Warning: This is just a funny story I got from Saturday Night Live! And a oneshot!

Percy's P.O.V.

Nico's walking through Camp Half-Blood, not doing anything in particular.

When I get a awesome idea. Yeah, really awesoeme!

I go get Annabeth, and tell her about my plan. She says it will be EPIC! She grabs her cellphone and turns it on.

Here's the plan: Go on the internet on Annabeth's phone, find one of those videos on youtube that make people scream. (Ya know? The one where it's a peaceful day in the park, and then the scary face comes up? Yeah, that one!) And show it to Nico! He'll be scared out of his wits!

Then we show it to Nico, and he doesn't even react! He asks what the point of that was. We walk away...

Then, Annabeth has another brilliant plan! We show him a video of a dark scary place, then a flower pops up! We go up to Nico.

"Hey Nico?"


"Watch this!" We say in unison.

He watches for a little while, and then the flower pops up!

He screams, then takes the phone, throws it on the ground, and steps on it. He broke Annabeth's phone.

But the reaction was priceless! He said, "Guys! That wasn't funny at all! You don't know my expierience with flowers..." Then he walks away, hiccuping.

I say, "Well, that failed miserabley both ways..." Then we notice that Nico's pants are wet. Oh my gods! He peed his pants!

Then we go off laughing.

Hey! Funny, huh? Okay, maybe kinda? NOT AT ALL? You guys are so cruel...