent Bob who nodded.

"Were we not just in the woods," Rufus asked looking at Araya and Bethany. "What we doing here?"

"Going out in style," Metatron said sitting down at the end of the table.

"The Voice," Rufus exclaimed his eyes widening.

"Thee Apostle," Metatron said sarcastically.

"Who the fuck is this," Jay asked looking at Metatron.

"It's the Voice of God show some respect," Rufus and Araya, hissed at him.

Metatron, Rufus, Bethany, and Silent Bob looked at her in surprise. "What," she said trying to stop the blush creeping into her cheeks. She caught an amused look from Metatron and shook her head. "It's just polite."

After discussing and clearing up some gray areas they decided to get the Cardinal to postpone the opening to stop the angels. When they were all done and leaving Metatron grabbed Araya and pulled her aside. "How are you feeling," he whispered. Araya looked at him surprised, the look in his eyes showed pain and concern. "Oh," she whispered harshly. "Now you give a fuck about me." Metatron's grip on her arm tightened and his eyes seemed to glow with anger. Araya cowered a bit in his wake.

"Don't you ever say I don't care about you ever," his voice turned into an icy snarl. "I have cared about you since you were born and then even more when I got to know you better. I have watched you even when I wasn't around you know that. I have been doing my damn best to look after you. Because I love you DO YOU HEAR ME," his voice rose even more. "I love you damn it so if I don't show up for awhile don't you dare think I don't give a fuck. Because I would do anything for you anything. Understand!" Araya's eyes had widened in surprise as he stood there breathing deeply trying to calm down. "I'm sorry," she managed to whisper looking up at him trying to her surprise not to cry. "Well," he huffed. "You should be." They stood there for a few moments in silence both staring each other in the eye. Finally Araya looked down and spoke, "Could you let go of my arm." Metatron felt his heart skip a little thinking that what he had said made her want to get away from him. He couldn't let her go not yet not when he finally got to see her. However, he slowly let go expecting her to yell at him, tear his head off, and then run off. Instead as soon as she was free she launched forward giving him a bear hug and burying her face into his shirt. "I missed you," she chocked, all the anger beginning replaced with the real emotion that had lain beneath it. The fear and the sadness of being left. The pain of losing someone you care about. Metatron looked down at her in surprise but quickly put his arms around her. "Its ok," he soothed, "I'm sorry for yelling."

"No it's not your fault I shouldn't have been so hard on you. It was just after you kissed me you didn't come back to see me. I thought you were ashamed or regretted…." Araya sniffled.

"No," Metatron replied sternly. "I never in a million years would regret that. It was," he paused. "Me that's why I didn't come back. I didn't want you to fall for a tequila spiting, stiff, none packaged, not to mention 1,000 or more year old man. Who could never give you what you needed in life."

Araya looked up surprised to see Metatron have a pained look on his face. She released his waist then took his face in her hands and made him look at her. "I will decide what is best for me Metatron," she said lowering his face then kissing him tenderly on the lips. His arms came quickly around her waist pulling her close. The kiss quickly deepened and they kissed until they both ran out of breath. Moreover, when they pulled a part they were both panting. "Hope that clears up my choice," Araya whispered leaning into him again. Metatron nodded holding her tight against him. They both stood there in each other's embrace thinking about their choices. "You will come back this time right?" Araya looked up at him questionably. Metatron looked down at her, he loved her and no matter what he always would, and if she one day decided to move on with out him then he would give her back up so she could be happy and watch over her until the world came to an end. He gave her a devilish grin then nodded, "Of course now that I know of both of are intentions." Araya smiled then laughed.


Araya turned along with Metatron to see Rufus waiting for her. "Be right there," she yelled. Rufus nodded then turned to join the others. Araya looked back up at Metatron, "I guess I'll see you later?" He nodded reluctantly not yet ready to let her go. "You didn't answer my first question."

Araya smiled in remembrance but looked down sheepishly pulling away from him, "It's nothing just a little bruising." Metatron could see the lie in her eyes. He reached out and pulled up her shirt to reveal her rock hard stomach. Metatron and Araya flinched at the ugly bruises that covered her belly. "My God," Metatron whispered. "Is this what Bartleby did to you?"

Araya gave him a small smile then a shaky laugh, "Yeah he um did that with his knee. But hey I'm the Dark Angel I can heal quickly." Metatron nodded but from the look on his face she could tell he was angry. "It still has to hurt," he said gently placing his hand on her stomach. She gasped a little at the coolness of his fingers and the fact that as he began to heal the bruises he had to move further down her torso. When he was done she could see the longing in his eyes. "Well," Araya whispered when he removed his hand and pulled her shirt back down. "I had better go."

Metatron nodded then grabbed her and hugged her tightly. "I'll see you later." She smiled resting her head on his chest. "Yes you will." Araya pulled back kissing him on the cheek then left to go with the others. As Metatron watched her walk away he smiled a little. "I love you," he whispered and then disappeared with a snap of his fingers.