Non-disclaimer: you know, this actually has NOTHING in it that could really be proven to belong to Joss, so basically it all belongs to me, and I mean that quite seriously.  If you should by a strange twist of fate happen think precisely of Spike and Buffy when you read it, well, really that's your assumption, don't you think?


moon and sun and something grey

fancy me with something grey
or maybe just some black and red
with guns and nails and pointy eyes
yes grey's the thing, i think
not too much black you see,
i'm not quite dark as that
maybe was, but isn't now
though there's a one or two who'll swear
my hat is bloodied and brown,
not white at all
and they're closer than i want you to know

but you, well look at you!
all cream and yellow and orange
like needles in my eyes
didn't anyone tell you too much sun can be a bad thing?
must be the california in you
spoiled little ray-child,
all righteous with your glowy skin matching hair
and that damn white cover you can't lose for a minute.
you must've been odd as a brat,

no think thinking caps for you, it's
did you remember your justice cap today dear?
wear it golden proud
and strike down the unvaliant, the unright, the made ungood
you and your stupid sunlight are all the same
all big-eyed laughter but no sense of humor
irony goes over your head, in my un-asked opinion

me?  i'm a moon person, not that it matters to you
you of the
light and bright and all that morning shininess,
of the
i'm so happy in the sun in love and warm and—

—as I was saying,
a  moon person, really;
stars are pretty too
but they're really only little suns, so they don't count.
in moonlight i could be green or blue or violet
i could be just like one of yours
…and i guess i'd still be only darkly grey
but it's a pleasant thought,  n'est-ce pas?

if you'd come out at night and see,
a moonbeam makes everything grey
orange is grey
and brown is grey
and grey is grey still
and you're much prettier where i can see you
for real

the moonlight on your hair like that
i say
is maybe worth more than days in the sun,
not that it matters to you.

 .R. & .R.